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logo Roskachestvo

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Explores the market by segments, identifies substandard producers, informs about the results through the site.

Conducts fan studies and evaluates the quality of goods and services. Let's say whether soy, palm oil, horse meat or anything that is present in a given sausage or other product are not present in the product.

Education of Russian citizens for the selection of quality goods and services.
The site can find lists of manufacturers that stand technology or violate.

The best is awarded to the Quality Mark.

Product Categories

  1. A product with a Quality Mark.
  2. A high-quality product.
  3. Quality goods.
  4. Goods with irregularities.
High quality goods - only the goods themselves are examined.
A product with a quality mark - the manufacturer voluntarily allowed Roskachestvo to carry out a production cycle check and does not meet the requirements.

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In Russian
logo Chestny Znak

Chestny Znak

National system of digital marking of goods.

Assistant for product quality tracking and counterfeit detection.And a free application for scanning labels, QR codes and codes Data Matrix.
Simply scan the digital code from the product label, the application will count the type of the manufacturer's label and instantly produce the verification result.You will be able to verify the authenticity of your purchases, protect yourself from counterfeiting and learn all the information.

  • about the manufacturer;
  • on the date, time and place of production; date, time and place of production;
  • on expiration date;
  • on the movement of goods from factory to store and much more.
If your purchase has been marked, you will know by scanning the code that you have purchased an authentic, anti-counterfeit product.
If the application detects a violation during the check, you can report it.And, depending on the type of violation, the complaint on forgery will be transferred to the appropriate control and supervisory services.
They will be able to analyze appeals and check on unscrupulous manufacturers.With the scanner you can determine the authenticity of the marking code
  • tobacco products,
  • shoes,
      prescription drugs,
    • coats and natural fur products,
    • goods of light industry,
    • cameras and flash lamps,
    • perfume and toilet water,
    • tires and tires.
    During 2020, mandatory marking will be available for dairy products, bicycles and wheelchairs.

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  • logo Public procurement

    Public procurement

    The official website of the Russian Federation for posting information on placing orders.

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