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Withdraw money from Google ads for Russia

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The easiest and clearest way to withdraw money earned from Google advertising in Russia is Rapida.

It is important to know that it is possible to withdraw money here, with or without commission.So, in order.

How it works

.Register at site

.Then you will need to pass the Personalization. Without it, there is no money from Google.
This will require a physical visit to the bank, which has a CONTACT.

money transfer system point.The cost of service - 250 rubles.
However, 100 rubles will return to your Rapida Online account.It will be needed:

  1. Visit the CONTACT System item - choose.
  2. Tell your specialist that you need to pay for "Personalization" service for Rapida Online service. Service code - RAPI.
  3. Show passport or replacement document, it is better to check by phone. 8 800 200 4242.
  4. Tell your account number (the mobile number you registered with) and bring your mobile with you.
  5. Get paper and you can also work with Google on the site.
Google AdSense / Menu (3 vertical bars at the top left) / Payments / Way to earn income
Add payment method - specify the account number - it is a phone number without an eight, e.g., the number of the account. 9110000000.

How to withdraw money without commission

  1. Derive out
  2. On bank cards
  3. When you are asked to enter card data, we do not need it, see below you will be charged interest? Click on the link at the top "Transfers to cards"


  4. You will be offered a choice, only VISA, MAsterCArd (Meastro) RF will offer the output without commission, you can try.


  5. Now we can withdraw without commission, I recommend to click "Save as a template", so that each time you do not do this operation. You can enter any amount into the template and then change it.

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