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Exchange links

The main (starting) page of the site, usually index.html, index.htm, index.php, default.php ... This is the first level.

Internal pages (the pages referenced by the main page will be pages of the 2nd level, the pages referenced by the 2th level will be pages of the 3rd level, etc.

The citation index (or IC) (the scientific measure of the significance of the works of a scientist.The value of the index is determined by the number of references to this Work (or surname) in other sources.
The thematic index of citation (TIC) determines the credibility of Internet resources taking into account the qualitative characteristics Key links to them from other sites, which is called the weight of the reference. It is calculated according to a specially developed algorithm because of that. The fact is that the weight of links are not the same. It takes into account TCI sites that should link to your site.

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What is a link exchange?

This is the purchase and sale of links. For example, I want to quickly unleash my site by raising it TCI. To do this, you need to have a link to your site on other sites. You can buy links through this service that appear on other sites and your TCI will rise. Links on muzzles (main pages) more affect your TCI, also if you have a link to the site with a large TCI, then it is more powerful. Agree, there is a difference, if you put a link to Vasya on his barely visited site or if it will be to the site Russian Safepaper. It's like writing about you in a newspaper.


If you have a serious project, then you need to buy links to "muzzles" and from sites with large TCI.

If your project is nothing special and you just want to spice it up, you can buy links from inexpensive sites from internal pages.
For example, I have to the site refer to the muzzle is $6 per month, and the link from the page of the 3rd level is $0.06.


Also you can and earn selling links on your website. For example, one time I earned somewhere around $1 a day on contextual advertising Goodle AdSense, on Yandex.Direct and a little More than a dollar on the sale of Sape links.

What's the difference?

Google and Yandex place on my site a block of contextual advertising - for 5 sites. And he should stand in a favorable place of a site, differently you will not earn. Sape is at the very bottom of the page, just text and link. But Sape does not stand on every page and I set up that there are not more than 5 links on the page (otherwise there may be problems with Yandex and Google, banned). Result, in contrast to contextual advertising, my site is not cluttered and earnings are more. But minus, you really sell your TCI, because it's not forever. Contextual advertising does not eat TCI.

System All websites Websites TCI from 10 Percent with TCI from 10 Share in% of total Share in% with TCI from 10
Sape 45 370 30 740 67.8 34.5 36.3
MainLink 16 287 8 038 49.4 12.4 9.5
Clx 5 601 4 800 85.7 4.3 5.7
prospero 4 460 4 080 91.5 3.4 4.8
Xap (?) 14 805 8 000 54.0 11.3 9.5
Setlinks (?) 6 772 3 145 46.4 5.2 3.7
adtime 3 299 3 031 91.9 2.5 3.6
fatlinks 3 151 3 151 100 2.4 3.7
mlinks 2 628 1 321 50.3 2 1.6
g-links 1 147 683 59.5 0.9 0.8
Seolink (?) 712 275 38.6 0.5 0.3
Promotex (?) 435 276 63.4 0.3 0.3
adman 493 217 44.0 0.4 0.3
Spacelinks 635 185 29.1 0.5 0.2
Others (20%) 26 167 16 885 64.5 19.9 19.9
Total 131 962 84 827 64.3 100.5 100.2

The best reference exchanges

There are a lot of them, but most of them are very small. We offer you only the largest, chose 10. Then removed the unreliable. Well, judge, reviews about Har: - cheating as the main part of the attitude towards clients, has established itself as a highly dishonorable service ...
logo Sape

reliable site


Our recommendation.
Recommended because the largest number of users is simpler and more convenient. The technical support responds adequately. We chose this service. Another plus is the only white service, that is, you pay taxes and you will be at odds with the law. Payments in WebMoney (ruble purse) or into a bank account.

​​Allows you to buy and sell in automatic, semi-automatic and manual modes links from the main pages, as well as links in 1 and 2 clicks from the main page of the site. It charges 10% for mediation on both sides. For these users, 2% of all transactions will be credited.

Learn more.


Payments in Yandex.Money.

​​A reference broker who has shown himself to be a reliable partner, choice of opportunities. The affiliate program is from 5 to 10 percent. I tried to use. Put prices much lower than the sape, but received very few proposals. I had to refuse.

logo MainLink



Payments in WebMoney and Yandex.Money.

​​A reliable reference broker. Large selection of sites, active advertisers and an abundance of additional services.

​​Learn more

logo CLX



Payments in Yandex.Money.

​​The first and one of the best referring brokers in RuNet! Extensive selection of sites of different calibers. The affiliate program is 10 to 50 percent. Also work with banners and batch sale of links.

​​Learn more

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