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Native advertising

Native advertising
Advertising that looks like part of the site and does not annoy.

logo Google AdSense

We recommend
- Russian

Google AdSense

You can place on the site:

  1. Search in Google (like at the top) and for each search on Google you earn (search on your site - for free).
  2. AdSense for RSS feeds -
  3. Contextual advertising units with or without graphics - the main advertising you can earn on (see on the left). If you have RSS on the site, then everything is clear to you.
  4. for a WAP site is also understandable.
  5. for domains - you have a domain with a good name, but there is no site on it, you can earn. It's harder to earn here, because how to promote a site without content?
You can not post too much advertising on the page, besides, it simply will not work.

Important! Carefully read the requirements, there are not many of them and do not violate. Or do not read it, just do not click on the links of advertising, even for verification, and do not try to fool Google with cheating, asking visitors to click, etc. Google is smarter than you think. As a result, your account will simply be blocked.

Cash out and cashing out

Today, there is a choice for the Runet:
  1. Rapida - the new method recommended. Rapid - This is a payment system that allows you to receive AdSense payments worldwide in cash through the Rapida money transfer system. You can receive payment at the local post office in just two days of sending it in accordance with our standard payment schedule.
  2. Checks the old way.

    First of all, the check can be cashed in Moscow and Peter, maybe in some other Large cities. For example, in such a regional center as Murmansk, you can cash out, but it will cost about 65%, which makes everything meaningless.

    Money Will be sent by checks, for cashing which you will be taken from the money, so do not rush to withdraw the earned money. You will take pictures less often, you will receive more. Unfortunately, not all banks cash these checks.
    You need to know that the procedure for cashing a check is called collection.
    And a check from Google Adsense is personal.
    Therefore, when calling the bank, it is better to ask: 'Do you accept for collection personal checks issued by a foreign bank'?

    How to cash a Google Adsense check

  3. There is a conversation about using WebMoney to pay for Google AdSense.


According to subpar. 3 p. 1 of Art. 228 Tax Code of the Russian Federation natural persons.
Revenue from contextual advertising Google AdSense - income received from a source outside the Russian Federation. Therefore, you need to file a personal income tax return before April 30. The date of actual receipt of income is the day of receipt of money by check in the bank.

The declaration is submitted no later than on April 30,
and the tax is paid before July 15.
The tax rate is 13%.

For example, on December 5, 2006 you received a check from $100 from Google AdSense.

By April 30, 2007, you submit a declaration, Indicating the amount of the tax in rubles: find out the official dollar rate on December 5,2006 and calculate the tax.
If $1 cost 26 rubles, your income was 2600 rubles, and the tax amount is 13% from 2600 - this is 338 rubles.
Until July 15, 2007 you are paying those 338 rubles.
Total State You give $13, or 338 rubles.


Targeting section allows you to emphasize or downplay when different sections of text and HTML-content for ad targeting. This helps Google improve targeting accuracy. Partitioning is recommended only for publishers who are familiar with HTML.

In order to target sections, you must add special HTML comment tags to the source code. These tags will denote the beginning and the end of sections, the importance of which should be emphasized or, on the contrary, minimized.

HTML tags that emphasize the importance of a section of the page should have the following format:

<!-- Google_ad_section_start -->

<!-- Google_ad_section_end -->

You can also specify the sections that follow ignore. To do this, add (weight=ignore) to the start tag:

<!-- Google_ad_section_start(weight=ignore) -->

After adding these HTML code should look like this:

<html><head><title>Section targeting</title></head>

<!-- Google_ad_section_start -->

Place for the text of your web page. Most of the content should be here.

<!-- Google_ad_section_end -->

Using section targeting, you can determine the relevance of any number of page sections. Remember that we can not guarantee the results and that it can take up to 2 weeks before our robots commit changes made to your site.

To properly implement this function, a significant amount of content must be included between the section targeting tags. If the content is insufficient, less relevant ads or social ads may appear on the page. In addition, remember that this function is intended only to emphasize the importance of content sections of the site with relevant content. Manipulation with targeting to display on the page ads that are not related to its content, contrary to the rules of our program.

logo Facebook Audience Network

reliable site
- Russian

Owner: Facebook,

Facebook Audience Network

Monetization of mobile applications and sites.

Facebook offers interesting advertising for earning. The configuration is complex, but the service itself is convenient. In addition, there is earnings both on the site and on mobile applications.

Types of advertising

  1. Native advertising - which naturally fits in and looks like part of an application or site,
  2. Full-screen insert - only once a day, the visitor will not be able to ignore it.
  3. Banner - classical advertising.
  4. Inserting into video is an additional incentive to make videos.

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