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Western Union -
Transfers between individuals.

You do not need to open a bank account or open a card, all you need is to fill out the form, coming up with identification documents, pay the amount specified for the transfer +% (depends on the transfer amount) and specify the details of the recipient.

  1. To transfer funds, you need to know the name of the recipient, the country and the city where the transfer will be received.
  2. To receive a transfer, you need to know the name of the sender, the amount of the transfer.
  3. To speed up the search, it is advisable to check with the sender of the transfer control number.
  4. Transfer fee is charged according to the tariffs of Western Union from the sender of the transfer.
  5. Operations are performed upon presentation of an identity document.
  6. A service for choosing service outlets around the world is available on the website of Western Union.
  7. On-line, on the official website, you can always check the status of your transfer.
  1. The remittance of the transfer of $100 will cost $15, $500 - $40 and so on, with a proportional reduction of the commission.
  2. No transfer fee will be charged to the beneficiary.
In order to receive a money transfer you need to:
  1. Visit the nearest Western Union service point
  2. Fill in the form to receive the money transfer
  3. Present the certifying document. Identity documents are: passport, residence permit, military ticket, temporary document issued in return for a lost passport. If the sender included a security question in the translation, the operator can ask you.
  4. Get the money from the operator and a copy of the form. Payment of international money transfers is usually made in the currency of the country receiving the money transfer. In Russia and other CIS countries, payment of a money transfer from abroad is made only in dollars USA. Money transfers within the territory of Russia are made in rubles. Payment of money transfers is made only in cash.
ABCs of Finance
Handbook 'ABCs of Finance', home accounting.

The ABC of Finance handbook, home accounting.

Four main sections depending on the field of application:

  1. For the School - to teachers and students,
  2. For the House - to the adult population,
  3. For Work - Entrepreneurs and employers,
  4. For the Organization - partners and potential participants in the financial literacy program.
Alphabetical list of terms, financial calculators.
Contact System.

Payment system for paying for various services, including Internet services.
The leader of the payment market in Russia.

We will not describe everything, all information is simply and conveniently accessible on the QIWI website. Suffice it to say that this is the easiest way to enter money online.

  • payment terminals are everywhere,
  • a small commission.
You can dispose of the money through Internet or mobile.


  • put money on your mobile,
  • put money into WebMoney purse, ЮMoney ...
  • pay bills,
  • pay traffic police fines,
  • purchase air and railway tickets,
  • VISAs,
  • ...

How to register a personal cabinet Qiwi

How to top up Qiwi's personal cabinet

Translation from QIWI On Western Union Per A convoy with QIWI to the Russian Post
Virtual cards.

Virtual prepaid VISA

VISA VIRTUAL allows you to pay on any Internet site where ordinary VISAs are accepted.

By purchasing a card anywhere in the country, you can pay for Skype, top up PayPal, make purchases on E-Bay, pay PerfectWorld and other online games, buy a train ticket, plane, pay for a hotel reservation, etc.

You can buy VISA VIRTUAL on the territory of the whole country, in any city.
Purchase of VISA VIRTUAL does not take as long as the processing of plastic cards.
Payment with With the help of VISA VIRTUAL it is not only speed and convenience, but also safety, because The requisites of plastic and salary cards remain intact.
Becoming a VISA VIRTUAL owner is very simple. Just 4 steps:

  1. Choose one of the 87,000 QIWI payment terminals located in each locality of the Russian Federation - in shopping malls, shops, cinemas and other public places.
  2. Specify the mobile phone number.
  3. Make the necessary amount of money.
  4. Within a minute, wait for the SMS message to the number of the specified mobile phone with the details of the Virtual prepaid VISA.
When performing operations with the card, its owner also receives a free SMS-notification indicating the amount of the operation and the current balance of funds on the card's balance sheet.

Read more about QIWI

FatFingers -
Find on eBay products with misspellings and, therefore, with a low rate.

The site is called Thick Fingers.
The bottom line is this: quite a few people exhibiting something for sale on eBay, not exactly, with errors give a description of their product.
Here the analogy with thick fingers, which is not convenient to print, here are the errors.

Of course, people do not find such goods and the price does not rise.
This site helps to find such kind of goods and to buy as cheaply as possible.

Advantageous currency exchange rates on the map.
Advantageous currency exchange rates.
Exchange Rates.

The site simply shows the dollar exchange rate, the euro rate and the price of oil in real time.

RUCoinMarketCap -
Market capitalization kriptovyalyut, rate, price.
Bitcoins on the map -
Global database on Bitcoin reception sites.

Global database on Bitcoin reception sites.
We can find the nearest ATM, bar, shop or night club hosting Bitcoin!

CoinMarketCap -
A universal, free tool for rapid analysis of the cryptocurrency.

A universal, free tool for rapid analysis of the cryptocurrency and obtaining start information for further study or trading on the exchange.

Dynamics of the Bitcoin to US Dollar (BTC/USD)
2Checkout -
Secure online payment by plastic card.

The leading service that allows you to use the system of instant payment for services and goods by a plastic card via Internet. In fact, there are not many of them, you can count on the fingers of one hand, therefore you should use them.
2CO is one of the most reliable, secure card payment systems. Therefore, we can often find that some site or online store uses this system to receive payments.

If the site offers to pay for a purchase in some way, it's better not to do it.

Slavery Footprint -
How much you are rich.
Terminals on the map.

Terminals Eleksnet on the map on the official site.

Search on the map or on the list.

Sumup -
The technology of accepting payments on plastic cards MasterCard and Visa from a smartphone or tablet using a mobile POS terminal.

The technology of accepting payments on MasterCard and VISAs from a smartphone or tablet using a mobile POS terminal.

Cost of the service: 2.75% per transaction. No transactions - no payments. Just a percentage of the money you receive.

XMR — Monero -
The main feature is anonymity, for which they blame.

The main feature is anonymity, for which they blame. It can be used by drug dealers, terrorists ... Because this cryptocurrency, if possible, will put barriers, which limits its reliability.

Almost every cryptocurrency has a limitation of the total emission. Monero has no limitations.

The program code is open.

What they have tried to differ and take their niche.

Moscow Exchange -
Finance News.

Finance News.

Quotes, indices, currency market, precious metals, stock market ...

The main news of the stock market.

Investment company.

The main news of the stock market.

  1. Webinars.
  2. Forum.
  3. Asset Management.
  4. Events and markets.
  5. Leaders of rise and fall.
  6. World indices.
Here are some sections of the site. Fresh, relevant, authoritative information.
Yandex Pay
A service for paying for purchases with plastic cards without entering card data.

A service for paying for purchases with plastic cards without entering card data.
The data of the cards are stored in the Yandex account in encrypted form.

Works with Mastercard, Visa and Mir cards of any bank.
Bind a card to the account of Yandex.
There is a possibility of use several cards at once.
The service only works on sites in most popular browsers.

Service for payment by touching the phone instead of the card.

Service for payment by touching the phone instead of the card.
The phone must support NFC technology.
This is how we protect the cards without entering data.
Service is similar to Google Pay, but is designed only for one bank - Sberbank.

It will be convenient for those who use only Sberbank.

The main advantage over Google Pay - work on all phones with NFC support, including Huawei and Honor.

SberPay works only with Visa cards, preparing to support Mastercard and Mir cards.

SberPay works through the application Sberbank Online, nothing additional installation is required.

Instant card Sberbank
Free card to pay for purchases, including on the Internet.

Free card to pay for purchases, including on the Internet.
Issued within 10 minutes in the bank.

This card is not advertised. The bank may try to impose other or unnecessary services along with it.
You just need to insist.

Sberbank Online
Official sites.

Advantage - prevalence and reliability. He is a state and therefore will not go bankrupt. Now it's free, although you need to activate the Mobile Bank service, which will cost something.

Advantage - we see who transfer money (if the card is also a savings bank). That is, I know that mistakenly the wrong figure was not pressed and the money did not go to another user.

World currency rates
Actual rates of all currencies of the world and cryptocurrency on one site.
Contact system
Contact System.
Reminder of ЮMoney payments
Informing about fines, VCKP receipts ... by SMS or mail.

Now, on the payment confirmation page, you can program a reminder of the following on the email. To configure the "Reminder" can be on most of the windows of regular payments - providers, IP telephony, utilities, city telephone, television, mobile communications ... Even social networks.

Here's how it looks on the mobile phone payment window:

Dunning options:

  • once a month, that is, for example, the letter comes on the 13th of every month;
  • Once: November 13 - and all.
The first one is useful for paying receipts, the second is for taxes and, for example, insurance.

After payment, already in the check with confirmation of a successful payment, you can:

  1. Add it to Favorites;
  2. Change the reminder settings again;
  3. Check the email to which you receive the email.

You can set up email for receiving mailings and view the list of configured reminders in the section Manage your wallet.

The easiest and clearest way to withdraw money earned from Google advertising in Russia is Rapida.

The easiest and clearest way to withdraw money earned from Google advertising in Russia is Rapida.

It is important to know that it is possible to withdraw money here, with or without commission.

Yandex.Money, cashback
Even if you already have a cashback from your bank, you will receive an additional cashback from us - 1% points, instantly.

Even if you already have a cashback from your bank, you will receive an additional cashback from us - 1% points, instantly.

How to get cashback

  1. create a wallet, if it is not already there,
  2. bind the card or start a Yandex.Map,
  3. turn on cashback, click "I want to start",
  4. we pay with ЮMoney.
Accrual instantly, after the next payment by ЮMoney, we will be asked to use points.
Bestchange -
Favorable exchange rates.

The site helps to find the most profitable exchanger of electronic money.
There is a good course, but there is no money available. This site gives the most complete and up-to-date information in a simple and understandable manner.

The site has collected and organized information on manual and automatic exchange points of electronic currencies.
The information is presented in the form of tables that display data on exchange rates and reserves of exchanger-sites. Information about electronic exchange points is continuously updated, with a periodicity of half a minute.

As for security.
Only the most trusted exchange offices are included in our monitoring database.

Free virtual card.

Let's say you have ЮMoney, but they are not accepted everywhere. You can create a virtual card ЮMoney and pay ЮMoney where they are not accepted.
If you have any doubts, you can always delete the virtual card.
The card can be linked to an account in Amazon, the App Store, Google Play and PayPal.
To issue a card, it takes only a few minutes. After that you will receive one part of the details in the SMS, the other - to the site. This means that no one but you can pay from the card.

Free release

The card is valid for 1 year, but you can close it at any time and release a new one.

The card is issued almost instantly, the CVC code is sent from SMS to the mobile phone bound to the account.

Replenishment without commission

There are many ways to replenish the card without commission, ex. in Svyaznoy.
Just replenish your purse ЮMoney.

Payments on any sites where MasterCard is accepted

To pay, use the card details. If you need the owner's name, specify your data in Latin.

Pay ATTENTION: the card can be issued only if the phone is attached to the account.

Bestchange — Bitcoin exchange
The site contains information on exchange points that change Bitcoin into rubles, euros, Paypal and many other purses and currency.

The site contains information on exchange offices that change Bitcoin into rubles, euros, Paypal and many other purses and currency.

Let's say we choose Paypal and get a list of dozens of exchange pips with the exchange rate. We select the most convenient course, reserve and check reliability, in any case I would check.


Yandex has made its first plastic card in cooperation with bank Tinkoff. (Since October 2016, these cards become inactive)
Now they have their own MasterCard PayPass - contactless card.
You do not need to pay for withdrawing money from Internet. Your account is tied to a card, just pay with the card and pay 0% for this kind of withdrawal.


We set the pin-code ourselves. When receiving the card we receive an email, follow the link and double-enter the PIN code we invented.
This should be neither a year nor a phone number, and the figure is clear only to you.
I recommend that you write the password in password manager, be sure to use the manager.
Yandex - WebMoney
You can change ЮMoney to WebMoney only through ЮMoney account.

You can change ЮMoney to WebMoney only through ЮMoney account.
And vice versa - you can change WebMoney to ЮMoney only through WebMoney purse.

The fact is that WebMoney bounced and at first did not want to exchange At all. Then, having complicated the process, they agreed.
For exchange it is necessary that the same person owns the wallets and then bind the wallets.

What is the fee?

The commission for exchanging in any direction is 4.5%. Exchange is happening instantly.

How to link wallets

  • in WebMoney system you must have a certificate of at least the formal and confirmed passport data
  • your ЮMoney account must be identified.
Both accounts must be created for the same real person. All passport data, TIN must be the same.
Transfer ЮMoney to Western Union

Western Union allows you to make transfers to the vast majority of countries in the world.
ЮMoney allows you to enter your wallet at home.

Thanks to this cooperation, we can send the translation almost anywhere, without leaving home.

Of course it's more profitable to transfer money from Yandex to Yandex, but everyone has a Yandex.Wallet, especially in other countries.

You can send and immediately follow to the site Western Union.
Check the status of the transfer

ЮKassa -
The ability to receive payments from a variety of popular payment systems or banks.

Demo site

Yandex.Cassa - the ability to accept payments from a variety of popular payment systems or banks.

In addition, you can To accept money in almost all common payment terminals.

Security transaction

Yandex.Kassa allows you to protect the transaction.
  • The customer creates an order on the site site.
  • The required amount is blocked on the customer's card.
  • The customer and the contractor inform the site that the order has been completed.
  • The site sends a request for money transfer to the executor.
  • The performer receives money for a purse in ЮMoney or a card.
  • The site receives a commission and a transfer report.
DOGE — Ðogecoin -
Cryptocurrency, based on Litecoin.

Decentralized cryptocurrency, based on Litecoin.

To be more precise, DogeCoin was based on Luckycoin, which was based on Litecoin. To distance themselves from Bitcoin, who was abused for being used by drug dealers ...

But in fact, no one is inventing a bicycle and Litecoin is based on Bitcoin. So that ...

In contrast to Litecoin, Bitcoin and the vast majority of Cryptocurrency, there is no limit to the number of coins.

TransferWise -
Currency Exchange Online.

Profitable money transfers abroad.

The service was created by Estonians, the most successful start-up in recent years.

Transfers of money from one currency to another, and even more so in another country can be very expensive for both parties. This service helps to minimize costs.

This is not a transfer through the bank, but directly - peer-to-peer (from person to person), so the commission is reduced to 90%.

While the service works with the world's leading currencies, but the goal is to cover it as much as possible, the ruble, hryvnia and many more currencies are on the list of nearest expectations.
That's why the interface in Russian is not yet available.

Yandex Split
Split divides the amount of your order into 4 parts.

When using Yandex.Market delivery, if the order amount is from 1000 ₽ the Split icon will appear in the cart and you will be able to buy the product with a small installment.
Split divides the amount of your order into 4 parts.
The 1st is deducted from your bank card immediately, the remaining 3 every two weeks.
You see the exact schedule of payments immediately at registration, so deductions will not be a surprise.
Users can see the schedule of deferred payments for purchases in the personal cabinet Yandex ID.

This will require full name and phone numbers.

Split order can be returned in the same way as a regular order.
We will send all the money back to the card you paid with.

The dollar and the euro for tomorrow.

Tool for measuring and saving savings: tips, current exchange rates, the dollar and euro exchange rate for tomorrow, the official exchange rates of the Central Bank of Russia.

About Payment Cards
All about Payment Cards.

All about plastic cards.

The main thing is to help you choose the most profitable plastic card for your situation. We choose a city, determine why we need a card: purchases, travel, credit ... or simply withdraw cash.

Usually, banks' websites are created and understood by bankers, and this site speaks to us in a language we understand.

Exchange WebMoney Credit
WebMoney Transfer Credit Exchange.

Credit exchange WebMoney Transfer.

Take a loan

Here you can take a loan, risking your reputation. That is, you register, inform the loan amount, the repayment period and how much it will return from above.
Then wait, if someone will arrange these conditions, and also, if your reputation is not spoiled, you get a loan.

Give a loan

You can earn by giving loans.


There is always a risk. When you take money, it is not a fact that you can return them at the time, then you will get an unpleasant entry in your certificate, which you can not remove anymore.
In this case it will complicate your future life, you will not be willing to give loans, if at all, etc.
If you give money in debt, there is always a chance that you will not be returned, or Delay the return, which is also unpleasant.


The only grant is the certificate, the entries are positive or negative. Positive can friends write, but the negative ones say a lot.
Express loan.

Together with Metrobank offer to issue a loan for any needs via Internet for 15 minutes without a certificate of income.

But you will need a passport, possibly a labor.
17% per annum.

There are also a lot of advertisements on other lending opportunities, mortgage lending.

Express credit

It can be obtained not only when buying goods in Store, but also on Internet, write Vedomosti. A pilot project to provide similar Loans launched by the Fosborn Home broker.

With Hema works in the same way as when visiting a regular store, first the customer has to choose the product and then apply for the loan.The difference is that you will have to fill out the questionnaire electronically and also provide a scanned copy of the passport. The broker will check the data, pick up The optimal offer and send the request to the appropriate bank.The expectation of the response will take about 20 minutes for the customer.

Credits will be provided only for a part of the purchase price. The customer can make his contribution with a credit card (the main check of your identity), cash on delivery of the goods by a courier or other online store in the way offered.

Then he will be given a signature and a loan agreement for signing. Not later than a week after the transfer of goods and the signing of the contract, the online store will receive money. Fosborn will receive its commission from banks.

The publication notes that the Ozon online store tried to use credit sales schemes, but they were unclaimed because of the small value of the average check (1800-1900 rubles). Experts believe that loans will be more popular when shopping for more than 10.000 rubles. According to experts, as of January 1, 2010, Russian banks issued loans to the population of 3.6 trillion rubles. Only 103 billion rubles. Of them was provided in the trade networks.

The payment system is designed to accept payments on the site.

The payment system is designed to accept payments on the site.

The system allows you to accept payments in the most common ways: bank cards, Internet banking, terminals, electronic payment systems, money transfers and ...

Payoneer -
Reliable Internet service.

Service to simply make on-site payments through a plastic card.
Collect 3.5%.

Here you can order a debit card Payoneer PrePaid MasterCard, then receive money from it from customers and ...

How it works

  1. Send a visitor to the refill page.
  2. He enters your email or your card number.
  3. Click the "Continue" button and make a payment.
PayOnline -
Electronic payment system.

Receiving payments on sites. The main convenience, the ability to accept payments from bank cards.

PayPal -
Translation PayPal.
ETH — Ethereum -
The platform for creating decentralized online services based on the blockbuster, working on the basis of smart contracts.

After success of Bitcoin, all the newly introduced crypto-currencies became a kind of second echelon, catching up.

But our compatriot who emigrated to Canada created a revolutionary product. He tried to make maximum use of blocking technology.

Ethereum took a solid second place among the cryptocurrency after Bitcoin. Moreover, it has become the most promising currency of the future. And not only currency - technology.

The platform of decentralized online services based on block-chain technology. This is the environment of intellectual contracts: it is stable, without downtime, censorship, participation of third parties.

Customizable applications work quite well in a powerful global infrastructure, moving value and representing ownership of property.

The platform is used by Microsoft, IBM, Acronis ... Interested in: VTB Bank, Sberbank, S7, Lufthansa, YUNISEF, Microsoft, Google, Apple.

Developers can use the platform to create markets, store debt registers, translations and create new operations.

Terminals on the map.

Points of replenishment QIWI on the map.

MasterPass -
Now on foreign websites you can pay directly from your wallet - ЮMoney works with MasterPass, the project of an international payment system.
Compare Cost of Living Between Cities -
Just type in both cities and it'll tell you the differences in grocery prices, rent prices, restaurant prices, etc.

Just type in both cities and it'll tell you the differences in grocery prices, rent prices, restaurant prices, etc. Moving to an area with a higher cost of living on the same salary is basically making yourself poorer, so avoid that mistake with this site.

BTC — Bitcoin -
Peer money.

Piracy payment system.
That is, it is a payment system from user to user, bypassing the bank or any intermediary.
Great! You do not need to deduct interest. But there is nobody to ask. A bit like the black market.

More than $1 million daily turnover.
40 000 transactions daily.
The total cost of bitcoins is more than $300 million.
Transactions are cheap,
Transactions are irreversible.


You can buy something for bitcoins, and the number of stores hosting bitcoins grows.
You can sell something - that is, start taking bitcoins. But if you earn bitcoins, they still need to be spent only where they are accepted.
You can transfer bitcoins to regular money through trading platforms or exchangers.


Today the course took off due to overheating through the press. What will tomorrow nobody knows. Maybe the growth will continue, there may be a recession, and maybe a bubble and burst.
Nobody knows what could be with something that never happened. Someone thinks bitcoin is a private currency, and some do not consider money.
There is no one who could stand behind this money and then guarantee something. In fact, the creator is a Japanese whose name is unknown.
But on coins, there was always a seal of the king, which guaranteed the accuracy of the weight of silver.
There is no guarantor in bitcoin.


Investigations have been conducted and most online stores receiving bitcoats pass on information to third parties, and many allow third-party scripts to access the user's Bitcoin addresses.
RBK Money -
RBK Money payment system has its own internal instant exchanger.

The RBK Money payment system has its own internal instant exchanger. Registration in the system is simple.

But first of all, you can accept payments in more than 30 ways, which eliminates the need for an exchanger.
For this, the buyer does not have to be registered with RBK Money.

Learn more >>

BCH — Bitcoin Cash -
Cryptocurrency, fork Bitcoin, separated from it.

Fork Bitcoin, separated from him.
The purpose of the department is to make a more perfect version of Bitcoin fix the flaws. But in general, they are very similar.

The main difference is faster processing of transactions, which is achieved by doubling the block size to 2 megabytes.

BitcoinNEWS -
News, articles, events about crypto-currencies.

News, articles, events about crypto-currencies.

BitInfoCharts -
Rates, ratings of cryptocurrency.

Rates, ratings of cryptocurrency.
Calculators of mining.
Many other information on the leading cryptocurrency.

Money transfers in VK
Send money in messages using a bank card.

Send money in messages using a bank card.
The beneficiary's card number is not needed - he will transfer the transfer at his discretion.

Simply write a message and apply the money, as usual, photos, documents ... through the icon of the scraper.

You can send from Russian cards Mastercard, Maestro and Visa.
You can get on cards - Mastercard, Maestro and Visa of Russia, Mastercard and Maestro of Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Germany, Georgia, Israel, Italy, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Romania, Uzbekistan, France, Czechia and Estonia.
Limitations of transfer - from 100 to 75 000 rubles.
Commission for sending - 1% of the transfer amount, at least 40 rubles.

Kiva -
Non-profit organization with a mission to connect people through lending to alleviate poverty.

Non-profit organization with a mission to connect people through lending to alleviate poverty.

Kiwibank -
Kiwibank is a financial and banking service from New Zealand post.

Kiwibank is a financial and banking service from New Zealand post.

Kiwi personal banking

Users can build their own banking; get what they want, how they like it, with smart accounts, clever cards and all the other good stuff. Under personal banking we have everyday banking, home loans, credit cards, and personal and car loans.

Everyday banking: With these you can get the stuff you do every day running like clockwork, simple choices, clever tools and tips. Under these we have everyday accounts, savings account and special packages

  • Everyday account: These are standard accounts with a choice of plans
  • Savings account: With these account users can grow their savings goals and also earn interest
  • Special packages: These are account set for special intentions.
Home loans: Kiwis aim is to allow users get their home, giving them advises and guidance. Kiwi gives solutions and calculators helping user know how much they could borrow and other steps on how to get their loans

  • Welcome home loans: This loan gets you into your home with 10% deposits. In this loan there are limits on how much you can earn and how much you can borrow
  • Borrowing to build: These loans are for users whose aim is to build homes. This home loan are flexible so they can be fitted to your needs

Kiwibank Credit cards

This credit card includes what you want and when you want it. Take flights with credit cards or make purchases with a sensible low rate card

  • Low interest credit cards: This low interest credit card is designed to save your money. There are several low rate cards to choose from so you can choose the best one that suits you. These card cost you less
  • Air New Zealand airport credit card: With this card users can travel sooner and faster. With this card users can get an even better earn rate on purchased, also draws monthly bonus and allows users gain access to an exclusive range of this card benefit

Kiwibank Loans

Personal loans: Kiwibank helps users recognize their debt into a single loan with structured repayment terms. They also give calculators so users can know the amount needed to be borrowed. With a fixed interest rate and set payment amounts, a personal loan can help with budgeting, you’ll know exactly how much you need to repay and when you need to repay. Users are also given the chance to make addition repayment at any time to pay it off faster. These loans are designed to help you with bigger purchases or expenses.

Car loans: If you are buying a car or other vehicle but you don’t have enough cash, kiwi can tailor a loan that fits within your budget. Kiwibank also gives conditional approval so you can go shopping knowing exactly what you’ve got to spend. Unlike credit card bills, you’ll know how much you need to repay and when you need to repay. The interest rate is fixed and you can make additional repayment at any time, payoff your loan faster and save on interest changes

Personal Loan Insurance: this insurance is to cover your repayments if any unexpected event comes up.

Kiwi Business Banking

Kiwi business banking specialist knows what makes you successful. Along with products are services built specifically for the New Zealand market, kiwibank is here to help your business. Under kiwi business banking, we have accounts and services, loan and finance etc.

Accounts: Under accounts we have transaction account, savings account and investment, account for non-profits.

  • Transaction Account: Business edge is kiwi’s smart transaction account for businesses. This account has no monthly account management fee and low transaction fee. It is free to transfer funds to your own kiwi bank business accounts in the same name
  • Savings Accounts and Investment: This savings account and investment ensures your money is always working for you, whether you need it fixed on investment or on call
  • Accounts for non-profits: this account is for non profit organization

Service of KiwiBank

Under service kiwibank allows users to use the following
  • Business banking online
  • Visa debit card
  • Business overdraft
  • Business insurance
Loans and finance: KiwiBank got range of ways on how users can borrow whether expanding their business or need some funds to tide you over
  • Business lending: These are flexible options to help you grow and get going. It is a flexible repayment option and it is secured against business or personal assets
  • Asset finance: Loans from kiwi asset finance help with the purchase of capital assets. It ensures immediate ownership and use of the asset, it is also secured against the asset themselves. There are loans to buy business assets for example vehicle equipment or tools

Kiwibank login

To login into kiwibank, follow the steps below
  1. Visit the link
  2. Click on the login icon on the right top corner of the page
  3. Enter your access number, password
  4. Click on the login icon
XRP — Ripple -
Payment system with the function of currency exchange.

The Ripple cryptocurrency was originally created for banks.

The global system of mutual settlements allows you to instantly transfer any currency to anywhere in the world.A real alternative for SWIFT and Western Union.

Therefore, a number of banks (Santander, Axis Bank, Yes Bank, Westpac, Union Credit, NBAD and UBS) already use the Ripple platform, which reduces the transaction cost by an average of $ 3.76 per transaction. Given the number of tranaktsy, it can be about millions of savings.

CyberPlat -
The universal multibank integrated payment system in Internet, which provides a full range of financial services - from micropayments to interbank settlement.

A universal multi-bank integrated payment system for Internet, which provides the full range of financial services - from micropayments to interbank settlements.

Having connected to the leading Russian payment system CyberPlat,, You will be able to accept payments in favor of cellular and wireline operators, IP-telephony, cable and satellite TV, Internet providers, and utilities. This is a modern high-profit business that requires minimal material and time costs.

  1. CyberCheck is a business-to-transaction transaction subsystem - business with elements of electronic document management for customers registered in CyberPlat®;
  2. CyberPOS - a subsystem for servicing payments on plastic cards of international and Russian payment systems, focused on business-to-consumer services and not requiring registration of a buyer in the CyberPlat® system;
  3. Internet-Banking - account management in the member bank of the system via Internet.
is open for interaction with any other payment systems and, unlike many of them, provides support for a number of processing centers. Payment instruments:
  1. plastic cards of international and Russian payment systems, including Visa, Europay, Diners Club, JCB, American Express, Union Card,
  2. single e-port cards,
  3. payments directly from bank accounts of payers in participating banks to any bank account, including external ones.
CyberPlat® guarantees full confidentiality of transactions and unavailability of payment details for outsiders.
ChronoPay -
Reliable Internet service.

Similar to 2Checkout, somewhat more expensive, but a Russian interface, it serves 95% of the Russian market of online music sales. ChronoPay creates a global platform for processing payments on Internet, which can effectively combine various payment tools. At th

Facebook Pay -
Amazon Pay -
Internet payment system Russia.

Payment Internet system Russia.
Money can be put into a purse through the Savings Bank, postal order, etc., in all the usual ways, and also through dealers, specialized ATMs.

Currency: you receive wallets or ruble, dollar, euro and hryvnia accounts.

Security - WebMoney pays great attention to the protection of funds, so when registering Be careful, you need to correctly specify your email, which will come and will be periodically received the activation code. Of course remember the password, make a copy of the protection key. And do not forget the personal activation code, nobody knows except it and it does not recover.

Also it is necessary download And install the program WebMoney Keeper, configure Internet Explorer (another browser will not work), but all of this is explained in detail step by step on the WebMoney website.

Fraud Protection

The order of use is as follows:

  1. Connecting to Internet,
  2. Running WebMoney Keeper,
  3. Select ID (even if one wallet, that is, enter only the first time),
  4. Entering the password,
  5. If we conduct transactions, then buet activation code that immediately comes to our email specified,
  6. If we reinstall Windows, or changed a computer, you will need a personal activation code.
Get money is only possible with a merchant's certificate.

Certificates - another form of protection against fraud. Registering you immediately get an anonymous certificate. With such a certificate, you and only you can put it on your wallet through a savings bank, postal order, etc., but not through Internet payment systems. To be eligible to accept payments, you need to obtain a merchant's certificate. To do this, you need to download the application form, notarize it (the notary certifies only the signature) and send (or transmit, if possible) a photocopy of the passport to WebMoney. Registration fee (usually $10). There are cases when without any registration a person takes money for a wallet with an anonymous certificate.

Getting the certificate Sign up


There are scammers who use this system and it defines them as scammers. But the WebMoney system does not close accounts, but simply informs that they are scammers. So the availability of the certificate does not guarantee reliability. The certificate should be looked at at actual payment. I can make reference to anyone's certificate, but when paying attention to the link check the certificate, then you see exactly the certificate of the wallet to which you make the payment, see the screenshot below.

Check the certificate WM identifier - you can check the certificate by WMID or by purse number.

Disabling SMS-confirmation in WebMoney

  1. We go to,
  2. Click Login,
  3. activate,
  4. go back to,
  5. Select Confirm operations and click Disable in front of SMS Confirmation.
  6. That's it.
LTC — Litecoin -
Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin fork, peer-to-peer electronic payment system.

Fork Bitcoin, peer-to-peer cryptocurrency, has almost zero-cost payments to anywhere in the world.

Virtually identical to Bitcoin, but uses its LiteNet network, which is much faster and more productive.


Zopa -
Service for those who want to lend under% or borrow on an almost uncultured name.


Japan Credit Bureau.
Card Mir -
National Payment Card Mir.
Discover -
American Express -
Maestro -
Visa -
China UnionPay -
MasterCard -


Global Blue Tax Free -
The site provides the information concerning Tax Free by country.

The site provides the information concerning Tax Free by country. I checked the information and found out that it is not quite fresh. However, I did not find a more updated source.

Here you can find out where I can cash Tax Free checks. Also on the site there is an address to which I can send checks by mail and receive money on the card: within 21 days (Visa, MasterCard, Amex), 15 days (UnionPay card) from the moment of receipt of the refund.

There is a lot of other information on brands ... but this is related information.

Through the site you can contact customer support. You can also connect via chat on Facebook.

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