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Green card and insurance

When traveling abroad you will need insurance.


If you buy a tour in a travel agency, then there is already insurance, you just need to know it.
Usually there is a phone number on which you need to call, just drop it right into the phone.
If someone falls ill or something happens, you will immediately be offered doctors at the hotel. It will be quick and expensive.
Medicine is good business. So we do not accept this kind of 'help' from the hotel? but we call our number and inform the insurance number or what he will ask and get help.

Private trip

If we go alone, then we definitely need to buy a green card (if on your car) and insurance for every member of your group.
I do not know about all countries. But with whom I came across, before the insurance was not particularly looked at, and the last years began to be strictly watched and returned home, if there was no insurance.

Insurance is cheaper than a visa, so do not forget to do it.

logo Post of Russia - online insurance

Post of Russia - online insurance

Insurance policy of OSAGO, Casco, Green Card, Travel Insurance online.
On the site you can calculate the policy of OSAGO, etc. from 12 leading insurance companies and issue, if satisfied. As a result, we will receive an Electronic Policy.

The advantages of this site are reliability. It is clear that the Russian Post will close.


logo Cherehapa


Online travel insurance purchase service.

The official representative of insurance companies: Ingosstrakh, Allianz, Alpha Insurance, Liberty Insurance, VSK, ERV, Rosgosstrakh, Reso-Garantiya and ...

Advantages - in one place choose the best insurance option and get the policy as quickly as possible.

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