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If the foreign passport ends

Transliteration for the passport in accordance with GOST

А - A Б - B В - V Г - G
Д - D Е - E Ж - ZH З - Z
И - I К - K Л - L М - M
Н - N About - O П - P Р - R
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Щ - SHCH Ы - Y Э - E Ю - IU
Я - IA

Each country has its own requirements for the validity of the tourist's passport. We have compiled a table that will help you determine the direction of the trip, if the validity of the passport is coming to an end.

The minimum validity of the passport Counrty
It is enough that the passport is valid for the duration of the trip Canada
1 month from the end of the trip South Africa
1 month from the commencement of the trip, but not less than 2 weeks from the end of the trip Bulgaria
2 month from the moment of starting the trip Egypt *
2 month from the end of the trip Philippines
3 month from the moment of starting the trip Romania, Tunisia *, Turkey *, Seychelles, Croatia, Montenegro, Czech Republic, Vietnam
3 month from the end of the trip Austria, Germany, Greece, Denmark, Italy, Libya, Lithuania, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, United Arab Emirates, Poland, Portugal, Uzbekistan, Finland, France, Switzerland, Sweden, Sri Lanka, Estonia
3.5 month from the end of the trip Jordan
4 month on the day of document submission Andorra, Spain, Kenya
6 months from the moment of starting the trip Argentina, Dominica, Cyprus, Cuba, Malaysia, Maldives, Morocco, Peru, Singapore, Slovenia, Chile, South Korea, Japan
6 months on the day of filing United Kingdom
6 months from the end of the trip Brazil, Hungary, Israel, India, Indonesia, Ireland, China, Mexico, New Zealand, Oman, Thailand
* If the period is slightly less, it all depends on the passport control officer in the country where you are flying: he can let you into the country or make a decision about deportation to his homeland.


Consulates often change the rules for issuing visas. We have collected information for today. But to your summer vacation and even to the May holidays, it can change. Be sure to specify in the consulate of the country where you are going, before the trip, what the validity of the passport should be.

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