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Border crossing points

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Data about queues at the border. The basis of the resource is the principle of reliable informing anyone (specially selected for this purpose by the staff) about traffic jams on the border in real time with the fixation of information at short intervals. At the initial stage of the work, the period between updating the statistical information will be 2 hours, and pictures from the web cameras will be updated every 5-10 minutes.

In time to know the presence of the queue and its length - means to be able to effectively distribute the time of travel, Which point to go, respectively, quickly optimize the route and not languish in hours of waiting!
The system itself is very easy to use.
Thanks to her you can learn about traffic jams on the border, spending only a few seconds! You just need to send an SMS or log in to the website.

The site displays statistical information about the queues at all the above-mentioned checkpoints, as well as images from all available webcams.
In addition, on our website There is an ANNOUNCEMENTS section where everyone can freely post and read announcements about trips to and from Finland.

On the site pages one can also find additional information presented in the form of maps (with exact geographical location) about hotels, hospitals, Auto Customs stations, border checkpoints on the highway, car service centers, tire shops and insurance sales points all over the border both from Russia and the Finnish side (from Vyborg to Kouvola, including such Finnish cities as Hamina, Kotka, Lappeenranta and Imatra).
As an additional service there is a QUESTION-ANSWER section where anyone can ask a question of interest on the topic of crossing the Finnish border and in the shortest possible time the administration of the site will give an exhaustive answer using a competent source and.


Car crossing points in Europe


General information on the points of entry through the Russian border, and in the long term across the border of the Republic of Belarus and Ukraine;
Addresses, phones, location of MAPP on the map and ways to travel to it by car;
Information on queues and images from web cameras on the border;
Features of the operation of an MAPP;
Reviews of autotravelers on the border crossing;
Useful information for traveling to Europe by car;
and ...

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