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Countries without a visa

Without a visa, does not mean "without verification"/ Visa-free regime for leaving Russia for Russian citizens - the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

On internal Russian passports

 Belarus - Unlimited
 Kazakhstan - Unlimited
 Kyrgyzstan - Up to 90 days with a ticket, and more - to register with the police
 Tajikistan - Registration within 3 days

For general international passports

 Antigua and Barbuda (If there is a return ticket and hotel reservation)
 about. Aruba (Netherlands Antilles) - up to 14 days
 Barbados - Up to 28 days
 Bahamas - Up to 90 days (return ticket)
 Brazil - Up to 90 days
 Israel - Up to 90 days (requires a "medical policy for the provision of services abroad.")
 Indonesia - Up to 30 days without the right to further renew or change the stay regime
 Cyprus - Up to 90 days
 Colombia - Tourists up to 90 days
 Costa Rica - up to 30 days (possibility of extension up to 90 days)
 Cuba - Up to 30 days ($50 per day per person, insurance policy and return ticket)
 Malaysia - Up to 7 days
 Maldives - Up to 30 days
 Panama - Up to 180 days (no less than $500 per person and return or transit ticket)
 Slovakia - Up to 30 days
 Tunisia - Up to 90 days
 Turkey - Up to 30 days
 Sri Lanka - up to 30 days
 Czech Republic - Up to 30 days
 Ecuador - Up to 90 days
 South Korea - up to 60 days
 Jamaica - Tourists up to 30 days

 Mongolia - Up to 30 days
 Ukraine - Up to 90 days

On Service Passports

 Bolivia - Up to 90 days
 Cape Verde
 Paraguay - Up to 90 days

Diplomatic passports


Visa-free countries with invitation, voucher or transit

 Bulgaria ( Until October 2001)
 Bosnia and Herzegovina

Countries where visas are issued at the border (at the airport/port ...)

A) on diplomatic, service and civil passports

 Botswana ( If you have a transit visa,
 South Africa or
 Zambia, or if there is an original or a copy of the country's visa permit)
 Djibouti ( With confirmation of the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Djibouti)
 Comoros (Comoros)
 Seychelles (Seychelles)
 Senegal ( However, Igor "Stray Preacher" Fateev, seeking a visa from Mauritania, was convinced of the opposite)
 Malta - If the citizens
 Russia will be Take off by flight KM #2861 at 23.15 on Tuesdays in La Valette

B) for general foreign passports

 Bahrain - Tourists
 Burundi ( With the written permission of the Burundi General Administration for Migration)
 Grenada - Tourists
 Dominican Republic - tourists
 Egypt - Tourists up to 30 days, can be extended for another 30
 Qatar - Tourists
 Lebanon - Tourists
 Mauritius - Up to 14 days (if there is a return air ticket)
 Nepal - tourists
 UAE - Tourists
 Georgia - Visa costs $30
 Thailand - Up to 30 days (on request, without leaving, you can extend for another 30)

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