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In fact, it's a trademark rental.

A good example of McDonald's. The principle of a fast restaurant was invented and it began to be replicated by selling.
The use of the franchise is regulated by the contract.
On the contract of McDonald's or ... provides documentation, inexpensive standard equipment, signage ...
You are required to maintain a level of quality and comply with the technology.

You do not need to promote or advertise your restaurant, McDonald's has already done so.


Site about what franchising is and how it works.

Big franchise catalog.

  • 700 franchises in Russia and the world,
  • Feedback on franchises, News and novelties of franchising,
  • Direct access to franchisees.
Franchise is a purchase of a ready-made business, and its opening is easier and faster than starting a business from scratch.
For all franchises the official cost of the franchise and the amount of payments is indicated. Many franchises with reviews.

The catalogue is basically a franchise shop.
Look for the best franchise, a profitable franchise, request business plans franchise, compare, choose a successful business.

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