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logo Yandex, region codes

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Owner: Yandex

phone.:8 800 333-96-39 (Russian Customers toll-free)

Yandex, region codes

Region codes and vehicle characteristics in search results. Motorists always have a lot of questions for Yandex.
And if Maps and Navigator are the best way to build the routes, then it's better to address other issues to search.
Now on the search results page there were direct answers to some of them.
Any motorist wondering what region the unknown number belongs to (especially if the owner cut you).
Everything is clear with your city and neighboring regions, but there are many regions and edges in Russia, and some of them have several codes.

For example, probably not everyone knows, to which region is the code 91.
Now the search will easily answer this question.

The wizard works also in the opposite direction - if you know the city, but do not know the code. Ask, for example, [auto codes] - and in the search results there will be a convenient form where you can enter regions or their numbers.

In addition, now on the search results page, you can also get answers to other questions of motorists - for example, how much fuel Citroen C4 consumes and what is Clearance Opel Corsa.

This search takes from Yandex.Auto", and directly from the wizard you can go to the service to learn more about all the technical characteristics of the car.



Managing the Git and Mercurial code for IT teams.

logo jsFiddle



The platform of online web programming. The window is divided into 4 parts: HTML code, CSS, javascript and on the last one see the result.

Plug-in JavaScript libraries, MooTools and JQuery and DoJo.
Debugging for mobile.

logo Codepen



Online platform for editing and storing code (snippets) in HTML, CSS and JavaScript with browsing.

4 windows, edit and see the result in real time.


Wall Clock in Pure CSS3

Clock with a dial on JavaScript.

In Russian
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