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Super-library of resources: postcards, humor, articles, ideas for weddings, stories, comics, games, midi, MP3, illustrations, statistics, skits, phrases, ideas, hr tips. Psychologists, answers to questions, news, etc.

The number of real resources has exceeded 8.000 pieces!

logo Vox



The community "Voice of the Runet" was created as a platform for marketing and sociological research using the capabilities of the Internet.

Conducting online marketing research helps companies offering their services both on the Internet and in the traditional market in making key decisions for the development and promotion of their products and services in understanding the needs of their consumers.

  • Wide coverage of the active (monthly) audience of Russian Internet users
  • Ability to build a randomized target sample
  • Maintain personal page (cabinet) panelist
  • Support for registration forms of panelists
  • Support for all types of questions and questionnaire logic, including transitions depending on the respondent’s answers
  • Checking the entered values ​​(text and numeric), the ability to control the mandatory filling of questions
  • Protection from a second response, identification of respondents using an individual account (Cookie)
  • Additional (logical) verification of answers to completeness and consistency and rejection of these forms
  • Converting data into files suitable for processing by SPSS and Statistica applications

logo BitBucket



Managing the Git and Mercurial code for IT teams.

logo Webmaster




Webmaster's Cabinet

Information on how your sites are indexed in the Search Mail.Ru:

  1. who links to the pages of your site;
  2. on what queries users come to your site;
  3. what pages are downloaded and indexed;
  4. which pages and for which queries are most relevant;
  5. which pages Search Mail.Ru considers good and for what queries.

In Russian
logo Bogoblog




A very decent blog, which has a lot of useful text and video information, and other materials. The site is well-structured, everything is clear.
It's clear that you can participate, the blog is still.
The main condition is that the material is spiritual food.
All information on the site is free and free for non-commercial Distribution.

Russian - English

Owner: Yandex


Yandex makes a different delivery for different regions

  1. Yandex.Internet - - measure the speed of Internet connection
  2. Yandex.Metrics - - detailed statistics for the attendance of your website
  3. Check tIC -

  4. Registration in the directory (paid) -
  5. Add a site to the search engine -
  6. Delete the site or part of it from the search engine -
  7. Check the indexing of the site - webmaster.
  8. Reporting spam -
  9. Feedback form for problems -
  10. Ask a question -

  11. Apply to Direct -
  12. Affiliate Programs -
  13. Word matching/query statistics -
  14. Statistics of search queries by time and by region -
  15. Yandex Blog -

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