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Google News

News and search on news sites from Google.

Whether this service will always work and in what form it's difficult to say today.
News agencies complained to Google and penalized Google.

The point is, that news agencies contain journalists, pay for trips, do material, and Google free to take cream.

At this point, Google is looking for news among reputable news sites.
As you know, there are many liars on the Internet, the yellow press needs to live somehow.
Google searches only among sites that you can trust.

It's a filter, let's say you are only interested in local news, just Russian or world. You are interested in sports or IT or ... There are tags. That is, you can choose what is interesting to you.
Now, Google issues only announcements, similar groups. For example, there was an earthquake that was written by 5 agencies, you can choose which version to read, and you can read different versions.

So in one place all the latest news on the given topic.

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