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logo Authorization on sites through Yandex



Owner: Yandex,reliable site.

Authorization on sites through Yandex

Ready, easy to implement, free technology that can be connected to almost any site.

How to connect authorization through Yandex

  1. Register the application on the OAuth server.
  2. Implement the appropriate way to get the token in the application.
  3. Use the received token in requests to the Yandex API services.
  4. Add an input through Yandex to the interface of your resource.

Portal of public data of the official site of the State Duma



state site.

API official site of the State Duma

The open data portal of the official website of the State Duma offers convenient tools for website owners and blogs.
With the help of it, you can apply data on the activities of the State Duma in your projects.
Make your projects interactive and constantly updated.
Detailed documentation and examples of use will help you without much effort to embed data on the activities of the State Duma on your website or blog.

logo Open Police



state site.

Open Police

Hub of open data in the Russian Federation on the activities of law enforcement authorities.

The portal contains public data in the form of Rosstat statistics, profile ministries and departments, license registers, various data sets related to police activities.



Search for geographical names in the database of more than 10 million objects tied to the map.
The database is taken from a variety of official sources, which are listed on the site.
Search is correct and more detailed than with Google Maps.
Google issues the largest object on your request, GeoNames will offer a maximum of options. Search by official names and alternate names.
In addition, there are lists where you can see the population, the territory for countries and cities, the height for the mountains ...


Uses: Google Photo.

Embed Google Photos

If you plan to have a lot of photos on the site, it's better to keep them on free photo hosting and give the link to the site. To do this, you can only use photo hosting, which provides direct links to photos.

Embed Google Photos can pull out a direct link to the file and generate code to insert on the site.

How it works

  1. Open the desired photo of Google Photos,
  2. Click Share and select Get link in a new window,
  3. take the link and paste the copied to the floor of the form of the site Embed Google Photos,
  4. we get a direct link.



API with weather data for sites and mobile applications.

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