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Google Maps API -
Fine-tuning maps for your own, from closed maps to tracking the location of people and objects.

API is how to fit into a map to correct it for yourself.
There are options from free to expensive.


  1. Free - normal use.
  2. Paid - sites and applications that you need to pay for access.
  3. By invitation - private applications or restricted sites, for example. Only the corporate network and the online community, which can only enter by invitation.
  4. Tracking resources - the ability to track the location of people and objects, say you have a courier service or a transport company. You can see on the map who is where and who owns the situation.
Also on this page, you can select the Google Maps API for Android or iOS ....
Open Police
Open data on the law enforcement system.

Hub of open data in the Russian Federation on the activities of law enforcement authorities.

The portal contains public data in the form of Rosstat statistics, profile ministries and departments, license registers, various data sets related to police activities.

OpenWeatherMap -
API with weather data for sites and mobile applications.

API with weather data for sites and mobile applications.

GeoNames -
Search for geographical names in the database over 10 million objects tied to the map.

Search for geographical names in the database of more than 10 million objects tied to the map.
The database is taken from a variety of official sources, which are listed on the site.
Search is correct and more detailed than with Google Maps.
Google issues the largest object on your request, GeoNames will offer a maximum of options. Search by official names and alternate names.
In addition, there are lists where you can see the population, the territory for countries and cities, the height for the mountains ...

Yandex API -
All Yandex APIs.

This page contains all the Yandex APIs.

Disqus -
Comments on the site.

Discussions on the site.
The advantage here is that a person who is not registered in social networks can leave a comment.
The code is embedded in Blogger, Thumblr, Drupal, WordPress ... or on a website.

Here everything is more serious, there is a control panel for comments, fine tuning.

Suffice it to say that this service is used by newspapers, TV channels, for example. TBN, CNN, Daily Telegraph and IGN.

Yandex.Maps API -
With Yandex.Maps API you can manage maps and their contents, as well as create various applications - from simple interactive travel patterns to complex geoinformation services.

Everyone can use Yandex.Maps for their service.

Usage examples

  • - The service builds a route and estimates the cost of the route along the route to Taxi.
  • - The project allows users to search for the location of objects.
  • - The site is dedicated to real estate ads. This site is interesting in that it groups ads, thereby getting the opportunity to place on the map as many ads as you like at the same time. By bringing the cursor to the label, the user always sees how many ads he finds if he brings the map closer.
  • - Here users can build automobile routes through Tula. Yandex.Mark API allows you to replace any of the standard tools, this site uses its own router.
  • - The site provides users with its own map of Cheboksary. However, the Yandex.Maps API with all its features is used to display the map.
  • is a very non-standard application of Yandex.Maps. The satellite layer is used as a substrate, that is, as part of the site design.
API Yandex.Spellera -
Check the spelling.

A spelling checker that helps you find and correct spelling errors in your texts. The work of the speller is based on the use of an orthographic dictionary. Currently, the speller checks the texts in Russian, Ukrainian and English.

Google APIs & Developer Product -
API products from Google by categories.

Products API from Google by category.
This is how Google navigates through its services.
Everything is arranged according to categories and you can also select the ones you need through the labels that are located at the top as a menu.

Google API For example, the Google Maps API used more than 350,000 sites: Open the table, take url and paste it into the code (in the code you can change the height, width:

Panorama on Yandex.Maps -
Now there is a panorama of all the cities of one million Russian and others - a total of 240.

Now there are panoramas of all cities of Russia's millionaires and others - only 240. And a number of smaller cities.
66 cities of Ukraine, 6 cities of Belarus and 2 Kazakhstan.


  1. Choose a place on the map,
  2. watch the proposed photo,
  3. click on the arrow and advance to the next photo.
In fact, it's a lot of photos, structured in a certain order.

Yandex.Maps made it possible to insert a panorama to your site.

We go to Yandex.Maps. If your city has panoramas, the "Panorama" button will appear on the top right, as it is seen in the picture below, click it

There the "Link" button will appear on the top right, click it and in the drop-down menu at the bottom there will be the item "Paste on Site, as shown in the picture below, click.

Determine the size of the proposed or set your own and take the code to the site.

Help Yandex.Maps

Font Squirrel -
Fonts on site Font Squirrel.

  1. Download the font you like on the site.
  2. We confirm that we have the right to freely use the selected font (if the font from our site, you can, they are all free).
  3. We get an archive with
    • generated fonts for different browsers and mobile phones,
    • generated CSS3 style file,
    • code for the page with an example of using the font.
Facebook for developers -
Comments on the site.

Comments from the Facebook site.
The advantages are that all comments are together. So they can be seen from any page.

Minus - a comment can be left by a person registered with Facebook.

Unfortunately, the section of the site on the API is constantly changing and it's not always easy to find the right one. Moreover, not all speak English.
So I spread the code:

Code <div id='fb-root'></div>
<script src=''></script>
<fb:comments href='' num_posts='5' width='560'></fb:comments>

Here is:

  1. - our site, Change to your,
  2. num_posts='5' - the number of posts displayed, we have 5,
  3. width='560' - width of the block, change to Your design.
Facebook has perhaps the greatest opportunity to integrate Facebook functions into your site and vice versa (creating your own applications for Facebook).

Impressively, because in the list

The Time Machine by Foursquare.

Celebrate in interesting places in your city.
Check AlterGeo (check-in) - say where you are right now. Celebrating in cafes, cinemas, parks and other places, you will find out what kind of people are next, your friends were here, and what they think about this place.

For each "mark" you will receive points and medals. The more points you earn, the higher the probability of receiving prizes and bonuses from institutions, played every day in AlterGeo.

Do you like to celebrate in stores? There are all chances to win a medal "Shopaholic". Do you like cultural places? Check them out and get the "Art Critic" medal.

On the site you can see the general map of all project users. On such a map, data on the location of other project participants at the moment will be presented. The map shows different layers, for example, you can only set the display of friends of the user or all the others. Available for selection by sex (for example, the service allows you to see where the cute girls spend an evening) or only those users who are online.


Embed Google Photos -
Helps to take a direct link to photos from Google Photos.

If you plan to have a lot of photos on the site, it's better to keep them on free photo hosting and give the link to the site. To do this, you can only use photo hosting, which provides direct links to photos.

Embed Google Photos can pull out a direct link to the file and generate code to insert on the site.

How it works

  1. Open the desired photo of Google Photos,
  2. Click Share and select Get link in a new window,
  3. take the link and paste the copied to the floor of the form of the site Embed Google Photos,
  4. we get a direct link.

VK has many API connections.
The developers have tried to write everything simply and in detail.

VK for developers -
Comments for the site from VK.

Comments for the site from VK.
In fact, everything is simple, we go, configure, take.

For each page there will be a separate comment, which is convenient if you want the comment to link to each article.
If You have few comments, then you will be more comfortable with the Facebook widget.

Minus - a person can leave a person registered in VK.


Search API Blog -
The Yandex Blog Search API will help you organize a detailed search for your forum, blog or even entire blog hosting.
Yandex.Direct API -
API allows developers to create applications that directly interact with the Yandex contextual advertising service.
JavaScript-libraries Hosting -
Provides site developers access to the Yandex Content Distribution Network (CDN) and allows you to download various JavaScript frameworks and open source libraries from Yandex servers.
Auth-authorization -
The protocol for authorizing third-party software and web services to work with user data through various Yandex APIs.
the widget platform -
The widget platform allows you to change the familiar look of services, install widgets Yandex and its partners and create your own widgets.


Sign in with Facebook -
Log in via Facebook for your applications and websites.
Authorization Client Applications -Авторизац
Authorization via VK.
Authorization Oauth
Authorization through Classmates.


Google Fonts -
Fasten themselves.

The service for introducing fonts to the site.
There is no Russian version, but there are Russian fonts (Cyrillic).


The fonts are on the Google server and not on your website. Saves time and increases download speed.

What should I do?

Attention, the service is developing, the number of fonts and features is growing, so changes are possible on the site.
  1. Script: - Select Cyrillic or Cyrillic Extended

  2. At the top of the Preview Text:, you can enter your text, size (Size :) and Sort the fonts alphabetically, popularity ... I chose by popularity. We are looking for the best font from the less popular ones, less popular is less likely to use it and it will be more original.

  3. We select the font for the title (Sentence) or text (Paragraph), depending on how we want to use.

    The beautiful font for the title may not be readable in the text.

  4. Choose the font that best suits us Add to Collection And Quick-use.

  5. We take the code that will be placed in
    . He's at 3. Add this code to your website: This is a link like
      rel='stylesheet' type='Text/CSS'>
  6. Go back and click on the blue Review field (may need to open) and select the font (bold, italic ...) if the font allows it.
In the Test Drive tab, we go through the menu in the right column. There you can set up a lot, it will be more difficult to describe, you will be able to visually see and select, adjust. At the bottom of the main field on a gray background there will be a code like:

 font-family: 'Ubuntu Condensed', sans-serif;
  font-style: normal;
  font-weight: 400; font-size: 13px;
  text-transform: none;
  text-decoration: none;
  letter-spacing: 0em;
  word-spacing: 0em; line-height: 1.4;

Copy it and put it where we need it in CSS. font-style: normal; font-weight: 400; font-size: 13px; text-transform: none; text-decoration: none; letter-spacing: 0em; word-spacing: 0em; line-height: 1.4;

Copy it and paste it into CSS.


Beautiful Web Type -
Interesting examples of using fonts with Google.


Reddit Scraper -
Using the Reddit API and Google scripts, you can download all messages from any Reddit in your Google spreadsheet.

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