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Infrapedia -
Map of submarine cables.

Map of submarine cables around the world.
Just to see and it becomes clear why the sites of South America and China are so slow to load.

WhatIsMyIP -
To find out your IP address.

Find out your IP address.

Free DNS-service, blocking dangerous sites and sites for adults.

Free DNS-service, blocking dangerous sites and sites for adults.
Also protects against viruses and fraud.

The easiest way to set up Yandex.DNS is through a Wi-Fi access point.
For D- Link and ZyXEL we have developed firmware together with manufacturers.
Also Yandex.DNS is easy to configure manually:

  • on the access point
  • on a computer or laptop
  • on mobile devices

Addresses Yandex.DNS:

Predecessed DNS server:
Alternative DNS server:

Predecessed DNS server:
Alternative DNS server:

Predecessed DNS server:
Alternative DNS server: -
The official site was created with the support of Google, Yahoo, Microsoft.

The official site was created with the support of Google, Yahoo, Microsoft.

Story of the Web -
Internet Archive.

The history of Internet.
A site in the style of a presentation that shows the most significant Internet events.
Speed Internet connection and test the quality of online video viewing.

20 years of Internet
Internet Archive.

20 years runetu.
A simple and clear website dedicated to 20 years of Runet.
The site contains a selection of news by years of the most significant runetu.

Submarine Cable Map -
Map of submarine cables.

I was asked to help find how you can view detailed statistics on
Can someone also need help?

When I registered my subscription, in my first letter from was at the end the item:

Get detailed statistics (postal areas, formats, questionnaire, etc.) by subscribers,
Choose Build statistics.

Then we listen to the song, how tired we are with our views And the fact that today they have not considered anything new, so you can not even look.
Probably they do not know us. In other words, if you listen to everything, you will never see your statistics.
Click on this long link, people have tried.

And now we look Dynamics, Georafia, What other mailings are popular with your audience.
But they do not update this information regularly.

Like everything.

Analysis, optimization and website promotion.

Analysis, optimization and website promotion.

Website Promotion Tools

  1. Site Analysis
  2. Site audit
  3. Anti-plagiarism online
  4. Expansion of the semantic core
  5. Grouping search queries
  6. Evaluate page nausea
  7. Checking server headers
  8. Site Speed ​​Analysis
  9. Affiliated sites
  10. Check for filter spam
  11. Check sites for viruses
  12. Yandex X
  13. Verify site positions
  14. Determine page age
  15. Determining the site’s regionality
  16. Site cost estimate
  17. Get site subdomains
  18. Check domain splicing


  1. WHOIS
  2. Internet speed check
  3. Online password generator
  4. Counting the number of characters
  5. Online transliteration
  6. Visual HTML editor online
  7. Encryption in MD5 and SHA-1
  8. Antispam. Hiding text
  9. Favicon.ico generator
  10. Create HTML and CSS buttons
  11. Check and verify your IP

TopTenReviews -
Expert Reviews.

The name speaks for itself - reviews the top ten.
That is, the site reviews the leading online services, programs and applications, as well as a number of offline publications ...

Say, we want to choose a hosting or a program, but We do not need the best rating, but the one that has those functions that we need and we do not want to pay for the extra, for what we do not use.

Here you can visually compare and pick.

Yandex.Webmaster -
We add a site in Yandex search engine for indexing pages.

We add a site in Yandex search engine for indexing pages, and at the same time add to your account on Yandex.Webmaster, if we confirm the rights. If he already knows the search engine Yandex, we can just add to your account.

Google Public DNS -
For faster loading of sites and more stable work of the Internet.

Completely free of charge.
Why would I do that? For faster loading of sites and more stable work of the Internet.
I highly recommend just to try.

As a reward, Google will get to know you better, but not to steal bank details and steal your money.
It's just that Google will find out your preferences so that you can see the least intrusive advertisement. To make your ads fit your needs and interests, and Google will earn more money from them.

Google Public DNS Addresses - IPv4:

Preferred DNS server:
Alternative DNS server:

Google Public DNS Addresses - IPv6:

Internet media.

Information and political channel, which provides a constantly updated news line, analytical articles, interviews, media monitoring. covers news of politics, economy and culture both in Russia and around the world.

Single page site builder.

A platform that does not require any special knowledge to create a single-page sites.
Actually we register and immediately have a website. Our task is to customize and fill with your content: name, contacts, etc.

As a result, we have an light modern website. Suitable for a business card site or presentation of a new product or service.

As a basis, you can take a template of 300 proposed.

Web archive
Archive copies of sites.

Archive copies of sites.

Free service to search for archived copies of sites.
With this service you can check the appearance and content of the page on the Internet on a specific date.

The base is noticeably inferior to the leader

Information from the Webarchive you can use for introductory purposes, or to prove certain circumstances in court.
In this case, we recommend that you properly fix or notarize the found archived copy of the site page.

Yandex Logos
Logos of Yandex are stylized for holidays or events by years.

Yandex logos are stylized for holidays or events by years.

Here you will find an archieve of those logos.

Google Logos -
Doodles - Google logos stylized for holidays or events by year.

Doodles - Google logos stylized for holidays or events by years.

Runetchiki map.

The card is made of visually structured icons.
The project is damp, but the idea is interesting.
Why create icons so that they do not use their visibility?

Internet Archive -
Internet Archive.

A non-profit organization founded in 1996 in San Francisco.
The archive collects copies of web pages, graphic materials, video, audio recordings And software.
The archive provides long-term archiving of collected material and free access to its databases for the general public. The declared goal of the Archive is the preservation of the cultural and historical values ​​of civilization in the era of Internet technologies, the creation and support of the electronic library.
The size of the Archive - 3 petabytes (1 pet Byte=1000 gigabytes, more accurately 1024 gigabytes), will soon increase to 5 petabytes.
It contains 85 billion web pages.
The Archive Server is located in San Francisco, mirrors - in the New Alexandria Library and Amsterdam. From 2007 the Archive has the legal status of the library.

Wayback Machine

Archive service

It's interesting to see how some site looked before, and maybe what my site looked like?
True copies do not contain all the pages, once without pictures, the site of Yandex blocked its history.

That is, do not require too much from the site. Archive, it is the archive. And it's hard to follow the progress of Internet, not what to save. So, how lucky.


Fasten themselves.

Service for the introduction of fonts on the site.
It differs from Google's fonts.
At Google we copy the code and paste it on the site, the font itself is taken from Google.
Here we select the font, download and upload to your site, and take the code for tying the font on our site with our site. Can specify the folder in which we will keep the fonts on the site and then get the code with the correct address.

Internet Archive: Wayback Machine -
Internet Archive, the history of the World Wide Web.

Internet Archive, the history of the World Wide Web.
Here you can see how the site looked before and what it did.

The archive contains more than 100 terabytes and more than 10 billion pages of the network since 1996. It's interesting to see how some site looked before, and maybe what my site looked like?
True copies do not contain all the pages, Then without pictures, the site Yandex blocked its history.

That is, do not require too much from the site.
Archive, it is the archive. And it's hard to follow the progress of Internet, not what to save.
So, how lucky.

Archive.Today -
Internet Archive.

Another fairly decent site with a history.
We enter the URL of the site, but if the project described above gives out the saving dates, clicking on which we get to the start page, and then look at the navigation, it is saved.
Then this project will give links to pages with screenshots.
You can immediately select the desired page, if it is.

Each site has its own advantages, we can use both, depending on our task.

Fontstorage -
A collection of free fonts for your sites.

A collection of free fonts for your sites.

Somewhat reminiscent of Google Fonts. You can download or take the code and screw on the site.
The collection is different from Google, so it will be interesting for attention.

Intuitive interface, customizable in real time.
Very comfortable and interesting.

End of the Internet -
Have you ever wanted to reach the end of the internet?

OpenDNS -
An Internet service that provides public DNS servers.

An Internet service that provides public DNS servers.
There is a free mode, fixes typos in the typed addresses, phishing filter.

In case of error, the page with the form of search and advertising is displayed, which is disabled on the paid rate.

Statistics and analytics for your site.

The system of statistics for website owners.
Requires the installation of the counter on the pages of the site.

We can

  • estimate the number of views and visits to the site,
  • determine the sources and search terms that brought people to the site, find out which pages of your site are most popular,
  • see if you are achieving the goals you set for attracting people to your site,
  • Statistics about your site may be hidden from outsiders and only known to you, but if you wish you can give them to people you trust.

      Participating in site rankings

      Sites are ranked based on their traffic, divided into thematic categories and subcategories.
      When you register you will be asked to select a category for your site.
      Choosing the right category will ensure the largest influx of audience from the pages of Mail.Ru Rating, as well as help you compare the popularity of your resource with the popularity of competitors' resources.

      If you want, you can opt out of the rating by changing the counter settings.
      This will not affect the collection and display of traffic statistics for your site.

Golden site
Contests sites.

Cost: per participant is 1180-4720 or more rubles, depending on the declared category.
For example. Technologies and business innovations; Brand - a trademark of a Russian, foreign company; Promo (goods and services site) is more expensive.
Social project; Family and Children; History; Culture and art; Science and education - cheaper.
Design; Online store; Corporate site - average prices.


  • Technologies and business innovations.
  • Design.
  • Mass media.
  • Online store.
  • Brand is a trademark of a Russian, foreign company.
  • Corporate site.
  • Promo (site products and services).
  • Event (event site of the year: competitions, anniversaries, holidays, conferences, competitions, exhibitions).
  • Thematic site.
  • Online communication (communities, fan clubs, forums, chat rooms, and blogs).
  • National treasure and spiritual rebirth Russia.
  • VIP (sites of political and public figures, famous artists, photographers, popular musicians).
  • Information portal (region, region, region, city).
  • Corporate blog.
  • Social project.

Find out your IP and measure the speed of the Internet.

Webmaster's Cabinet
Website indexing in Search Mail.Ru

Information on how your sites are indexed in the Search Mail.Ru:

  1. who links to the pages of your site;
  2. on what queries users come to your site;
  3. what pages are downloaded and indexed;
  4. which pages and for which queries are most relevant;
  5. which pages Search Mail.Ru considers good and for what queries.

WordPress XML Sitemap Plugin -
Generates HTML, RSS and Google XML Sitemaps, compatible with Google, Bing, Baidu, Yandex and more.

Generates HTML, RSS and Google XML Sitemaps, compatible with Google, Bing, Baidu, Yandex and more. Sitemaps tell search engines when and how often pages are updated, and their relative importance. Find out more about sitemaps.

Easily manage your sitemap within a familiar WordPress environment. Automatic setup of sitemap files, robots.txt and pinging. Configure sitemap values for the whole website, tages, categories, pages and posts.

Key features

  1. Supports HTML, RSS and Google XML Sitemap formats.
  2. List all your WordPress Pages, Posts, Archives, Authors, Categories and Tags.
  3. Includes paged links for posts for Archives, Authors, Categories and Tags.
  4. Set global sitemap default values for priorty and update frequencies.
  5. Set sitemap value for priority and frequency at the category, tag, post and page level.
  6. Automatic daily auto ping when you have updated pages / posts in WordPress.
  7. Add latest pages / posts RSS feed to page header.
  8. Updates your Robots.txt file with sitemap entries.

Knowledge library on safe and effective use of digital technologies and services.

Knowledge library on safe and effective use of digital technologies and services.

Training videos and articles on how to set up and use gadgets, how not to fall victim to online fraud, how to work with banking and other services applications, what to do with computer viruses, how to invest savings safely and why digital hygiene is important.

Whether you're holding a smartphone for the first time in your life or deciding to become a crypto investor, the platform provides answers for both beginners and advanced users.

We save the page of the site in PDF format.

We save the page of the site in PDF format. Or maybe you just want to create a dynamic PDF document and you only know HTML.
It is possible to make a page of a site and to receive from it the document in a format PDF.

The Wayback Machine
Enter a link to the site and see what it looked like before.

Enter a link to the site and see what it looked like before.
First, the list is given by years and dates when the copy was saved.

It uses The Wayback Machine's database. That is, not everything is saved.

In addition, you can restore the site here for a fee, that is, get a working copy of it. Naturally, from what was saved.

Bing -
Webmaster Tools.

Internet ABCs
Education of users of the older generation work on the computer and on Internet.

Teaching users of the older generation to work on the computer and on Internet.
Rostelecom and the Pension Fund decided to help the elderly learn new technologies.
The site itself is based on the principle of a textbook, step by step, which is sim

WebMoney Advisor
Dynamics of change of a rating of a site.

Dynamics of changing the site rating

If he has a merchant certificate or higher, then he has something to lose. The fact is that to receive such a certificate the person himself is registered, his name, and if he gets on the blacklist, then not correct it.


Enter WMID or WM purse
If the certificate is anonymous or formal, then the question arises.

Site Rating -
Internet Speed Test.

Online Map -
Internet map.

The map shows the points, each corresponds to the site, the size corresponds to the popularity.
To find out which site the point corresponds to, you can click on it and get information (though in English, although the site has a Russian version.
You can just zoom in Map with the mouse wheel and then the inscriptions will appear on the balls.

You can specify the url of the site in the search and if it is in the database, see how it looks against the background of the entire Internet.

The Evolution of the Web -
The timeline for the development of Internet technology.

The timeline for the development of Internet technology.

The modern Internet is an ever-growing number of pages and web applications linked by links. It is full of videos, photos and interactive content. However, the interaction of web technologies, through which all this works so smoothly, remains hidden from the eyes of the average user.

Web technologies have gradually developed to such a level that developers have the opportunity to create web content of the new generation. Today’s Internet is the result of the continuous efforts of an open web community that helps develop technologies such as HTML5, CSS3 and WebGL, and is supported by all browsers.

Colored ribbons in infographics represent the relationship between web technologies and browsers, thanks to which so many functional web applications are available to us.

Internet Live Stats -
Live statistics of Internet - international team of developers, researchers and analysts.

Live Internet statistics are an international team of developers, researchers and analysts.
The goal is to make available real-time statistical information for everyone.
I read on the site how they do it, but my education was not enough to understand this ... or they let the fog fall to hide the approximations of the scores.
Well, in fact, who provides all the information about everything in real time?
Here we just can observe the trend of something like this happening right now:

  1. the number of Internet users,
  2. the number of sites,
  3. the number of emails sent today,
  4. the number Of the requests for Google today,
  5. the number of tweets posted today,
  6. how many today watched the video today,
  7. how many images were downloaded on the instagram,
  8. the number of smartphones, tablets and computers sold today,
  9. Skype,
  10. Internet traffic for today,
  11. how much electricity is used today,
  12. as a result, how much is allocated today CO 2
Quite funny, for example, to my surprise, I learned that the tablet is sold more than computers.

Hotline -
Hot line within the framework of the project 'Friendly Runet'.

Hot line within the project "Friendly Runet."
Financial support of the resource is carried out by the Federal Agency for Press and Mass Communications.

Safe Internet League -
Safe Internet League.

The main objective of the League is the complete eradication of dangerous content on Internet by self-regulation of the professional community, participants of Internet market, in order to avoid censorship.

A free solution to protect children from dangerous information allows you to block websites that contain suicide propaganda on your computer and mobile devices And the use of drugs or distributing child pornography (including those sites that have been included in the register of banned information). In addition, the "League" filters will restrict access to pages containing pornography, scenes or propaganda of violence and cruelty, as well as automatically clean out obscene language from the resources visited.

Media Queries -
Adaptive design.

The site presents examples of adaptive website design.
If someone does not know what it's about, today our site is opened on different devices - with a huge screen and on a small phone.

The Internet in Real Time -
Internet in real time.

Internet in real time. What does it mean?
It is immediately shown how many gigabytes of data are being transmitted at a given time.

The amount of data downloaded on Internet for 1 second 24 000 Gb. In a month it will be more than 90 exabytes. Well, also you can see how many Android downloads are happening right now, how many videos are viewed on YouTube, how many emails are sent, etc. Skype, Twitter, Facebook ...

What is my IP -
To find out your IP address.

Find out your IP address.

Random Website -
We are looking at a random site.

The site is similar in functionality to StumbleUpon, only much easier.
There is no registration, settings, the ability to evaluate, add .... nothing but the Surprise me button (surprise me).
Click the button and hit the random site, click a

WebsiteOutlook -
Internet statistics.

Evaluation of sites.
We introduce the url of a well-known site and find out how much it costs.

Website Builder
Sites for your business for free.

Sites for your business for free.
Build websites for business on your own - without developers and designers.

Free hosting.
Use your domain or free subdomain on

150 template blocks are available for site creation - create unique sites from them. Sites work well on any device.

You can add a chat to the website you have created - answer customer questions in your account or the Clients and Projects application.

Customer feedback is included in the “Customers and Projects” free CRM system. Work with applications in your account or application.
You can add a video, a Yandex map, a Google form or your own code to the site.
Integrate any web analytics system to your site to optimize sales.

Weebly -
Website Builder.

A nice and functional website designer for a teapot. The most pleasant thing is the integration with popular services, so you simply and quickly add (not upload, but add) YouTube videos or maps from Google Maps.

Stars and Internet.

Beta version of the social network for world leaders - World Economic Leaders Community (WELCOM).

Thanks A social network developed with the participation of Adobe, British Telecom and Microsoft, partners and members of the Forum will be able to discuss in the virtual space the full range of issues traditionally submitted for consideration.

WELCOM will allow its participants to videoconference, exchange documents and work together on Them, to hold discussions on various issues, including in the format of discussion groups with little access. The results of the joint work can be published in a section accessible to the general public. The social network of the world political and economic elite will also provide its users with the usual opportunities for social networks, such as the publication of personal data, information about education and workplaces, the exchange of personal Messages, etc.

According to the head of the information and analytical service of the IPU UNESCO Information for All, Evgeny Altovsky, WELCOM, of course, will not be the place where Dmitry Medvedev and Barack Obama They will discuss the problems of non-proliferation of nuclear technologies, and the prime ministers of the exporting countries and oil-consuming countries agree on a fair price for "black gold." Rather, the social network of the world's political and economic elite is a tribute to fashion, Altovsky - and all the participation of the powerful in this work will be limited to "demonstrative speeches", after which WELCOM will be used by their assistants to discuss the agenda of the next Forum and to post on behalf of their patrons the information that it E will seriously damage their interests in case of inevitable leakage.

In any case, personal e-mail addresses and photos made by presidents and prime ministers during the vacation in WELCOM should not be exactly searched for.

Version Museum -
The Version Museum is dedicated to demonstrating the visual history of popular websites, games, applications and operating systems that have shaped our lives.

The Version Museum is dedicated to demonstrating the visual history of popular websites, games, applications and operating systems that have shaped our lives.

Just as a walk through a real museum, the Version Museum seeks to illustrate the visual, material elements of different versions of technology, not just the written history behind it.
Wikipedia and other sites are already doing a fantastic job of detailing the history behind sites, applications, and everything else.
This site focuses on noticeable changes over time.
If you have been using a product for a long time, there will probably be some nostalgia when you look at all the previous iterations of this product over the years.


MoMB — Museum of Modern Betas -
New sites, new tools.

New sites, new tools. Just tape, where we see a brief information about the news, the story is preserved. So at any time you can look through. There is no search. Just tape broken into pages.


Content Watch
Automatic control of uniqueness. We learn whether we use the content of another site in order to preserve its uniqueness. Or you can just find out, give a link and source.


Google, Robots.txt file verification tool -

Website Planet -


RSS and Atom Feed Validator (W3C) -


Yandex.Webmaster -
Yandex makes a different issue for a different region.

Yandex makes a different delivery for different regions

  1. Yandex.Internet - - measure the speed of Internet connection
  2. Yandex.Metrics - - detailed statistics for the attendance of your website
  3. Check tIC -

  4. Registration in the directory (paid) -
  5. Add a site to the search engine -
  6. Delete the site or part of it from the search engine -
  7. Check the indexing of the site - webmaster.
  8. Reporting spam -
  9. Feedback form for problems -
  10. Ask a question -
  11. Apply to Direct -
  12. Affiliate Programs -
  13. Word matching/query statistics -
  14. Statistics of search queries by time and by region -
  15. Yandex Blog -

Remove URL -
To remove a page from the search that is forbidden to indexing or no longer exists.

Validator mikrorazmetki -
The micro-markup validator allows you to check the semantic markup embedded on your site and make sure that search engine robots can extract structured data.

Analyze robots.txt -
Here you can find out what's wrong with us, if we have something wrong in the robots.txt file, learn more about robots.txt.

Validator XML-feeds
The validator will help you check the export XML files for Yandex partner programs for matching their structure to the XSD schema.


Google Fonts -
Fasten themselves.

The service for introducing fonts to the site.
There is no Russian version, but there are Russian fonts (Cyrillic).


The fonts are on the Google server and not on your website. Saves time and increases download speed.

What should I do?

Attention, the service is developing, the number of fonts and features is growing, so changes are possible on the site.
  1. Script: - Select Cyrillic or Cyrillic Extended

  2. At the top of the Preview Text:, you can enter your text, size (Size :) and Sort the fonts alphabetically, popularity ... I chose by popularity. We are looking for the best font from the less popular ones, less popular is less likely to use it and it will be more original.

  3. We select the font for the title (Sentence) or text (Paragraph), depending on how we want to use.

    The beautiful font for the title may not be readable in the text.

  4. Choose the font that best suits us Add to Collection And Quick-use.

  5. We take the code that will be placed in
    . He's at 3. Add this code to your website: This is a link like
      rel='stylesheet' type='Text/CSS'>
  6. Go back and click on the blue Review field (may need to open) and select the font (bold, italic ...) if the font allows it.
In the Test Drive tab, we go through the menu in the right column. There you can set up a lot, it will be more difficult to describe, you will be able to visually see and select, adjust. At the bottom of the main field on a gray background there will be a code like:

 font-family: 'Ubuntu Condensed', sans-serif;
  font-style: normal;
  font-weight: 400; font-size: 13px;
  text-transform: none;
  text-decoration: none;
  letter-spacing: 0em;
  word-spacing: 0em; line-height: 1.4;

Copy it and put it where we need it in CSS. font-style: normal; font-weight: 400; font-size: 13px; text-transform: none; text-decoration: none; letter-spacing: 0em; word-spacing: 0em; line-height: 1.4;

Copy it and paste it into CSS.


CSS Information -

Blacklist Check -
IP check for presence in the black list. It's reasonable to check before buying.

Siteliner -
Siteliner identifies duplicate content, broken links, the most noticeable search engines for the page ... -
Specifies where the host is hosted, shows the IP address of the site.

Regional Network Information Center -
WHOIS-service of the domain registration center RU center. Provides information on IP addresses and domains around the world. Sometimes it hangs.

Image Analysis -

Readability Test -

We enter the url of the site and get all kinds of information.

AChecker -

Quickest Whois service.

MXToolbox -
Verification of correctness: MX records of the domain, SMTP server of the domain, the presence of IP in the blacklisting lists.

Web Site Performance Check -

We enter the url of the site and get all kinds of information. -
Check the download speed of our site. Sends the report to email. There are paid content.


Checking and testing Internet connection speed

SpeedTest -
We find out the speed of our Internet.


RIA News
The Russian News and Information Agency.


Baidu -
Leading search engine and portal of China.


Analyzer Sitemap files -
Analyzes the Sitemap for errors.


WAVE 3.0 Accessibility Evaluator -


Browser Compatibility Test -
Check if the site is correct for different versions of browsers and OS.


WHOIS Analysis (Name Intelligence) -


Web Page Backward Compatibility Viewer -
Allows site creators to see pages through tag filters.

W3C MarkUp Validation Service -
Online HTML, XHTML, SMIL, MathML, etc. Validator.
It makes sense only if you want to make sure that your site is everywhere and always opens.
W3C are very picky and reinsured.

W3C Link Checker -
Verify that links are working.

Varvy -
We watch how Google sees the site and see all the shortcomings.

XML schema validator -
Validate XHTML 1.0 XML schema documents, with the detection of errors not found by other validators.
Check sites for the quality of links when promoting sites in Yandex.
Defines the spam, filters, external links and keywords, the history of TCI, shows the indexing schedule of the site and ...

Dave Raggett's free cross-platform utilities for cleaning HTML.

Dr. Watson -
Check for errors in the HTML code.

WDG HTML Validator -
HTML validator. Enter the url and get a list of errors.


SHOUTcast -
Internet radio.

Radio from the authors of the legendary WinAmp.

It's all clear, we get right to the list of streams of the most popular stations.
On the left menu - on music styles. There is a search for stations or musicians.
We choose, listen, switch, there


Pancake -
Create a free and simple website using your Dropbox account.

Create a free and simple website using your Dropbox account.


Adobe -
Popular programs: Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash Player, Photoshop ... For a computer browser, smart phone or online.

reddit -
Social news site, users collect news from other sites that are considered important.

Mozilla Foundation -
All Mozilla programs and the possibility of their integration.

All Mozilla programs and the ability to integrate them.
Here you can choose what suits you (32 and 64 bits, or you can find very old versions that do almost the same job, but much easier and faster).

Microsoft Corporation -
The official website for Microsoft and their products.

The official site of Microsoft and their products.
Microsoft is not only the creator of the world's leading Windows operating system and MS Office.
Microsoft is an active member of the Internet.

For a long time now, email has been online, as has Office.
Microsoft buys startups and members of the network, for example - Skype, LinkedIn ...
For a long time Microsoft created and runs the news site MSN.
Their search engine Bing competes with Google.

Microsoft is quite active on the Internet, and its services are quite interesting, worth paying attention to.


Yandex.Internet -
Measure the speed of Internet connection.

Checks not the speed of your Internet connection, but quality, which is especially important for those users who prefer to enjoy streaming video and audio, and also play online games. After clicking the Begin Test button, the system selects the server, and then performs several tests, determining ping, jitter (ie, the spread of the maximum and minimum packet transit time from the average) and counting the lost packets

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