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Google Navigator

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Social Navigator.
The most popular navigator in the world. It's all about sociality.
That is, if you are not satisfied with the map of your place, you can correct it.
That's how it's corrected and created all over the world.

Also users promptly inform where the road repairs, traffic jams ...
That allows you to have the most correct map and the situation on the road.

I remember I went on the map of Yandex, which offered a short route. But I had to go back, because in that place you can drive only in the summer, and in the summer, there a section of the road is not cleaned and you can not pass.

At another place compared the travel time estimated on the maps of Google and Yandex, Google was very wrong, probably did not take into account the state of a large road section.

Waze has a living map from life today.
By the way, it was bought by Google for $1.1 billion.

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logo Routs on Google Maps

Routs on Google Maps

Google Maps routes.
Just try.

We tested for northern Scandinavia, where there are very small settlements.
It's very simple, set the point From and point To.
The distance along the road, Time on the car and on foot.
It is described in detail how to get to where, on what street to leave the city, where to turn, to the number of which route to go.
They even found panoramas (remember, this sparsely populated north is small Country), so that you could see the place of the interchanges, what is, what it looks like. Learn more about Google Maps. Google Map site

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