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Aerofotopanorama -
View from the bird's flight.

Panoramas from the air around the world.
It's good to see large objects, for example the Egyptian pyramids from the air.

Panoramas on the map.

Panoramas of Yekaterinburg and Perm.
More than 25 thousand 360-degree (circular) panoramic photographs were photographed - both in central and in more remote areas of Yekaterinburg.


  • using the map,
  • "arrows" on the map,
  • list and tags.
The distance between neighboring panoramas (when moving on the "arrow") is an average of 10 meters, and the accuracy of the search at the address - 30-50 meters.


The photos were taken in August 2008 with the help of professional equipment, as seen in the photo.
True, the panorama was collected automatically and it was hardly edited manually, because there are jambs: shifts, slopes. Obviously, here they preferred quantity to quality. And there are very gross errors. Obviously, someone without looking programmatically sculpted the panorama.
Panorama handmade map.

Panoramas handmade on the map.
If you used the panoramas of Yandex and especially Google, you will find there a lot of jambs, curves of gluing. I looked at the Maidan on Google and was surprised that you can jiggle in the main squares of capitals. Let's also remember the paranoia - covering faces, numbers of cars and even advertisements on buildings.

There is a manual work, each panorama is made separately and of course, who will shoot in bad weather?
That's why I like such services with panoramas. Well, the map was needed, because there are a lot of them. Truth is not so much as on Google? But much more than in other places, there are thousands of them.
While viewing the panorama, you can immediately see this place on the map, although the map can be easily hidden.

And most importantly - you can create a panorama for free and paste it on your site. But for this you need to download it to this site and take the code.

Museums on YouTube -
Created page from the Google project with 17 leading museums of the world, including the Hermitage and the Tretyakov Gallery.

Created a page from the Google project with 17 leading museums around the world, including the Hermitage and the Tretyakov Gallery GoogleArtProject

  1. Frick Collection, New York - USA
  2. Berlin Picture Gallery, Berlin - Germany
  3. Uffizi Gallery, Florence - Italy
  4. The State Museum, Amsterdam - The Netherlands
  5. The Queen's Museum Sofia, Madrid - Spain
  6. Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam - Netherlands
  7. Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum, Madrid - Spain
  8. Tate Gallery, London - United Kingdom
  9. Museum of Contemporary Art, Museum of Modern Art, New York - USA
  10. Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York - USA
  11. Freer Art Gallery, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, District of Columbia - USA
  12. Kampa Museum, Prague - Czech Republic
  13. National Gallery, London - United Kingdom
  14. The State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow - Russia
  15. Versailles Palace - France
  16. The State Hermitage, St. Petersburg - Russia
World around -

Spherical panoramas.


Korolev, Essentuki, St. Petersburg, Crimea, Golden Ring of Russia, Ulyanovsk, Moscow, Portugal.
Panorama 360-VR
Virtual Map of the traveler.

Virtual cards from the traveler.
Always good panoramas of this kind, when they are made not by a global service, but by one or a few people.
I think we have repeatedly rushed to the doorposts on Google or Yandex panoramas (by the way, Yandex is noticeably shoal less).
But when one person does and not everything and everything, but only that which he likes, here is the manual work and the quality is perfect.
It is always interesting to see photos of the traveler who can photograph, And here such a photographer, only uploads not photos, but panoramas of his travels With beautiful views.
Itself did not waste anything, something was left for memory, and we were pleased.

360Cities -
Panoramic views of many cities around the world.

Panoramas of many cities of the world.
The name of the site of "city 360" means "cities by 360 degrees."
Very decent quality of the panorama.
Among other things, there you can order a panorama or learn how to make yourself. Not everyone can do it, but everyone can learn how to do it.

Indoor Panoramas on Google Maps -
Google added to the map floor plans inside.

Google added on the map the plans of the premises inside.
Of course not all rooms, but large and significant places, for example, New York airport ...

You can watch through an ordinary Google map. As we approach, we will see the layout of the premises.

You can take the panorama code and paste it on the site.
Click 3 vertical dots to the right of the search and "Share with friends".

Google Street View -
Panoramas on the site.

In order to embed a panorama on a site,

  1. click the menu (three vertical points of the search)
  2. choose Share with friends or get the image code
  3. click HTML and take the code, you can always set the size manually.
Google's panoramas go from simply viewing the streets to viewing places of interest and accommodations.
These attractions can be viewed not only on the map, they are collected in one place.
Street View Trekker -
Google provides cameras for photographers and travelers to create Street View panoramas.

Google provides cameras for photographers and travelers to create Street View panoramas.

The camera can be worn as a backpack and take with you on a hike or bike ride. And you can install on the car, as most comes.

The new Street View Trekker camera has become smaller and tidier, with higher resolution and aperture.

Such a camera can be worn as a backpack or installed, for example, on the roof of a car. At the same time, several cameras take pictures, which are then glued together in one large panorama. In theory, anyone can write to Google and request such a camera. To do this, you need to fill out a story about yourself and explain the purpose of getting the camera.

GigaPan -
Dozens of cities gigapixel photos, attractions, places, for example. south pole or the bottom of the sea.

Dozens of gigapixel photos of cities, places of interest, places, eg. South Pole or the bottom of the sea.

GigaPan Systems was founded in 2008 as a collaborative project between Carnegie Mellon University and NASA’s Ames Research Center with support from Google.
The original GigaPan robotic hardware and related software were devised for NASA's Mars Spirit and Opportunity Rovers, to capture high-definition panoramas of Mars.
The development team was led by Randy Sargent, a senior systems scientist at Carnegie Mellon West and the NASA Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, Calif., and Illah Nourbakhsh, associate professor of robotics at Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh.

The project has since grown into an independent company offering solutions for capturing gigapixel images.

To enter full screen mode, click Launch Full Screen Viewer.

  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates,
  • Frankfurt, Germany,
  • Shanghai, China,
  • Pittsburgh, USA,
  • Kachani, Macedonia,
  • South Pole,
  • . ..
You can add links to the photo's places so that you can immediately go there.
Take a snapshot of the viewed area, see the pictures you took.
View the most popular.
The ability to comment. The location from which the survey was taken is indicated on the Google maps.

To participate, of course, registration is required. Design and navigation in my opinion are inconvenient, it would be good to bring it to mind.
Another site informs how to make such pictures, offering to buy equipment. Let not many buy, but the number of pictures will increase.

9-eyes -
Panoramas on the map.

Selected photos from Google Street View.

Virtual Sevastopol

Quite a lot of panoramas of Sevastopol, in decent quality and in high resolution.

Globe Genie -
Virtual Teleportation.

Virtual teleportation.
We get to different places of the earth at random choice.
We see the place in the panorama and where it is on the map. It's funny.

Yandex.Panorammas reserves
Yandex has made panoramas of the beautiful places of Russia - Altai, Divnogorie, Baikal, Karelia, the Caucasus.

Yandex has made panoramas of the beautiful places of Russia - Altai, Divnogorie, Baikal, Karelia, the Caucasus. Our country is immense and we have many beautiful places, just somehow not enough, that by hearing.
This site will acquaint us With such places. Then maybe we want something to look closer, then you can go to the map, navigate, or click on the link "how to get there."

There is not enough time, energy, or money to visit all the beautiful places. But virtual travel has no limits.

MapCrunch -
Panoramas on the map.

Google Street View in a random order.
We want to see the world, and what to see? - We do not know.
Well poked into the Google map and everything is somehow not very.
Here are places that are worth seeing for different reasons.
You can choose a country, indoors or outdoors ... and watch or simply press the green GO button! And may the master of the case surprise us!

Yandex maps panoramas -
Panoramas on the site.

Yandex.Maps made it possible to insert a panorama to your site.

How does it work?

  1. We go to Yandex.Maps.
  2. Click on the binoculars icon at the bottom right,
  3. choose Panoramas (if there are any on this section of the map)
  4. the streets with panoramas are blue, click on any place, we find what we want, Choose
  5. instead of binoculars, the icon becomes Download (with the up arrow)
  6. click, select Paste on site
  7. set the size (if not arranged), We take the code.
Determine the size of the proposed or set your own and take the code to the site.
Baidu Maps
Baidu Maps panorama.

Baidu Total View - Baidu Total view - 地图 地图 - 百度

Leading Chinese portal. In any case, it will be interesting for those who are looking for something in China, knowing the language. It's hard to sort out without Chinese there.

The quality is good, the faces and numbers of the machines are also smeared.
When we approach any city, if a badge with a blue bell, similar to the arrow appears in the field of the map, click on, draw on the map And get a panorama.

Yandex.Panorammas -
Panorammas on Yandex.Maps.

Panoramas on Yandex.Maps.
Google started doing this before and they managed to cover more places on the map.
But the advantage of Yandex as cards. Let's say I watched Maidan on Yandex and Google. Obviously, Google has glued the car, and then placed, shoals on the face. Yandex gluing is not visible.

Another advantage:
At Google all persons, numbers of cars and advertizing on houses are covered. I wanted to find my way around the place before going to an unfamiliar city, but I saw only daub and our identical gray houses.
On Yandex, people's faces and car license plates have only recently begun to be covered, but not at home. Completely different impression.

That is, Yandex has its advantages, it is not reasonable not to use anything personal, you should use the advantages of any service.

ISS virtual tour -,-95.086042,3
Google made the panorama of the International Space Station.

Google made the panorama of the International Space Station.

Bird's eye view on Yandex.Maps -
View from the bird's flight.

Yandex.Panoramas from the air

Panoramas from the air on Yandex.Maps.
In the beginning only St. Petersburg was represented, because this city is the most beautiful from such a height.
Now the whole Russia is covered. Not as detailed as Peter (even Moscow), but we can get acquainted with the beautiful places of our vast country.

Panoramas from the air have not only spread across Russia, but are already present in Belarus, Estonia, Turkey and Romania.

Tretyakov Gallery On Yandex.Maps -
Yandex.Maps made 400 panoramas of all the halls of the Tretyakov Gallery, open to visitors.

Yandex.Panorama made 400 panoramas of all halls of the Tretyakov Gallery, open to visitors.

All high-resolution pictures can be brought closer and viewed in detail.

Navigating the halls through Yandex.Maps.

About the Tretyakov Gallery briefly

According to Yandex, the Tretyakov Gallery is one of the most popular museums among Russian users.

The Tretyakov Gallery in Lavrushinsky Lane: Russian Art Masterpieces of the 11th Century - Early 20th Century.
Lavrushinsky Lane, 10

New Tretyakov Gallery: Twentieth Century Art Masterpieces and Current Trends I’m of the XXI century and temporary exhibitions
Krymsky Val, 10

Engineering Building: temporary exhibitions
Lavrushinsky Lane, 12

Opening hours:

Monday - closed Tuesday, Wednesday, Sunday - 10:00 - 18:00 (entrance until 17:00)
Thursday, Friday, Saturday - 10:00 - 21:00 (entrance until 20:00)

Ticket price: 500 rubles, discounted - 250 rubles. Up to 18 years old - free.
There are free days for certain expositions.

Tickets purchased not in the Tretyakov Gallery are not valid.

Organizations on Yandex.Maps -
Quite simply, we do request and obtain the service itself understands you request address or organization.

Finding organizations.
It's very simple, we make a request and get it, the service itself understands that you are requesting an address or an organization. You will be prompted.

  • Specify the name or part or scope (hairdresser, cafe ...) in the search
  • All organizations appear on the map on the open map.
  • When you go to the site, a map of your location will open. But when navigating, we'll see the organizations according to the search query and the list will change.
Yandex.Maps panoramas to website -
Panoramas from the card to the site.


  1. Select a place on the map,
  2. click the panorama button (binoculars icon), if there are any in the selected city,
  3. open the panorama,
  4. Circles plus and minus there is an icon like "download" only the up arrow, when you hover the text "Share a panorama."
  5. Then "Paste on the site" and take the code.
Naval Museum on Yandex.Maps -
In modern Russia there is no national Gulag Museum.

The Central Naval Museum is one of the oldest museums in Russia and one of the largest maritime museums in the world.

Navigation through the halls through Yandex.Maps.

The Secret Door -
We press on the door and get into a random place with Google panoramas.
Information city
Organizations on the map. Open data portal of the Moscow Government.

Portal of the open data of the Government of Moscow.
Electronic atlas, on the map you can find various organizations.
The advantage of this card is that organizations do not register themselves, like on Google and Yandex maps, but they were added

Inside Abbey Road -
We may follow in the footsteps of musical legends, and step inside the famous British recording studio as it’s never been seen before.

We may follow in the footsteps of musical legends, and step inside the famous British recording studio as it’s never been seen before.
Once inside, you can explore every nook and cranny of the three recording studios, and discover stories, images, videos and music spanning the decades.
You can also be guided around by producer Giles Martin, Head of Audio Products Mirek Stiles, or broadcaster Lauren Laverne, and even play with interactive versions of pioneering Abbey Road Studios equipment.

Panorama of Mars.

NASA posted gigapixel photos from Mars.
If you compare old photos from Mars or the Moon, it was black and white low-quality photos. Whether the film was digesting the cosmos poorly, or the reaction went badly. But now it's quite another matter.

Panorama handmade map.

Panoramas handmade on the map.
You can create a panorama for free and insert it on your website. But for this you need to download it to this site and take the code.
You can take the code and not your panorama.

Big Pixel Studio
Shanghai - panoramic gigapixel photo (195 Gigapixel).

Shanghai - panoramic gigapixel photo (195 Gigapixel).
You can twist, zoom, delete.
All this can be done with the mouse on the computer and with the fingers on the phone (screenshot).

Airpano -
Virtual tour from 18 spherical panoramas taken over the city of Suzdal with a bird's-eye view.

A virtual tour of 18 spherical panoramas shot from the city of Suzdal from a bird's-eye view. The project is financially supported by the Russian Geographical Society, hence the butterfly is not one-day.

Airpano -
Panorama hotels.

On this site, among other things, there are 360° photo-panoramas of hotels in Turkey.
Very helpful with the choice of the hotel, if you have not already been there. And if you choose a hotel, you can also look around, places that you can visit.


Street View -
Street view.

Street view of interesting places to enjoy the views, rather than look for luck on the map.

building Scheme -
Panorama Street view indoors.

Panorama Street view indoors.
They can be found on the map, but there are so few that are hard to find, except perhaps the obvious ones - New York, Manhattan.
Here they are collected in one place. You can go and walk around the panorama using the built-in navigation, but there are large objects, like stadiums, where you can go from floor to floor, use the usual menu.

XL Catlin Seaview Survey -
Panoramic photos of views of the seafloor.

Site of a large scientific expedition, which began in September 2012, the purpose of which was to document the composition and condition of coral reefs around the world.

The site features graphic material from this expedition, most importantly panoramic photographs of seafloor views.


Company Yandex
How Yandex creates Street Panoramas.


Imaginary Soundscape -
Through the site you can watch Google panoramas, those that google maps with sound.

Through the site you can watch Google panoramas, those that google maps with sound.
The sound is not real, the neural network created by the Japanese studio guesses what kind of sound can be on one or another panorama.
Or rather, not to the panorama, but to its visible part. Let's say we turn the panorama, a car appears, and the sound of the car appears.

If we see the crowd, the sound of the crowd, the subway - the sound of trains, the ambulance - the sound of a siren, children's crying, the sound of waves ...

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