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Google Traffic jams

logo Traffic jam on Google MapsTraffic Jam - Google

Traffic jam on Google MapsTraffic Jam - Google

Traffic jams in the countries of the world.
There are no traffic jams in my city, Yandex shows little but it's in front of the traffic lights, but Google shows a rather motley picture for our city, too sensitive.
Traffic jams on Google Maps are inferior to Yandex. but here there is a traffic forecast.
We set the day of the week, the time, and you will be shown the average situation that happens at such a time.

How to enable

  1. We go to Google Maps through the browser.
  2. At the top left of the page, click the menu icon.
  3. Choose Traffic.
  4. Decryption appears at the bottom of the screen.
  5. To remove the traffic jams from the map, press the selected item again in the menu.
I looked at my city. We basically do not have traffic jams.
But Google found even now, when a small move. I understand, he determines the speed of traffic.
It is clear that it is slower at a traffic light, at a lying policeman and where often make a left turn.
So not all traffic jams, so called.

Traffic jams

On Google maps, we ask the "Restaurants" query and get the marked restaurants on the map, and next there is a list with the address, contacts, rating, reviews, work hours and attendance by day of the week and hours.

The completeness of the information depends on the provided restaurant.

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