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Panoramas on Google Maps

logo Google Street View

Google Street View

In order to embed a panorama on a site,

  1. click the menu (three vertical points of the search)
  2. choose Share with friends or get the image code
  3. click HTML and take the code, you can always set the size manually.
Google's panoramas go from simply viewing the streets to viewing places of interest and accommodations.
These attractions can be viewed not only on the map, they are collected in one place.

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logo Street View Trekker

reliable site
English - English

Owner: Google,

Uses: Google maps, Google Street View.

address: USA

Street View Trekker

Google provides cameras for photographers and travelers to create Street View panoramas.

The camera can be worn as a backpack and take with you on a hike or bike ride. And you can install on the car, as most comes.

The new Street View Trekker camera has become smaller and tidier, with higher resolution and aperture.

Such a camera can be worn as a backpack or installed, for example, on the roof of a car. At the same time, several cameras take pictures, which are then glued together in one large panorama. In theory, anyone can write to Google and request such a camera. To do this, you need to fill out a story about yourself and explain the purpose of getting the camera.

Street View Trekker
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