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Honestly, I deliberately tried to avoid this topic as I do not like computer games at all. They, like a drug, eat time, giving nothing in return, with a rare exception. But the Internet gives its own specifics and it is worth mentioning about it.

In order not to be unfounded, I will cite one game site for an example.

logo Virtonomics


The online game is a big business simulator. Virtonomics simulates the fascinating world of big business - production and trade, banks and stock exchanges, commodity and stock market.
In the game you can feel like a real 'shark business', experience the sensations that are inaccessible to most people in ordinary life!

Cooperation, competition and communication with live players.

Managing your own company, you have to compete not only with Computer, but also with live players.
'Virtonomics' already today unites players from different countries from all over the world!
Cooperation and competition, partnership and price wars, and most importantly - live communication with as enthusiastic people as you!

A unique system of business training.

'Virtonomics' is primarily an Internet game, Designed for entertainment.
Therefore, players who do not have deep economic knowledge and special training can take part in it.
However, the game allows you to comprehend many subtleties of business management, and from this side can be used as a unique training system!

The game is played on virtual funds, a certain amount of which each participant receives for free during registration.
These funds are used to build units, hire employees, pay expenses and investments.
By selling products to other players and the gaming population, the player earns money that he can use to develop his company.

logo PokéVision


Locator for Pokemon Go.
Latitude with the Niantic API calculates the location of Pokémon near you and shows on the map in real time, you have to catch them.

Several enthusiasts have created a map that is accessible to everyone. You can get full information about the nearest Pokémon and the time of their appearance.

logo Raska



'Rashka' (from English Russia - Rush) is an 'alternative version' of the real Russia.
We are playing in Russia online.

In Raska everything is bought and everything is sold. Strictly speaking, this is the way it is in real life.
That's why both political parties and companies released their shares to the open market.
Your task is to skillfully act on the financial market, get the maximum profit and lead the rating of successful players.

The one who has money - even virtual - there is power.
If you have a lot of money, it depends on your money will depend on how the schedule of exchange trades will behave in the next moment.
In addition, the news line will help to understand which way the wind is blowing and how this or that action behaves against the background of political news.
Therefore - the flag in the hands of the hero! Trade, earn money, gain power, because it is so sweet ...

logo Small Worlds

Small Worlds

Virtual world + social network, in which you form your personality, your pet, housing, shopping, traveling and much more. The whole world is divided into locations where you instantly move.
You can move to friends, if you get such, in different locations in which you were, shops.
In the locations you just go around clicking the mouse.
You have here a bag with inventory, as well as a passport, which is the profile and tracker of your stats, i.e. Level indicators, the growth of the exponent of experience, everything is straight as in the RPG.

In Russian
logo Secondlife


A three-dimensional virtual world with elements of a social network.
Developer: Linden Research, Inc.

The game is paid, What kind of excitement without interest?
There is a course that started with 200

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