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Official sites football.

Federation of International Football Associations
UEFA, Union of European Football Associations.

English Premier League
Official sites football.

Official website of UEFA.
There is a Russian version.
The site is very decent, a lot of statistics and visual information.

Free multiplayer online game. In it you are the manager of the football team, at any time, play games and participate in tournaments.

Free multiplayer online game. In it you act as a football team manager, play matches and participate in tournaments at any time.

In order to play a friendly match, you should either apply on the page Matches - Friendlies, or in the same place call an opponent whose The application is already in the list.

After confirming the request, the window for setting the tactics of the team is opened.

You can select the order from the list of standard or create your own variant by dragging the players to the field. If there is a mismatch between the position and the role of the player, the designation of the role is highlighted in red.

Replacements can be made automatically, if an injury is received, the football player is replaced by a substitute with the same role or, if not, by another field player. Possible, spare players should be placed on the "bench" - the place immediately under the green field in the settings window, placing the composition for the match. Under the "Substitutions" link, you can select pairs of players and set the replacement time (the number in minutes from the beginning of the match), and then they will occur during the nearest stoppage of the game after the time of replacement.

The tactics for the match are adjusted by choosing an attack- Protection, and also chosen from the standard set of instructions the manner of the game.
Additionally, performers can be defined during standard positions - angular, penalty, penalty.

In addition, each field player can be given individual tasks:

  • Playmaker. The player will be given a pass more often with all other things being equal.
  • Dribbling. The player will often try to go into the stroke, than to fold or beat.
  • Long Strikes. The player will try to beat more often (on goal!) Than to circle or pass.
  • Dispatcher. The player will rarely try to beat or traverse (ie will fold more often).
  • Flanges. The player will most often give a pass to the flank (only for flank players - that is, for Lm, Rm, Lf, Rf, Lw, Rw)
  • Violations. Increases the likelihood of disrupting the attack by violating the rules when selecting or subcategory.
There are workouts, tournaments, etc.
Football National League
Tape past games, game center, with details on the match and you can see the goals in the recording.

A high-level site both in design and in functionality, navigation, and of course content. All that we are looking for on the official website - we will find.

Here immediately tape past matches, you do not need to look. There is a match center where detailed information on the match and you can see goals in the record.

Detailed statistics on clubs and players, news ...

Children's Football League
Children's football.

Children's football. News, competitions, photos, which are always nice to see when the bar is finished.

Football schools in Russia.

Maybe you want to send your child to the football school, where each school has an address and phone number.

Maybe you do not want to send anyone to a football school, there are some crocs, it will be useful.

Mini-Football Association Russia
Beach Soccer League, international tournaments, statistics.

It is clear that there will be information on tournaments, reports on matches, tables, clubs, statistics.

Here is represented a whole series of leagues - from the Super League, to the boys.
Information on international tournaments.
If you study at the university and you guys play well, can you file a claim?

Football 24
News, articles, interviews, analysis, statistics, videos and much more about soccer.

Online sports publication about soccer.
Daily news, articles, interviews, analysis, statistics, videos and a lot of interesting things about the game number one.

A team of journalists striving to break into the top sports media in Russia and gather an impressive audience of soccer fans from all over the country and abroad.

A distinctive feature - high-quality material, efficiency and interesting analysis.

The site provides full coverage of events related to the championship and the Cup of Russia, and the national team.
You can also always get access to the latest news and statistics from the championships of Ukraine, England, Spain, Italy, France, Germany.

Much attention is paid to international tournaments like the Champions League, Europa League, World Cup and European Championship.
Current interviews with players and coaches, transfers, match reviews, expert opinions and forecasts - you can find it all here.
Journalists try to work efficiently and publish everything you need for the demanding soccer fan.

The Blogs section where you can create your own creative corner within the project.
This section is already publishing entertaining materials, videos with great goals and crazy saves, curiosities from the world of soccer, scandals, near-football battles and ...

Official sites football.

The portal is dedicated to football matches!
On the site you will find out where and when the match will take place - football matches, schedules, broadcasts, information about the stadiums, venue, addresses and all about the match.

At the top of the screen, The running line of nine of the most popular matches of the English Premier League, the Champions League, the League of Europe, the Spanish La Liga with the dates of their conduct (both past and future). It is possible to obtain detailed information: the map shows the place of its conduct (suddenly it wants to go there); You can write your comment. All the visitors to the site can then read these comments on the main page in the section "Football Life."

Every visitor of the site has the opportunity to report a football match if he is not in the site's database, filling out a special form or simply sending his message with Wishes and feedback about the work of the site, using the feedback.

A good news section of the site is not bad, where you can get acquainted with the latest football news. There is also a news archive here.

All the news of European and world football. News, transfers, online, statistics, photos and videos.

All the news of European and world football. News, transfers, online, statistics, photos and videos.

Live football
Playing football.

Online simulator, we play football manager.

Free multiplayer online game in the genre of football manager. Here you have the opportunity to take control of the football team and try to bring it to the top of the football Olympus. But to achieve this, you will have to work hard: choose the right transfer policy, invite real professionals to the team and carefully monitor the financial status of the club. You can train the players choosing the optimal physical load for them, buy and display them for the transfer. You will need to create a club infrastructure, monitor the financial status of the club. You can also play matches of different levels, set out the composition and tactics for each game, and you do not need any additional programs. Training and games are held every day, so you do not have to be bored.

Analytical news site.

Analytical news site.

All predictions are unique and made by sports observers who are professionally versed in these sports.
All material presented on the site - unique.

Own sports observers transmit sports news directly from the scene.
Follow our reports and photo reports.

Russian Union of fans
Website fans.

The site of the fans. Today his meringue, like without hands. After all, you need to be aware of what happens, get tickets, prepare.

After all, not only football tournaments are held, but also the meetings of fans with their tournaments and conferences.
And when you go home and watch the game on TV, can you share it with your friends? … not always. I should contact my friends.

Russian football referee
The current official information, where everyone judges who appointed who filmed.

On the topic it is clear what the site is about. Current official information, who judges where, who is appointed, who is removed.

And a lot of information for judges - about fees, documentation ...

Russian Premier League -
Official sites football.

The official website of the league, which has a lot of information, not only current, but as for the history of the league, clubs, the history of our football. And of course the operational information of the tournament, the cup.

Football Veterans Union
There are many great players who have left the big sports, but not from life, and not even from the sport.

There are many great players who have left the big sport, but not out of life, and not even from sports. They have something going on and go through their tournaments, not so intense. But we are pleased again and again to learn something about them. ... Or maybe write something to them, thank them.

All the news of world football in one place.

All the news of world football in one place.

Leading information football resource. A team of football reviewers collects, analyzes all football news, reviews, matches and events.

News, schedule, results of major tournaments:

  1. European Football Championship
  2. Champions League
  3. Europa League
  4. World Championship 2018

  5. Russian Football Premier League
  6. English Premier League
  7. Spanish Primera
  8. Italian Serie-A
  9. German Bundesliga
  10. ...
Russian Football Union -
Russian Football Union.

Russian Football Union.

Russian-language fan site Chelsea FC.

Russian-language site of Chelsea fans in London.

The site is always just the latest news about the club, interviews of players and the Chelsea coaching staff, the lineups for matches, match schedules, Chelsea TV, online broadcasts, a forum, live broadcasts from London Chelsea, as well as other clubs and championships.

Photos of players, video reviews of matches with the participation of Chelsea, podcasts, anthem of the club.

Complete statistics of players, coaches, managers. Conferences with experts.

Association Professional Football League
The Association 'PFL' consists of 58 clubs from 47 subjects of the Russian Federation.

PFL was founded in 1992. Until 2001, PFL held all professional club competitions in Russia. Till 2010 - competitions in the First and Second Divisions.

Since 2013, the Association "Professional Football League" holds the Russian Football Championship among teams of football clubs PFL (Second Division). Association "Professional Football League" a member of the Russian Football Union.

The Association "PFL" includes 58 clubs from 47 subjects of the Russian Federation. The geography of the Russian Football Championship among the teams of PFL clubs is unique in its scope: 9 Republics, 5 Kraev, 31 Oblast, Moscow and St. Petersburg!

Also PFL is in the Association of European Professional Football Leagues (EPFL).


Football Quiz
Football lovers and quizzes.
Okko Sport -
Live online broadcasts and recordings of NPS football matches.

The official broadcaster of the APL.
England. Premier League.

All 20 clubs of the league, all 380 matches of the season live and recorded.
The strongest commentators and exclusive materials from the Submarine League.

Excellent quality.
Reviews of tours and author programs with regular updates.
Ability to pause and switch to the beginning of the broadcast at any time.

All details before and after the match: from the arrival of teams to interviews with players.

View simultaneously on 3 devices: Smart TV, Playstation, computer, smartphone or tablet.

SportPlus -
Live sports video broadcasts.

Live online video broadcasts of sports matches:

  • Football
  • Hockey
  • Tennis
  • Basketball
  • Table Tennis
  • Volleyball
  • Handball
  • Water polo
  • darts
  • Cricket
  • snooker
Watch your favorite LIVE matches for free.
Unfortunately, only live broadcasting, no archive and not all broadcasting will be available from your country.

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