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Electronic library Russian literature.

Electronic books download for free without registration.

Read books online for free.

Zero Dollar Movie


Uses: YouTube.

Collection of 15,000 movies that are available on YouTube for free.
The site indexes only full-length films and no trailers, rentals or partial uploads.
The site is Indian, because there will be a lot of films in Indian.





Encyclopedia of movies where you can read the description of films and get other information. Watch movies online, and download for free.

Russian - English

Monopoly One

The version of the popular board game online.

How it works

If you've ever played the board game Monopoly, here you will not be able to understand.

If you already know the rules of the game, then you can skip this section and go directly to the features of the game on our site.

The rules of the game are simple: players alternately throw dice and make an appropriate number of moves on the playing field (if the same numbers are dropped on the dice, the player gets the right to another move). Having entered the field with a firm, a player can acquire it if the company is free; and if the company belongs to another player, then the player must pay for visiting this field rent according to the established price list (the rental amount is indicated on the field label). When visiting a field with events, the player is instructed to follow the event that has fallen out to him (For example, to get money, pay a fine, or go to jail).

In the game, all firms belong to different industries (for example, perfumery, airlines or electronics), in one industry there can be from two to four firms. On the playing field, firms of one industry are usually located side by side and have a tag of the same color. A player who owns all the firms in one industry becomes a monopolist, which gives him the right to invest his money in the construction of branches, which increases the cost of hitting the enemy on the field. Thus, every player for the victory must try to acquire not just the fields, but the fields of one industry, in order to be able to develop.

A player can exchange his fields for others from other players, and, of course, the receiver of the offer can refuse your deal. Remember, a good deal increases your chance of winning.

The player can be in prison, for example, hitting on the field "Police" or throwing three takes in a row. You can leave the prison either by paying money, or by throwing a double (this option is given three attempts).

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tel.: +7 (800) 500-89-91


There are free webinars on marketing and SEO.

logo Science Learning Hub


Science Learning Hub

New Zealand Government project to make examples of New Zealand science, technology and engineering more accessible to school teachers and students.
Content is developed by teachers, teacher educators and multimedia experts.

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