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Where to buy a domain name in the .RU zone

I will not write much. In many places you will be offered a free domain, or you will be offered to register for you, which is very convenient.

But in such cases, as a rule, you will not have access to the control panel of your domain, and it does not always register with your domain.

Because it's better to buy the domain yourself. Here I suggest you the place of registration, where you will have your domain control panel or domains.

Also these are the most reasonable prices and the convenient way of payment.
The most profitable is through a plastic card, if you do not have electronic money.
If you have electronic money, a dollar purse WebMoney or Yandex.Money.


reliable site

phone.: +7 495 514-05-73
address: Russia

Here it is convenient to keep domains if you have more than one, otherwise it will be expensive.
1 domain - 590 rubles.
2 domains - 400 rubles.
3 domains - 350 rubles.

Hosting here is definitely not worth buying and using other "conveniences", it will turn out to be expensive and inconvenient. Of the main advantages is the ability to pay the domain at any time for any period.
Usually it is necessary to pay the domain in the zone .RU not earlier than 2 months and only 1 year. Which can create some inconvenience, especially if you registered the domain in the summer and now every vacation ado is adjusted.


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