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List of registrars

ICANN registrars
In total there are 179 ICANN-accredited registrars in the world, of which slightly more than 90 operate.

List of Registrars

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  4. - ICANN list

List of all registrars for .RU

  1. - Combining Frinet Networks - Sinse 01.06.2004.
  2. - Regional Network Information Center, the ELN - Sinse 05.09.2003.
  3. - Demos-Internet CJSC - Sinse 24.02.2004.
  4. - Domain Registrar - Sinse 07.02.2005.
  5. - Caravan-Telecom CJSC - Sinse 07.02.2005.
  6. - Accredited registrars - List of all domain name registrars in the domain RU.
  7. - Naunet JV - Sinse 23.09.2005.
  8. - RTComm.RU, JSC - Accredited on June 20, 2005.
  9. - Garant-Park-Telecom, LLC - Sinse 03.09.2003.
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Sinse 20.04.2004 (not recommended)

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