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AutoDraw -
Drawing with a neural network.

The essence of this painter is simple.
We draw any kalyak, approximately on something similar, and the neural network tries to guess what it could be and offers us options.

It turns out that no matter how we paint, we still draw something decent.
Find rhymes for a word online.

Sometimes it is necessary to write a verse, but inspiration does not always allow rhymes to be chosen for words.
There is a solution for this problem.
Just use the form to search for rhymes on the site.

Enter the word, click on the button and get a bunch of rhymes to it, the most suitable of which is at the top of the list.

ecrett music -
Generation of songs.

Generation of songs.

Artificial intelligence creates melodies.
Set the theme (travel, kitchen, party ...) _ and the mood is sad, cheerful, upbeat ...

The hit does not work, you get a background melody, which can be used as a background melody for the video and not be afraid that you will be blocked for copyright infringement, for example on YouTube.

VK QR-generator
An excellent QR-code generator.

Simple, intuitive, clear QR code generator.

The setting allows you to place the VKontakte logo in the center, your logo (upload) or without a logo.
You can choose a color, with or without a frame, in the form of a card.

Various types of QR code available

  • Link.
  • Wi-Fi settings.
  • Business card.
  • Text.
  • Event.
  • Geolocation.
The result can be downloaded in .SVG or .PNG formats.
Namelix -
Name for anything.

A site based on a neural network helps to come up with a name for your business, whatever it is.

How it works

  1. Enter the topic (scope) of our business in the form field
  2. select the desired name length (for example, for the site name, better short),
  3. we get a group of names that look like logos.
You can choose from the proposed or inspired by ideas and come up with your own. Or take it as a basis and ...
Logaster -
Online logo generator. Enter the name and get the options. The options seem to be like those processed by Photoshop styles. But if you are in a hurry and you urgently need at least some temporary logo, it will go.

Online logo generator. Enter the name and get the options. The options seem to be like those processed by Photoshop styles. But if you are in a hurry and you urgently need at least some temporary logo, it will go.

Naminum -
Domain Name Generator.

Service for the generation of domain names.
First enter the name of your company or simply the word chosen by us (not in Russian, otherwise you will be offered strange names, you can try).
A large list will be offered.
You can Click on the one you like and you will generate a list of this type of words.

This Waifu Does Not Exist -
Generator anime characters based on the neural network.

Generator anime characters based on the neural network.

Unique images are created with their own unique stories.
Anime update themselves every 15 seconds, just choose.

Looka -
Ideas for your logo.

Ideas for your logo.

We indicate the site that we have, a restaurant, photo studio, fitness ...

We specify the name, and the neural network offers logo design ideas for our business.

If you are very interested, you can order a logo or corporate identity directly from them.

Iconscrabble -
Logo generator.

On the site is just a form field, where we enter the name in Latin letters, without numbers or other symbols, only Latin letters.
As a result we get a word from the motley letters.
On a solid logo does not pull, but in the originality you will not

Getpass -
Password Generator.

Simple password generator.
There are only 2 options - Secure and Ultra.
Secure - big and small letters and digits.
Ultra - plus other characters (punctuation marks, brackets, quotes, fractions ...)

FlamingText -
Logo generator.

Enter the text of the logo, then you can use the Cyrillic alphabet, numbers, symbols.
I tried to enter something difficult - Cyrillic, Latin, numbers, symbols, space. He drowned, or did not bring anything.
At the output we get text in style, like Photoshop styles. Choose from what, you get more than 200 options.

Google QR code -
Google offers to create a QR code via link.

This service is used by almost everyone to create a QR-code or service, like ours.
We also used this service on this page.

  • chs - The image size in pixels, for example - 150×150.
  • cht - Image type: 'qr' means QR-code.
  • chl - The text itself, which we want to put into QR-code.
CSS Sprite Generator -
Generator CSS sprites.

Service from Projectfondue, CSS sprite generator.

How it works

  1. We collect the required pictures in a folder (well, it's more convenient for me personally).
  2. Click on the site blue menu item CLEAR to remove the existing icons for the example.
  3. Customize:
    • You specify the distance between the pictures, and to the edge. They offered 50 right away, but that's a lot. Zero did not pass, then we put 1, which is quite enough.
    • You can set the background color or make it transparent.
    • Names to variables will be assigned by the names of pictures in the archive. In the form, you can add a prefix or suffix to all the names, or leave the field blank.
    • You can make a picture compact, vertical or horizontal.
  4. Drag and drop files from our folder into this field.
  5. Once your icons have become clear, not pale and flickering, as in the beginning, the sprite is ready.
  6. Click the green Download button, followed by the green Spritesheet and Stylesheet buttons.
  7. The resulting text is corrected for our site.
This technique can be very effective in improving the performance of the site, especially in situations where many small images, such as menu icons, are used. Yahoo !, for example, uses this technique for this.


Portent -
Idea's generator.


Hipster Logo Generator -
Generator of hipster logos.


pure JS WiFi QR Code Generator -
Here you can make a QR code, say for your home, so that guests can connect to your WIFI quickly and easily.


Hipster Business Name -
Generator of Hipster names for business.


Squarespace Free Logo -
You can download the free version in a small resolution.

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