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All with one button

logo Pluso



A simple, intuitive and convenient service for adding social buttons with one code.
Choose a tone, position (horizontally, vertically).
Drag the services by mouse, so we select permanent and additional (if the proposed does not suit)
See what happens and copy the code.

logo Share42

- Russian


Social bookmarks.


  • Choose social buttons, you can change the order by dragging.
  • Determine the number of visible (at least all).
  • The language of the prompts (Russian or English).
  • Panel type with icons: horizontal or vertical "floating". (We chose the vertical one).
  • Is your site connected to Query (if you do not know, then it's not connected).
  • What is your site - any, on Wirdpress, Drupal or even on some CMS.
Very clear and convenient.
Truth I tried and removed, because OnLoad stopped working.

In Russian
logo Yandex — block Share

reliable site
- Russian

Owner: Яндекс,

phone.:8 800 234-24-80 (Russian Customers toll-free)

Yandex — block Share

Yandex, the designer of the social button.
There's nothing to describe, everything is simple and clear, like everything in Yandex, the example below.

I prefer this code for its lightness. It's lighter than all the others with "One Button" and easier than if you put the original separately.

iTunes Android

logo Addthis



Add bookmarks to several services at once. But here one can add buttons and likes as they are offered by official websites.

Unfortunately, this kind of functional code on your site takes over the resources, and once they can conflict with yours Scripts. You can try and solve.

logo Rambler/likes

reliable site

Owner: Рамблер,


Designer buttons social networks for the site.

How it works

  1. Visually select the required buttons from the list provided (here only the most basic ones)
  2. then visually customize the style:
    • set the size of the button,
    • set the size of the icon inside the button,
    • leave the buttons with original colors or set your own one for everyone,
    • round the corners - you can leave them square or round to the circle.
  3. take the code.

In Russian

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