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Buttons of social services

Official button

Do you want to put these buttons on your site?
Only examples are presented, to the site you can select button options.


  1. - Perfect Icons - Creation of social network icons.

Social Services Buttons

  1. - Facebook
  2. - VK
  3. - Odnoklassniki
  4. - Moimir
  5. - Linkedin

Extensions WordPress

  1. - Digg Digg - A single plug-in for all buttons of social networks.

Social sharing

  1. - Social Facebook button - Social button on the site.
  2. - Social Button VK - Social button on the site.
  3. - Social Button Odnoklassniki - Social button on the site.
  4. - Social Button Moi Mir - Social button on the site.
  5. - Social Linkedin button - Social button on the site.

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