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logo I Love PDF

Russian - English

I Love PDF

The site contains all sorts of tools for working with PDF: glue 2 files, divide into 2 files, convert to another format, remove the password ...

logo Getpass



Simple password generator.
There are only 2 options - Secure and Ultra.
Secure - big and small letters and digits.
Ultra - plus other characters (punctuation marks, brackets, quotes, fractions ...)




Online password generator.
Personally, it seemed to me the most convenient.
Mark the required fields:

  1. Numbers
  2. Small letters
  3. Large letters
  4. Spec. characters
  5. Avoid duplicate characters.
And we get 10 options, choose the most understandable and convenient to us.

Personally, I do not like passwords with the number 0 or the letter O.

Russian - English

reliable site.


Online password generator.
Beautiful, large, intuitive password generator.

  1. Set the password length,
  2. choose uppercase, lowercase, numbers, characters,
  3. choose complexity: easy to pronounce, easy to read, all the characters.
Visually select.

logo Unlock PDF

Russian - English


Unlock PDF

Remove password from PDF, remove encryption, and unlock a protected document.
The most simple and convenient interface.

Select the source

  1. Dragging a file into the field,
  2. or specify its location on the computer
  3. you can specify a link online,
  4. Use a file from Dropbox or Google Drive.
Pretty quickly the file is loaded, the password is removed and you are offered to download it. No additional confirmations, clarifications.




Random simple, but not empty site.
Here it is possible:

  1. ask the ball, for example "do I go to the movies," but as the moment to quit,
    nothing comes to mind, and you want to ask, look The latest predictions will be from what to push off,
  2. create a strong password, set the length, use or not use of digits, special characters,
  3. find out an interesting fact in a random order, for example
    'Every second, America eats 45 kilograms of chocolate.'
    'Australia moves at a speed of 8.44 cm per year.'
  4. learn a wise idea, and even evaluate whether it is wise?
  5. play with questions and answers - we get a question and 4 options for an answer,
  6. just find out randomly the number from 1 to 100 or as you ask,
  7. ...
All basic is free, but registration costs 500 rubles, then you will have your story.

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