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Help on the titles of the books of the Bible

Books of the Bible in languages of nations

On this page we have collected all the titles of the books of the Bible that were found on the Internet by creating the modules of the program MyBible (for Android and iOS).

The names of books and abbreviations for some languages ​​(ex. Armenian, Chinese ...) were provided to us by native speakers from MyBible users.

Separately, the time was spent to find the abbreviations for the names of the books of the Bible, which was not easy enough.

Not all languages ​​can be displayed, it depends on the system and font set-up.

Not every language has a translation of the entire Bible. It is not rare that this is only the New Testament.
Only for individual languages ​​there are second-canonical books.
This is not an exhaustive base, but something we could find on the Internet.

In addition, if a part of the material in a language that we understand is possible to find the correct text (Russian, English, Polish, Chinese ...), then for the languages ​​of small nations there may be inaccuracies (the internet is still).
If any errors are discovered, , we will fix it.


  1. First of all, we express our gratitude to the program BibleQuote, the materials of which are usually taken as a basis for the creation of other databases.
  2. - OT and NT - here the largest base of titles of the books of the Bible is collected (though not in a very practical form.
  3. wikipedia - see the page The Bible (or books of the Bible ...) on other languages, a lot is taken here.
  4. Other modules for Bible programs and sites.


We have given you the opportunity to customize the view more convenient for you.
Settings - the "gear" icon next to the "Help" icon (a question mark in a circle).

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