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Online store, loud and high-quality sound.

Car speaker systems at competitive prices. We have a wide selection of equipment for car audio. Delivery to all cities of Russia and abroad.

High-quality selection of components, installation, configuration of systems of any complexity.

The main office of our company is located in Rostov-on-Don. Company shops in the cities of Kazan, Penza, St. Petersburg and Saratov.

In our store you can choose audio components of leading world and Russian manufacturers. Build a system from beginner to professional level. Get quality advice on the selection and installation, as well as you can listen to audio components.

logo Sounds

Russian - English


Well done site.
We hear, listen and see if you can stream the video on the whole screen, for example Niagara Falls, and the sound adjusts the very waterfall and gulls.
You can turn off something.

Here are the themes:

  1. Relaxation music
  2. Sleep music
  3. Winter forest
  4. Aquarium
  5. Rain noise
  6. Sea noise
  7. At dawn
  8. Sunset
  9. Desert
  10. Cozy cafe
  11. Bird singing
  12. Sounds of the night
  13. On the shore
  14. Rain and thunder
  15. Space
  16. Sea noise
  17. Sounds of the forest
  18. Sounds of campfire
  19. Ocean
  20. Behind the moon
  21. Cat Murder
  22. Niagara
  23. Dolphin Songs
  24. Waterfall

In Russian
logo A Soft Murmur

A Soft Murmur

Background sounds of the environment.
We set up ourselves, rain, thunder, wind .... what and how much

iTunes Android

logo Audioskazki online



Audioskazki online

Audio Tales for children and their parents.

The first acquaintance of the baby with the amazing literary world takes place at a very young age - when mom or dad pick up a book and read the child’s first story.
But what if the parents do not have enough time to read together?
This is where audio tales come to the rescue.
Recorded by professional readers and actors, they will take the attention of a little fidget and help him spend time to good use.

A large collection of audio books for children: short audio stories for the little ones, stories and audio performances for older children, as well as children's audio stories, epics and fables for school children.

logo Nuka deti



Nuka deti

Portal for children and their parents.

  • Tales
  • Audio Tales
  • Songs
  • Riddles
  • Coloring
  • Ideas

logo Audioskazki online


Audioskazki online

Audio Tales for Kids Listen Online.

Here you can listen to fairy tales online audio fairy tales, stories, epics and other children's audio books in good quality MP3.

Audiobooks were recorded in professional studios by experienced actors as well as authors of their works, for example, Korney Chukovsky.

Audio stories are grouped by author, subject, and various collections.

Children of 2-3 years old will enjoy short audio tales without a complicated plot.
Children 3-4 years old can put on fairy tales lasting 5-10 minutes.
Children 5-6 years old can already be 10-20 minutes long with a rich storyline.
Children of 6-9 years old can put long literary works up to 40 minutes.

For each author who has more than one fairy tale or story, there is a separate page with all the works in a row without stopping. You can find this notable link on the author’s page.

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