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logo Music in VK

Russian - English


Music in VK

Social network VK is the most free and open, because there can be anything you want. Rather, everything that can be on Internet.

However, at the request of the owners can be deleted any audio recording. So this is not the best place for a collection of audio recordings. It can be simpler, and more convenient, but not reliable.

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logo Vse skazki



Vse skazki

A fairy tale is usually the first instructive story in the life of any child.

Here you will find all the best fairy tales online, for children of all ages.

In the base of the site there are only the best and most popular stories that everyone will like, starting with the youngest readers and ending with adults.


Uses: WinAmp.


If you remember the player Winamp (for a long time the most popular player on Windows, which ceased to exist), if you have nostalgia. Let's just say you want to remember.
Then here it is, online and install it is not necessary.
Just go in, give a link online or point to the computer and listen.




Online store, loud and high-quality sound.

Car speaker systems at competitive prices. We have a wide selection of equipment for car audio. Delivery to all cities of Russia and abroad.

High-quality selection of components, installation, configuration of systems of any complexity.

The main office of our company is located in Rostov-on-Don. Company shops in the cities of Kazan, Penza, St. Petersburg and Saratov.

In our store you can choose audio components of leading world and Russian manufacturers. Build a system from beginner to professional level. Get quality advice on the selection and installation, as well as you can listen to audio components.

logo 8 tracks


8 tracks

Explicit social music network.
You can download your music, you can listen to what others have downloaded, you can make compilations for the mood, you can listen to the compilations of others.
All this without restrictions, free of charge and legally. Everything pays for advertising that can be turned off for money.

Playlists should not be shorter than eight songs.
You can not often skip songs.
The list of songs in the playlist is not visible in advance and appears only as you listen.

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logo Web Fairy tales




Web Fairy tales

Fairy tales for children and parents.

Site design is not modern. The main thing here is the content, that is, the texts of fairy tales.

Fairy tales are presented very different - classical, Russian, foreign, audio, modern for adults.
Every parent will find something interesting for their children.

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