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New Russian Translation

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New Russian translation
This translation is considered the best translation of the Bible into modern Russian by many Bible teachers and pastors. The standard at this time is still the Synodal translation of the Bible.

The Synodal translation is a long-suffering one. It began and stopped for many decades.
It had special requirements.
It must not contradict the Old Slavonic translation of the Bible, which was made from the Greek translation of the Old Testament - the Septuagint.

The advantages of the NRSV over the Synodal translation

  • New Russian translation had no special, additional requirements, so the translators could only go about their business.
  • There are more available texts of Scripture that were used for translation at this time.
  • Modern Russian - The Synodal translation, on the other hand, was begun over 200 years ago, and completed almost 150 years ago, so it has a rather archaic language.
The best currently available texts in Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek were used in preparing the translation.
The translation of the Old Testament began in 1994 and continued until 2006, as a parallel translation of the New Testament. The process of editing took into account both the many Old Testament quotations and references that entered the New Testament, as well as the stylistic uniqueness of the Old Testament.
The main attention in the translation and editing was paid to the transfer of the correct meaning of each passage.

. In translating the Old Testament used standard Hebrew and Aramaic text (Masoretic text);
The translators looked to the earliest and therefore more influential biblical sources:

  • Septuagint;
  • Aquila, Simmachus, and Theodotion of Ephesus;
  • Vulgate;
  • Syriac Peshitta;
  • Targums;
  • the Psalms of Jerome's Juxta Hebraica;
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