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logo Jesus film


official site.

tel.: +1 (407) 826-23-00

Jesus film

The site of the authors - movie online at All languages ​​ - russian site about the film (very truncated version)

Christian The mission of "New Life" promotes a wide charity renting of the film "Jesus."

The purpose of the rental is to give every person in Russia the opportunity to learn about Jesus Christ in his native language.

The film "Jesus" - a screen version of the Gospel of Luke created Corporation "Inspiration Films" in 1979. This is the work of director John Heyman, a veteran of the film industry with more than thirty world-known films. In previous projects, Hayman worked with a whole host of world stars such as Noel Coward, Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Barton, Robert Mitcham, Mia Farrow and Julia Christie. But when creating the film "Jesus" a

iTunes Android

logo Voice of the World


Voice of the World

The radio has several channels:

  1. Voice of the World - sermons and conversations of MSCE ECB ministers, records of liturgical meetings, conferences, seminars, word analyzes, children's radio programs and reading of Christian literature for adults, as well as recording radio programs of the past.
  2. Music and singing of the IChO - records of past years, the music and choral department of the MSC ECB.
  3. Music and singing - songs from other authors.
  4. Only music - Christian music.
  5. The Bible - Audio Bible around the clock on the air.

logo Russian Podcasts



Russian Podcasts

'The Bible for the Year' with Peter Tsukalo

Bible for today

High Quality (128 kbps, File size 8-16 Mb)
Normal quality (64 kbps, file size 4-8 Mb)


Russian - English

tel.: +1 (800) 545-65-52

A new translation into Russian of the "International Bible Society"

Audio Bible is a new version of the Bible.
The recording is done qualitatively, many-voiced with the use of background music.
Author - International Bible Society (International Bible Society), USA.

logo World Voice

World Voice

The Voice of the World is the reading of the Bible.
Actually here is a Christian radio with a number of channels:

  1. A classical Christian radio with information and exercises,
  2. Christian music,
  3. Bible reading.
Round the clock. Jarl Peisti reads the Bible in Russian.
It is convenient if you want to listen to the Bible, but do not know what exactly.

But if we want to listen to something specific, then there is an audio Bible. We choose the book of the Bible and get the flow. Unfortunately, the chapter can not be selected.

iTunes Android

logo I-Torah




A modern translation of the Torah, which in fact grew into TaNaH translation.
Translation tried to do is not religious, but linguistic.
The matter is that religious translation in disputed places, makes a decision and translates accordingly to its doctrines. So do translations of the Orthodox Church, Adventists, Jehovah's Witnesses ...
The goal was to translate as much as possible to language, time, historically, etc.

The main thing on the site is online translation. The text comes with footnotes and interpretations. That now has become the norm. In fact, it is almost impossible to translate a completely different language, to recreate in other language and cultural coordinates a text rooted in a certain language and cultural tradition.
Therefore, in difficult places, the interpreter wanted to explain something, because there are footnotes. Just click on the underlined text.
The translation also has an audio version. The recording was done by the actors in the roles.

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