Native advertising

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Native advertising

Native advertising
Advertising that looks like part of the site and does not annoy.
  1. - Google AdSense - Earn money with the help of Google's advertising.
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Owner: Facebook

address: USA, Menlo Park, 1 Hacker Way, CA 94025

Facebook Audience Network

Monetization of mobile applications and sites.

Facebook offers interesting advertising for earning. The configuration is complex, but the service itself is convenient. In addition, there is earnings both on the site and on mobile applications.

Types of advertising

  1. Native advertising - which naturally fits in and looks like part of an application or site,
  2. Full-screen insert - only once a day, the visitor will not be able to ignore it.
  3. Banner - classical advertising.
  4. Inserting into video is an additional incentive to make videos.

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