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How to cash a check Google Adsense

How to cash a check Google Adsense

Attention! If you have not received a receipt yet, do not receive it. If you have already received it, do not use it, after six months it will be canceled and money will be returned to you. That is, you do not lose anything. Now you can choose the system Rapida and just about a week later you just get a postal order, and the percentage will be very small.

If you still want, as before, read:


First we call the bank and ask: do you accept registered checks issued by a foreign bank for "collection"?

Check Validity Period

Google AdSense checks are valid for a year. But if you have 2 months left, you can not accept it, they need time for confirmation by a Western bank. Some banks are reinsured and say that in fact it is valid for 6 months. If your check is overdue, restart it again.

You should have

  1. Check,
  2. Passport,
  3. money to pay the commission, the commission is paid immediately (you pay for the operation regardless of success), but and then they will hold something back.

Filling in the bank

This may be slightly different in different banks, the principle is clear.
Once the forms can be downloaded from the bank's website and filled in at home, which will speed up the process in the bank.
  • application form for accepting payment documents (checks) in foreign currency
  • the form of rules for accepting payment documents in foreign currency for collection
  • sign a check in the presence of a bank employee

Need to know

  1. check number - CHECK NUMBER,
  2. date when the check was issued - CHECK DATE,
  3. check amount,
  4. the name of the bank that issued the check,
  5. currency code:
Google Adsense check-up front

Google Adsense check back
Place for signature

Where to cash a check from Google


Alfa-Bank Moscow - collecting 1%, min $5 per check.)
Yaroslavl - collecting 2%, min $10 for the check.
Bank of Moscow fee 2%, min 350 rubles and paid immediately.
The commission is not refundable.
Sberbank of Russia collecting 5%
Impexbank up to $2000 - 1% (min $5), over $2,000 - 0,5%, + postal expenses (~ $2).
only for regular customers of the Bank.
Russian Slavic Bank collection 2%, min $15, max $300.
RosBank collection of 2%, min $30
Uralsib collection of 1.5%, min $10
Citibank fee 1% from, min 750 rubles, max 9000 rubles
Uniastrum Bank collection of 1.5%; Min $10 - max $200 with check + commission of third-party banks
Baltic Bank fee 2%, min $3 or €10
Promsvyazbank collection 2%, min $10, max $150

Note: for an amount above €5,000, you must submit to the bank a documentary justification for the operation.


PrivatBank fee 3% (min 20 UAH)
First Ukrainian International Bank fee 1%, min $30 + postal expenses
Raiffeisen Bank Aval fee 2%, min $5.
when you charge 1%, min $3 for a bank account.

You can quickly change the points in the system Contact, it's hard to say in all of them, because it's hard to check, just call And talk.

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