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Store aggregator

Store aggregator

  1. - - More than 700 million goods from China. Clothing, footwear and accessories for the whole family with delivery to Russia, CIS countries and Europe.
logo Alloy


A platform for searching industry and consumer goods and services, as well as companies and manufacturers Russia.

On the Alloy platform, you can create a business website absolutely free. You get a beautiful and professional online store, unlimited functionality, you can post any number of offers and connect any domain. It is amazing, but it is. No hidden fees. No dirty tricks. Paid services are optional - they will come in handy when you want to get more sales from your site.

You can create a site yourself - just register (1 minute) and go through the 7 steps of the Wizard (5-10 minutes). Everything. The online store is ready to accept orders.

The site is edited as easy as a page on social networks. You can move blocks, add products, news and photos with one click directly on the site.

Unlimited free hosting.

Integration into the trading platform with millions of buyers - start selling 15 minutes after opening an online store.

Free Advertising in Yandex.Direct and Google at our expense with payment for sales. Set up campaigns and optimize conversions.

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logo Yandex Market

Yandex Market

The most intuitive and convenient search for goods.
Information-reference system for those who want to buy a product or service without losing any time and money.

You can choose the goods, as in the catalog, you can specify a search or Advanced search, noting the necessary product functions, price range, dimensions ...


  1. Yandex determines your geographical location and primarily issues goods that are sold wherever you live.
  2. A large database.
  3. You did not like the price? - Click "Learn about price reduction" and indicate the price that suits you.
  4. You can compare the prices of the selected products,
  5. product reviews and participate in discussions
  6. Technical specifications (without going to the manufacturer's website),
  7. look similar products.
Be sure to look at the reviews. If there is not enough feedback, then the site may turn out to be a seasonal one - it will pick up orders and close. Must be a lot and positive. By the way, Yandex skillfully filters the wrapping through reviews and blocks such shops. Each store has satisfied and not very satisfied customers. Read it yourself and choose.

Pay attention to the delivery, the goods can be cheaper, but the delivery is expensive. We will find out the final price, what will it ultimately cost us. There are shops that will not take anything for shipping to your city, like Connected for example.

A transaction for the purchase of goods and/Or services, information about which is posted on Yandex.Market, is carried out directly between the buyer and the relevant store. Yandex does not become an intermediary or arbitrator.
However, now you can buy a lot through the site itself.

If you are registered in Yandex, the history of your purchases is saved.
If you are not registered, what's the matter? Be sure to register, Yandex services will be useful to you.

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logo DealExtreme


It is one of the three most popular Chinese stores.

Goods are generally cheaper than on Aliexpress, but shipping is expensive. Therefore, it is better to compare the final price. By the way, goods can be even more expensive.

In competition with Ali, quality suffers, there are unscrupulous sellers.


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logo BangGood


A site like Aliexpress, a huge choise of goods, you can find much cheaper than on Aliexpress - competition.
However Aliexpress has a biiger choice of goods.

The site looks lighter and easier to work with.

Ways of payment

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logo RetailMeNot


The site collects discounts and promotions from Western online stores, regularly on the site about 50,000 discount coupons.

It is possible at a discount to buy hosting, domain registration, photo services and ...

The database is replenished by users. There was a discount - there was a discussion of the discount. It immediately becomes clear how coupons work. Maybe already the time has passed. In short, the pitfalls emerge.

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