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address: Russia, Москва

ЮMoney Password

The advantage of ЮMoney in the ease of use. Sometimes systems protect your data so much that it becomes difficult to use them, and it is almost impossible to restore it.
Because ЮMoney is popular.

From you it does not require installation of special software, store keys, etc. You can just go to Yandex through any browser. But just does not mean not protected.
On Yandex there is protection and quite different.
We choose ourselves (it probably depends on the amount of money: more money is chosen more difficult to protect, less money is easier to use).

In your Yandex wallet will get anyone who recognized your password on Yandex.
He will be able to see how much money you have in your account, how much you spent what, and so on.
But to complete the operation it is always necessary to enter a payment password.
It is not remembered, it must be entered every time when performing an operation.

But this is if a person tries to hack your wallet on your computer.
And if he steals your password and slowly starts to pick up a payment password?
If you try to go to your ЮMoney purse from another computer, even from your home, through the same Internet connection - you need to have a cell phone with you.
In addition to the payment password, Yandex will require you to enter the code that will be sent to you via SMS (by the way, unlike WebMoney free).

I find this way is not very difficult, the more my cell phone is always with me.
If this is not enough for you, then: you can switch to one-time passwords.
That is, every time you will receive an SMS with a one-time password on the phone bound to the account, which operates for several minutes.

Code table

Table, in the cells of which are inscribed combinations of numbers and letters of the Latin alphabet.
Cell coordinates are defined in the same way as the coordinates of the cells on the chessboard (for example, B3).
Each table is unique, combinations of codes are not repeated.
If you select this type of password, you will need to enter a one-time password composed of three such codes to confirm payments.

ЮMoney logo

This method is convenient if you go somewhere on vacation.
We print and take with us.

Electronic Token

Credit cards with a button and a small screen.
If you click on the button, a sequence of numbers appears on the screen, which is formed by a special algorithm.
The combinations of numbers are never repeated and different tokens do not match.

ЮMoney logo

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