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Mobile phone

Recently, the mobile phone becomes the main indicator for financial services.
For example,
  1. you are logged in to an online banking account,
  2. you receive a password via SMS,
  3. you enter it and log in.
Everything seems to be reliable.
It's reliable, if my cell phone is mine. But most of all, mobile phones are being stolen. While Sims from them were thrown away.

Is verification the most reliable through the mobile phone?

No. In addition, you are charged for this.
In fact, if you have a strong password from e-mail, then it is much more reliable. And free.

What should I do?

  • Whenever possible, change the verification.
  • Keep your cell phone.
  • Be sure to enter a complex password (if you are using it for verification), certainly not 0000 and neither the year nor the date.
  • Quickly buy a new sim card and return your old sim card number.

Disabling SMS-confirmation in WebMoney


  1. We go to,
  2. Click Login,
  3. Activate,
  4. go back to,
  5. Select Confirm Operations and click Disable next to SMS Confirmation.
  6. That's it.


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