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Imaginary Soundscape

Through the site you can watch Google panoramas, those that google maps with sound.
The sound is not real, the neural network created by the Japanese studio guesses what kind of sound can be on one or another panorama.
Or rather, not to the panorama, but to its visible part. Let's say we turn the panorama, a car appears, and the sound of the car appears.

If we see the crowd, the sound of the crowd, the subway - the sound of trains, the ambulance - the sound of a siren, children's crying, the sound of waves ...

A Good Movie To Watch

Do not know what to see?
This site will help you find the best movies that you have not seen in popular streaming services.
Can offer a random film, when you have a mixed-type company and it's all the same what to inspect.

logo Surfingbird



Russian analogue for English StumbleUpon.
The principle is the same. Click on the green button at the top Surf or Next page.
You can also log in via the same Facebook or VK account or register.

Here you can also recommend sites. You can see not only the page, but the list of page announcements and decide for yourself what to open, for this click on SUBSCRIPTIONS or POPULAR.

iTunes Android

In Russian
logo BlahTherapy



The site connects you with random strangers around the world who are willing to talk to you about your problems, as well as sharing their own.

logo Chat4two





Chat with a casual interlocutor.
Sent interlocutors are a minority, so you have to prepare that you will have to change the source.

Enter and start the chat, registration is not required.
The site is intuitively clear, neither slows down, nor h

What Me To Do?



Do not know what to do? - We go to this site and we will immediately be offered some idea.
You did not like the advice, click the link More.
It's clear, not every advice we will like. But from experience I know that when you do not know where to start, it is necessary, at least somehow to begin, it is difficult to start something from scratch.
And if there is something from which you can push, then you look, and It will work.


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