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Calculation of distances, how to get there, laying out routes.

How it works

  1. We indicate the point of departure and destination, if desired, an intermediate point.
  2. Get the distance in km, travel time.
  3. We get estimated costs for gasoline. We can change the consumption per 100 km and the cost of a liter, so we get the amount for our car.
  4. In parallel, we get the route on the map.
  5. Having scrolled below, we will see the list of settlements that we will pass and what time we will be.
    You can change the departure time and average speed.

logo All-Routes

reliable site

Uses: OpenStreetMap.

address: Russia


Calculation of distance, travel time, fuel consumption, laying routes.

How it works

  1. We indicate the point of departure and destination, if desired, an intermediate point (you can specify up to 7 intermediate points). < li> Get the distance in km, travel time.
  2. Get the estimated cost of gasoline. We can change the consumption per 100 km and the cost of a liter, so we get the amount for our car.
  3. In parallel, we get the route on the map.

logo Dorinfo


Road Atlas is a road map of Russia, with which you can read the main news for a certain period of time, quickly find out about restrictions and overlap on the road, view photos of low-quality sections of roads, evaluate future routes and evaluate traffic jams.

Information about the state of any section of the road on the map of Russia can now be posted by the users themselves.
What makes the information more operational and relevant.

You can select a route and see the load on all sections of the road (green - free, red - traffic jams).
You can see photos of sections of roads, if any.
And you can also read news regarding the selected route - repairs, accidents ...

logo Map of the killed roads

reliable site

Uses: Yandex.Maps.

address: Russia

Map of the killed roads

The public movement of motorists, whose members advocate safe and high-quality roads.

Citizen participation in the formation of road policy in the regions and improving the quality of roads.

The goal is to repair roads taking into account the views of citizens and the elimination of road defects that affect the accident rate. The relevance of the project is due to citizens' dissatisfaction with the unsatisfactory condition of the roads, the high level of accidents on the roads, as well as the inability of motorists to promptly report defects and the need to eliminate them.

That is, you can easily register and mark bad roads if they are not yet marked.

There are statistics - the number of killed roads, of which it is planned to repair, patching repairs by region.
Posted regulatory framework.

logo Bing Maps

reliable site
English - Russian

Owner: Microsoft,

address: USA, Редмонд, One Microsoft Way, WA 98052

Bing Maps

One of the leading mapping services in the world.
It does not have panoramas or 3D mode like Google or Yandex, but the maps themselves are rendered with high quality.
There is a satellite mode, the photos are well put together, of high quality.
I checked it on the small settlements of Russia.

Map on the site

There is a habitual possibility to embed a map on a site.
You can choose the size, set your own, the type of map - scheme or satellite mode, with labels or without them.
You can not add your own pointers, routes.


You can view traffic jams, create routes by car, public transport or on foot.
It will give out
  • route on the map,
  • distance in km,
  • travel time,
  • offer public transportation options,
  • describe the route in detail.
Switch to road viewR
Switch to satellite viewA
Switch to the satellite view with marksH
Switch to the aerial viewO
Switch to aerial view with marksB
Switch to topographic map view*S
Turn right when viewed from the airCTRL +
Turn left in aerial viewCTRL +

In Russian
logo Rosavtodor


Map of Russian roads from Rosavtodor.
They have their own map, where only federal roads are marked.
Say, if we travel across Russia, we do not need extra details, to single out the most essential.
For trips around the country, we use exclusively the main roads of the country.

logo Drive & Listen

English English - English

address: USA

Drive & Listen

We choose a city and drive around. We don't choose a route, we just watch the DVR video from the car that is driving around the city.
You can turn on - off the noise of the city and the radio, which usually sounds in this city.

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