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  • - mailVU Send video emails using a webcam.

Comparative review

    National Post


      • - Pismo.RF Cyrillic-mail.

      One-time mail

      • - ThrowAwayMail Visit the site and we get a generated mail address for us, which will lives for 2 days.
      • - MailForSpam Mail without registration, authorization, passwords.
      • - Temporary Email Email 2 hours.
      • - Yopmail Choosing a name can be registered and where we want, though, no matter it is occupied or not, on the same site go just to see if what I do not come.
      • - 10 minute mail It creates a mailbox that disappears after 10 minutes.
      • - Guerrilla Mail Go and set it by email or take avtosgenerirovanny which operates at least 15 minutes, in fact, an hour.
      • - Mailcatch The same thing, come up with an address and see if it's something I do not?
      • - Self-destructive Messages Send confidential messages inside the Google list and the message disappears after it has been read.
      • - HTML Mail Send formatted mail to anyone, anonymously.
      • - The easiest way to write short text notes in the browser.
      • - MailDrop Quickly create an email address, without registration.
      • - Mailinator Quick temporary mail facility.

      Permanent anonymous mail

      • - Get a permanent anonymous email address Permanent anonymous email address.

      Quick message

      • - Ontext Quick message.
      • - Shorttext Quick message.
      • - Simple.Savr It is necessary to write down something quickly? - go to the site and write. No registration, no special link. Then go to this site from any your computer or smartphone and your text will be there. No special link, just go to the main page of the site.
      • - Letter Generator Site which enables you to write an entire letter in less than a minute!
      • - Readability Score How readable is your writing?

      Fast coded message

      Sending large attachments

      • - Quickly share the file. No registration, unnecessary windows. The limitation is 5Gb.
      • - Dropmefiles Sending large attachments.
      • - Filecloud Sending large attachments.
      • - Gmail Gmail - mail with a large attachment.
      • - Sending large attachments Yandex.Mail Sending large attachments Yandex.Mail.
      • - DropSend Sending large attachments.
      • - Filedropper Sending large attachments.
      • - PlusTransfer Sending large attachments.
      • - Sending large attachments.
      • - Sending large attachments.
      • - WeTransfer Sending large attachments.
      • - Wiki Upload Sending large attachments.
      • - Quickly send a file to anyone, they can even preview it before downloading.
        Simply drag and drop the file, we write the email address and our message while downloading.

      Mail to the future

      • - Future mail A letter to the future itself, friends and strangers.
      • - LetterMeLater Allows you to send emails at any future date and time you choose.
      • - Yandex.Mail in the future On Yandex.Mail can send a message to the future.
      • - Santa Claus Letter Letter to Santa or Santa Claus.
      • - MailFuture You want to send a letter, but to get it not now, but at a certain time.
      • - Futureme The same service letters to the future, only in English.
      • - Do not forget Send yourself a letter now, read it ... in a year.
      • - Right Inbox for Gmail Extension for Chrome, adds a 'Send Later' button to Gmail.
      • - EmailFuture Free send emails to the future.
      • - Черезгод.рф Write a letter to the future and make a wish!
      • - Letter 2 future Send a letter to yourself and receive it in the future.

      Official Mail

        Postage subtlety



            Translators in the mail

              Mail alias

              Mail forwarding

              Call forwarding

              • - Automatically forward your Gmail messages to another account In Gmail, you can set up automatic forwarding of all or some incoming messages to a different address.

              Call forwarding

              • - Sending emails with mail Yandex

              Call forwarding

              • - Setting mail forwarding with

              Open Letter Tracking

              Photos of high resolution

                Notifications mail

                Gmail Notifier

                Gmail Notifier

                • - We receive a notification when someone read the letters sent by us.
                • - Agent Displays notifications containing the sender's name, the subject of the message, and the time it was received.
                • - We receive reminders about important meetings by e-mail.
                • - FollowUpThen The easiest way to set up reminders is via email.

                Reserved names


                    How to watch the mail

                    Different ways to watch the mail

                      Mobile email

                        Mail clients

                          Where to start Mail

                          Where to start Mail

                            Email with your name

                            • - Email with your name.

                            Our recommendation


                              Email encryption

                              Email for posting on forums

                              • - Scrim Protection of email from spam.
                              • - Mail on Pix You want to post your email on the forums, which is normal, but you do not want spam, the service will hide the text of your email. Show the picture.

                              Protection against spam

                                Security code generator

                                  Clean mailbox

                                  • - Cleanfox Clean your Inbox, Save the Earth.
                                  • - Mailstrom Widely used tool to clean Email Inboxes. Mailstrom works with Gmail, Google Apps Email, Outlook, Apple, AOL, Exchange IMAP and any other email service that supports IMAP.

                                  Paper mail

                                  Free fax

                                  Fax to email

                                  • - xCall Another large Russian operator for providing the service “ fax to email ” – This is ExCall.
                                  • - WestCall Another Petersburg company WestCall offers a full range of services for convenient faxing.
                                  • - Interfax This service is distinguished primarily by its geographical coverage: it allows you to send faxes around the world.
                                  • - Protus This service is more or less similar to the above described features, except for one feature.
                                  • - eFax In addition to the standard paid version of the use, it also offers a mode of free work.


                                  • - Telegraf Send a telegram through the site.

                                  Paper letters

                                  • - Letters of Note Personal letters written by famous people.
                                  • - FSIN-PISMO The service of sending messages to persons in custody or serving a sentence.
                                  • - Post of Russia, Emails We receive registered letters in electronic form.
                                  • - Letter 2 future Send a letter to yourself and receive it in the future.

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