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logo Yahoo!

English - Russian

Owner: Yahoo,


Of course, we should not forget about the oldest Yahoo search engine.
The appearance and success of Google was a surprise for him and moved him to the 2 nd position.
Nevertheless, Yahoo is developing, reducing the gap, etc.

In short, this is another well-known search engine, very fast, works with Russian encodings. Not so long ago there was a Russian version, maybe it's not very popular in Russia?

When using Google's database. Yahoo is the oldest search engine that started providing services in 1994. Today, Yahoo activates efforts to develop its services, but after an unsuccessful refusal to sell Microsoft for $40 billion (which they soon regretted), now they are in an alliance with Microsoft on bird rights.
In short, Gogle got their technology and more developed Bing.

logo Yahoo! Mail

English - Russian

Owner: Yahoo,

Yahoo! Mail

One of the most popular postal services in the world.
As a side effect, it is difficult to pick a name, a lot of people are busy.


  • Box size - 1 Tb,
  • attachment size - 25 Mb,
  • integrates with Dropbox so that you can send larger applications.


  • Mail address aliases (aliases),
  • one-time email address (500 addresses),
  • Address to send only (10 addresses).

logo My Yahoo

English - English

Owner: Yahoo,

My Yahoo

Customizable start page for Yahoo.
Registration is required so that your settings are preserved. Immediately it is proposed to customize the style and theme: background, number of columns, theme. If you are satisfied with everything or still do not care, just agree with the proposed option and go ahead.

The main drawback - it is imprisoned not for Russia, because there will not be the most convenient services for us, say news, weather, sports ...

logo Yahoo News

English - English

Owner: Yahoo,

Yahoo News

The audience of news sections on search sites beats all records.

Only in America, the aggregate attendance of Yahoo News and Google News has already exceeded 27 million people a month. This is higher than for specialized news sources like MSNBC, and significantly higher than the sites of the most popular newspapers.

According to Nielsen//NetRatings statistics, in June 2004, Yahoo News was visited by almost 21 million people, and Google News - 6.3 million people really turn away from newspapers in favor of automatic news collectors. Surely this trend is relevant for Russia, as the authors of the Yandex.News project also regularly report about the expansion of the service and their record achievements.

It is curious that the largest newsgroups on Internet Yahoo News and Google News are officially considered search sites. If you put them in one category with the media, then, for example, the Yahoo News site would rank second in popularity after the CNN site, which is visited by 22.4 million people. And Google News would be in 11th place, a line below the popular newspaper

Thus, experts already Give marketing and PR experts advice on how to post their press release on Google News and other ym.c-collectors. A multi-million user audience can not be neglected, and access to it is extremely simple. For example, to get into Yandex.News it's enough to publish your release in any major Internet publication - and in 15 minutes it will be on the tape Yandex. It is important only to optimize the press release specifically for the search site, similar to how web sites are optimized before indexing.

English - English

Owner: Yahoo,

Yahoo Answers

Paying tribute to the pioneers, we can not say about the service from Yahoo.
Unfortunately, this is not suitable for us as there is no Russian version. However, maybe you would like to ask a question in English, German ... or ask people in the west.

English - English

Owner: Yahoo,


Cost - $9.95

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