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Page for those who do not know anything about the mail.
More about Internet mail

Start a mailbox

If you still do not have an e-mail address, then start it.


Why do I need mail?

  1. Many sites require registration, and password or an activation code is sent to your email.
  2. If you want to receive newsletters, you need an e-mail address.
  3. When I opened the e-mail address, I had only 5 addresses of my friends, very soon there were dozens of them.
    The most operative communication in the region is mobile. Outside the area - email.
    I even contact people inside the city by e-mail when it is necessary to send a file, to report something when contact is not possible promptly. It's kind of like leaving a note that a person will later read. Also, as and SMS-message on the mobile, only cheaper and text can be more.

You will need

  1. Decide where to have mail. If you have not decided yet, then get started at Yandex, this is more than just a mail, useful anyway,
    1. Go to,
    2. Select "Sign in to mail"
    3. and register.
  2. You need to come up with a name, recommend at least 6 characters and not too hackneyed, something original, because the known names are already occupied and the spam is already set up on them,
  3. Create a password, usually at least 6 characters long,
  4. To come up with a test word, something that you will not forget, but others can not know. Well something memorable from childhood, ex. The name of the first teacher, mother's maiden name and the like.
  5. To view the mail, you need a browser or mailer, our recommendations.

Mail Preview

Through a browser or mail program. If you do not have a fast of Internet, then you need a mail program that will download the incoming mail and you can then work with it without connecting to the Internet.

If you have a fast Internet, then just a browser. Through the browser you can go to the mail wherever you are. Through the mail program - only there where it is installed and configured. But there is a portable version of the mail program Portable Mozilla Thunderbird you can always take with you on a flash drive. logo Gmail


Free mail, in which Google's search technology is built, is a worthy competitor to all email clients.
The web interface is completely built on AJAX, which gives him the right to be considered a worthy alternative to Batu, Outluk and any other "postman."

And the service Google Calendar is not inferior to the calendar Microsoft Outlook.
In addition to the lack of shortcomings in web applications, these services also have obvious advantages over offline counterparts. Namely, their mobility.
You can not access your mail and organizer, which are stored on your computer, which is not at hand.
But you can always access them if they are stored on the Web.


  1. RSS feeds in Gmail.
  2. Gmail for mobile devices.
  3. Russian inferface, plus Russian dictionary.
  4. Built-in translator.
  5. Built-in chat.
  6. Antivirus scanning.
  7. The best antispam.
  8. An answering machine for the holiday.
  9. Contact groups - You can send messages to a group.
  10. View as HTML - you can view the attached Microsoft Office documents, OpenOffice or .pdf as web pages.
  11. Auto-save - failover protection.
  12. Mail forwarding and the ability to respond with a different email address.
  13. Exporting the address book.
  14. Convenient search.
  15. Mail Chains - group mail.


logo Yandex.Mail
additional url:


Register mail

Mailbox size: 15 Gb including Yandex.Disk.

Maximum Size of incoming/outgoing message: 30 Mb - regular mail.
and up to 10 Gb using Yandex.Disk, which is integrated with the mail.
Links to them will appear in the email automatically. It works only through the web interface.

Account action: if not used for 4 months will be deleted (if there is a ЮMoney wallet on this account, Then the purse itself remains, and the mail is still deleted, but you can always start using this mail again because in that case nobody can take your login).


(you get immediately the address in all these domains, that is -, ... is the same, the letters will come in the same box.)

It is possible to create mailboxes with a point in the login (for example,, the dot will be equivalent to a hyphen. Thus, by registering the login ivan.petrov, the user will receive mail sent to, and to


  1. Azerbaijani
  2. Belarusian
  3. Georgian
  4. Kazakh
  5. Romanian
  6. Russian
  7. Tatar
  8. Turkish
  9. Ukrainian

When you receive an account, you have:


  1. Grouping by discussion,
  2. Tags,
  3. Video, audio (MP3) and photos appear in the message itself, you can see, listen,
  4. You can record video from the webcam directly in the browser,
  5. You can add a postcard directly in the message,
  6. You can send a copy of the message in the form of a text message,
  7. You can connect the notification of receipt of the letter,
  8. Send large files to 5 Gb, thanks to the integration of Yandex.Disk,
  9. The built-in translator (if the message is not in your language, the offer will be translated),
  10. We can change the color of the mail style.
  11. View documents directly in the mail, formats - *.doc and *.xls.

Grouping by discussion

Letters with one topic can be collected in chains (as in forums), even if several people participated in the discussion. This will allow monitoring the course of the conversation and not "lose" important messages.


With the help of labels, it will be easier for you to organize incoming mail the way you want. Tags can be either standard (for example, "Important" or "Letter with an attachment"), and your own, with any name and any color - all this you determine.

Your mail color

You can choose the color for your mailbox and change it at least every day - depending on Mood.

Sending large files

Your new Mail allows you to send large files to your interlocutors - to 5 Gb. She will determine the file size herself and suggest the most suitable method of sending.

Notifications from social services

You will immediately notice letters from social services (such as "In contact", Odnoklassniki, LiveJournal, - notifications from them are now marked with "branded" icons. In addition, by clicking on this icon, you can see all the emails from this service.

Audio, video, pictures

Listen to the MP3-files sent to you, see the attached pictures and even the videos to which you send the links, directly on the email viewing page.

Register mail

iTunes Android huawei


additional url: мэйл.рф

Register mail

Box size: 10 Gb, but you can increase it by 2 Gb an unlimited number of times.

Maximum size of incoming/outgoing mail: 30 Mb - regular mail.
and up to 20 files with a total volume of 20 Gb using file hosting. - Files are uploaded to the cloud. Links to them will appear in the email automatically.
Works only through the web interface.


Account activity: If not used within 9 months will be deleted.

When you receive an account, you have:

  • Diary,
  • Photo, Video Hosting,
  • Blogs.


  • Laconic name,
  • Spell check,
  • Work with mail via WAP,
  • Mobile notifications,
  • Promising service, Now they are spinning their monetary system, which should be more convenient than existing ones.

Mail Agent
displays notifications containing the name of the sender, the subject of the message and the time it was received.

By the way, you can get free mail and on

iTunes Android huawei

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