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logo Bing Microsoft Translator

Russian - English

Owner: Microsoft


Bing Microsoft Translator

A very decent interpreter from Microsoft.
We enter text or a link, define the language, or leave the autodetection.

During the text translation occurs, you can immediately see and correct your text if you make a mistake.
The proposed translation can be assessed: like - do not like it.

Dozens of translation languages ​​in both directions.

Neuronal translation

Microsoft is working on creating a neural translator that Can translate no worse than a person. By the way, it is stated that today the system for translating voice into text works more correctly than a person.
Microsoft decided to develop this kind of success and is working on an interpreter. They created a site where we can set the translation and see how the standard translator translates and how it's neural.

I tried and can Assert that it translates in different ways and with varying success. Let's see it while the experiment.

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Russian - English

Reverso Context

Free online translator allows you to translate words, texts, phrases, idioms and expressions from English, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese, Hebrew, Japanese.

It is not always necessary to translate a word, it is more useful to translate it in a context or translate a certain phrase.
This site is a real find.

How it works

  1. enter the phrase in the query form,
  2. we get a whole group of examples, as it is translated in various texts,
  3. choose the one that suits us.
There are words that I could not translate into a Google translator, and here there were variants in the text.

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logo Cucumis




Free online translation service.
The site has a Russian interface.

Cucumis is a community of translators who share linguistic knowledge with each other and help each other on Internet.

You need a translation, and Google translator does not Suitable for your situation, then you can turn to this community for help.

The truth is not so simple, you first need to participate and score points that you can spend on translation.
Or you just would like to help someone, but time and energy is not unlimited, so do not undertake to charge Yourself all cargo ... and as a consequence, you do not help anyone.
It's fashionable to participate and help others as much as you can afford when you are comfortable.

Collective farm. But no service without control and regulation is qualitative. And what's the use of referring to manual work, which will be done anyhow or in general - nahuliganyat.
Moreover, not knowing the language and not checking.

There are administrators and experts in the community who evaluate the translation.

logo Glosbe

Russian - English



Glosbe is a multilingual dictionary. It covers ALL languages and is developed by the community, just like wikipedia. And works both online and offline!

Glosbe will give you not only translations, but also thousands of examples, pronunciations and images to help you to find a correct translation.

No matter if you need

  1. Albanian,
  2. Afrikaans,
  3. Arabic,
  4. Armenian,
  5. Azerbaijani,
  6. Belarusian,
  7. Bulgarian,
  8. Bengali,
  9. Catalan,
  10. Chinese,
  11. Croatian,
  12. Czech,
  13. Welsh,
  14. Danish,
  15. German,
  16. Greek,
  17. English,
  18. Spanish,
  19. Estonian,
  20. Basque,
  21. Persian,
  22. Finnish,
  23. French,
  24. Irish,
  25. Galician,
  26. Gujarati,
  27. Hebrew,
  28. Hindi,
  29. Haitian,
  30. Hungarian,
  31. Indonesian,
  32. Icelandic,
  33. Italian,
  34. Japanese,
  35. Georgian,
  36. Kannada,
  37. Korean,
  38. Latin,
  39. Lithuanian,
  40. Latvian,
  41. Macedonian,
  42. Malay,
  43. Maltese,
  44. Dutch,
  45. Norwegian,
  46. Polish,
  47. Portuguese,
  48. Romanian,
  49. Russian,
  50. Slovak,
  51. Slovenian,
  52. Serbian,
  53. Swedish,
  54. Swahili,
  55. Tamil,
  56. Telugu,
  57. Thai,
  58. Tagalog,
  59. Turkish,
  60. Ukrainian,
  61. Urdu,
  62. Vietnamese
  63. or Yiddish.
You’ll find dictionaries for ALL of them. And many, many more.

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logo Translator in Gmail

Russian - English

Owner: Google

Uses: Gmail.

Translator in Gmail

This translator is built into Google mail.
If you receive a letter in an incomprehensible language, you can translate it right away or let it always translate.

Translate letters/Learn m

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logo Gmail

Russian - English

Owner: Google

Uses: Gmail.


Register mail

Translate messages in Gmail.
It's all very simple when the email arrives at A foreign language, a line will appear - Translate a message and suggest which language and which one is rarely mistaken, so just click on the link and read the translation.

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