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The real estate of the world in one place.
Very handy tool that allows sellers and buyers to estimate the value of houses by comparing with other similar offers in this area. My friend in Norway is building business and his growth began after the creation Site. How do people in the west buy houses? Are they looking for among the ads in the newspapers? This is convenient only if the newspaper is at hand and only if the house is bought in our city. And if I decided to move ?? In which newspapers to look for ads? Where to take them?

In the west, in such cases, a search was made on Internet. Not leaving home, very convenient. Now there is a centralization on Internet. The landlord needs one place, in which there is everything - the world database.

These are pretended to be:

  • in the photo area was Flickr, they Going to collect all the photos of the world;
  • YouTube are going to collect all the videos of the world.
So the soil for the appearance of is ready.

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Comprehensive property website, very useful for property research such as finding out how much properties have sold for in a given street.

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