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logo Zoho


A set of office applications that includes a mail service, an online document editor, a contact manager, a scheduler, a chat and more.
He has a plug-in for Microsoft Office.
The advantage over Google Docs and others is that Zoho I just made a search for all my applications.

It should be noted that this is a paid service, but it is free for personal use.Zoho for Google Apps

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logo Yandex.Documents


Cloud Office.
MS Office .DOCX, .XLSX and .PPTX formats are supported, as well as earlier versions: .DOC, .XLS and .PPT.

Documents work online on computers and smartphones.
If necessary, you can return a previous version of the file from the cloud.


  • Viewing documents.
  • Document editing.
  • Creating documents
  • Collaborative editing. This requires sharing access to the document.
    Set up access/Share/Copy the link and send it to the partner.

logo Google Docs

Google Docs

You can create documents and folders. The access level is set to folders. You can close only for yourself or "rassharit" - open access for joint creativity.

A great office combine for working with documents and spreadsheets. It is able to replace Microsoft Word and Excel in most cases. Has a tight integration with the online software Google Mail (Gmail) and Groups. Also using Google Docs, you can check Russian spelling and update your blog.

Supports the format .docx (Microsoft Office 2007).
Also supported formats are .DOC, .ODT, XLS, .ODS, .PPT, .CSV, .HTML, .TXT, .RTF, etc. It is also used as a file storage for files of any formats.

  • Russian is, plus spelling checker
  • Location - 1 Gb for free,
  • Limit - 1 file 250 Mb
  • Possibility to use as a file storage for files of any formats
  • There is a paid account - from $20 per year.

    Access without registration

    It is possible to make documents open to everyone.
    Documents are not indexed and not displayed in the Google search engine, but if you make public access, then up to The convenience is that a person does not have to register to see your documents that you want to show him.

    Google Cloud Connect will connect Microsoft Office and Google Docs

    Google has recently released a plug-in that allows you to work with Google Docs documents in a Microsoft Office environment.
    The plug-in allows for joint editing of documents by several users.
    Google Plug-in Cloud Connect allows you to immediately kim people to work with one document Microsoft Office -. Word, Excel and PowerPoint

    After installing the plugin it will ask for the data to authenticate the user on Google Docs service pages. After that, a special toolbar appears in the Microsoft Office application window, which allows you to perform two actions at once. First of all, it is to edit documents from Google Docs in the Microsoft Office window without any extra effort.
    The system will allow you to synchronize the changes made in the Microsoft Office window with the document that is located on Google Docs pages in one click. Besides, the Google Cloud Connect plug-in will allow you to configure the multiuser mode of the document.

    You can edit Google Docs documents offline, without connecting to Internet. At the first connection, the system synchronizes the data with the online file storage. The same can be done forcibly by using the buttons located on the toolbar.

    The Google Cloud Connect plugin makes working with the Google Docs online office even easier and more convenient. The principles of work and general document management capabilities are the same as in the office suite of Microsoft Office, in fact, whose capabilities and uses the plug-in Google Cloud Connect. The appearance of this plug-in is another advantage of Google's online tools.

    On this video you can see how the plug-in works.

    Google table on the site

    Open the table, take url and paste it into the code: SkyLink specifies the region, in this case, the Moscow area. and paste it into the code:



    <iframe height=800 src='' width='100%'></Iframe>

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    In Russian
logo Microsoft Office Online

Microsoft Office Online

I must say that this is the best quality online office. Documents look almost the same as on a computer (in others they look easier, not all editing works). Virtually the programs themselves look, you do not need to learn anything, you just need to have a cloud, a good Internet and work.

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