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A data warehouse located on disk arrays (RAID10). You can be sure of the reliability of your data, because for this service we use only Enterprise-class disks. The storage is connected to the switchboard by a dedicated 10 Gbps port.


You can download and get the player code. After uploading, you will not be able to delete anything. The service is open and your player will be available to others.

You can download several files at once, then there will be 1 player and a list of files that we want to listen to on this player.

The service is not friendly with the Russian language.



Offers an unlimited number of fossil storage.

logo 10 tracks Cloud Music Player

Russian - English

10 tracks Cloud Music Player

Free give 40 GB of space. Invite friends to 10tracks and post messages on social networks about @10tracks - and add up to 75 Gb of bonuses to your profile.
Thus, your music will be with you everywhere: computer, tablet, smartphone.
You only need Install applications.

Sites with music

Any track from VK,, PromoDJ and SoundCloud can be added to itself with one click with the help of the extension for Google Chrome.

Download from web player

You can download tracks from your computer via web player or by selecting folders, or importing music to a site from Windows Media Player, iTunes or WinAMP.

iTunes Android

In Russian
logo Communityhost




The service of free forums of the new generation.
This is not just another platform for the organization of the forum, but a service that has tried to use the best.

You can subscribe not only to the topic, as usual, but to the whole forum. Thus, as soon as a new topic begins, you will immediately receive information by email.


  • Multilingual.
  • Simple forum address:
  • Individuality - flexible design customization.
  • Evaluation of publications.
  • The ability to transfer themes.
  • You decide who has the right to create surveys, take part in discussions, view forums ....
  • RSS feeds
  • Private messages.
  • Uploading files.
  • Control (you decide which words will be automatically deleted from the text).

logo Dashost

Russian - English



3 tariffs are 1Gb, 5Gb and 20Gb.
The panel is ISPmanager.

But my site did not pull the processor, because the attendance decreased, that's why I left. But most of the hostings do not pull my attendance, so this power is average.


Professional and sane. Attitude to the client with understanding. At me all questions were solved quickly and positively.
Transferred a site from other hosting is good and faster than if I did it.
When I decided to change the hosting and asked for a refund. They returned without questions and did not even ask for the number of the plastic card.

Payment methods

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