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A data warehouse located on disk arrays (RAID10).

A data warehouse located on disk arrays (RAID10). You can be sure of the reliability of your data, because for this service we use only Enterprise-class disks. The storage is connected to the switchboard by a dedicated 10 Gbps port.

You specify the parameters, and you are invited to a number of hosts, not as global as hostobzor, but still something else.

You specify parameters and you are offered a number of hosts, not as global as hostobzor, but still something else.

Add a picture on the blog.

The service allows you to easily and quickly publish your pictures on the pages of any online forum, blog, chat, bulletin board (the necessary preparation of the image is done automatically). You just need to select a picture on the disk, click the LOAD button and then copy the finished link to your message.

In addition, this service has many advantages:

  • No registration required,
  • The maximum download size is up to 10Mb,
  • The ability to download images using special programs,
  • The service is completely free.

A good hosting for small projects, because you can buy a little space, and connect many sites (attendance up to 2000 unique visitors per day). Available cPanel.

Inexpensive and reliable hosting for small projects. Particularly beneficial if you have a lot of small sites, cPanel is provided.
Convenient for webmasters, because you can quickly manage yourself: add sites, create subdomains, mail ....
When swi

Slideshare -
Hosting presentations.

How YouTube stores videos, so slideshare stores presentations online.

We upload a file in PowerPoint, OpenOffice, Keynote or PDF format, and you can download and watch.
And you can create presentations or slide right there Slideshare does not offer.

Like YouTube, there are tag tags, assigning each of them a custom URL, and embedding presentations in other web pages.

AccountLab Plus -
Can have an unlimited number of hosting plans, offer monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual payment options including tax.

Can have an unlimited number of hosting plans, offer monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual payment options including tax. AccountLab works with PayPal, WorldPay (FuturePay), NoChex, 2checkout and offline payments such as checks or bank transfers.

ModernSite -
Services Free guestbooks.

Free guestbook.
Free guest book MBook.

  • 500 smileys (view)
  • More than 20 codes for text formatting (view)
  • Over 90 wallpaper backgrounds Guest (view)
  • Forum mode: Visitors to the guest book can comment on messages.
  • The ability to preview the message before adding it to the guestbook.
  • Search by guestbook.
  • The guestbook page.
  • The possibility of a 100% change in design.
  • Possibility of preliminary moderation of messages.
  • ...

Very inexpensive hosting, the most flexible and user-friendly in every respect. You connect and only pay for what you use. There are failures, but not as frequent and severe as cheap hosting.
Own control panel and intuitive.

Very inexpensive hosting: powerful, with huge space, the most flexible and convenient in all respects. I used a number of hosting, had a very good experience, left just because there was not enough space or did not pull the server load. The site is growing.

I tried to leave 3 times, but I did not find anything better.


Huge space - starting - 50 Gb 125 Gb.
You may increase up to 500 Gb for 105 rubles per month.

Control Panel - simple, understandable, intuitive.
It's easy to orient to an unprepared user.
The main thing that I like in the control panel is the lack of tariffs, we only type those services that we actually use.
Almost all hosting changes occur in real time:

  1. we needed more disk space, added and the disk became bigger.
  2. connect - disable MySQL, PHP, subdomains, Dedicated IP ...
  3. Domains are added in a moment, subdomains are created (just create a folder with that name).
You hiked the site excessively, you need less space, reduce it and then your account changed to a smaller side.

We have attendance Site has risen to 2,000 unique visitors a day, then other hosting sites have flown.
The same continues to work steadily, when attendance has risen for 20,000 uniques per day.


Rarely, but there are server failures. By the way, they are everywhere, including Google and Yandex. The last couple of years I can not remember the failures.

It seems that there they have one specialist, because the answer to a serious question will only be in working hours. But all issues are resolved, there is a good support service panel with a history of correspondence.
In addition, they have a good HELP.

In principle, you can just go and see.


Disk space for files 125-500 GB.
For MySQL - 25 GB.
Up to 125 domains,
up to 100 FTP accounts.

Free SSL certificates

A user of the hosting can receive a free SSL certificate from the certifying center Let's Encrypt.
Certificates are issued within a few seconds via the Gino control panel and are renewed automatically.
We go into Domains, select one of our domains and add a tab.

A domain can be purchased from Gino or anywhere else and is simply used on this hosting.

Methods of payment

Regularly pass the shares, if we pay more forward, then we get something for free.
I have so received a decent headset, an external HDD, a tablet, something else. With gifts come fountain pens, something else with the Gino logo. Nicely.

Simple, inexpensive, unlimited hosting.

Simple, inexpensive, unlimited hosting.
There are no restrictions on those parameters that we usually pay attention to.
There are restrictions on:

  1. Connection speed per 1 server
  2. Memory on account .
With good attendance can not pull.

Search VPS
We set our parameters, where it's important, do not change anything and in real time, without reloading, we change the list of possible options for us.

Selection of virtual servers (VPS, VDS) by parameters.

There are sites with user reviews of various kinds of hosting, ratings of specialists in various indicators. Here you can choose according to our requirements and preferences.

We set our parameters, where it's important, do not change anything and in real time, without reloading we change the list of possible options for us.
There are also some parameters. So you can immediately weed out the inappropriate. Will stay to know the feedback and make a choice.

eMusic -
Free storage and player for our music.

Free storage and player for our music.

This is essentially a cloud where you can store your music and listen for free on devices. If you want to listen to more than 5 devices - subscribe for $13 per month. We load our music into the cloud, it is structured by artists and albums.

Also eMusic will offer novelties of different genres, trends and selected hits by the editors, lists of similar artists.

Will offer to buy songs (which pays for the whole holiday).

Single page site builder.

A platform that does not require any special knowledge to create a single-page sites.
Actually we register and immediately have a website. Our task is to customize and fill with your content: name, contacts, etc.

As a result, we have an light modern website. Suitable for a business card site or presentation of a new product or service.

As a basis, you can take a template of 300 proposed.

Hosted documents.

Publish, store and exchange text documents.
Allows you to publish and store files of more than 100 formats, among which of course there are the most common: doc, docx, xls, ppt, rtf, pdf and many others.
Its essence is this site is an analogue of popular video publishing services, only for documents.
There is support for OpenID.
To date, there is no analogue of this kind of project.

You can upload your file immediately after opening the site, But in order not to lose control over it after 30 minutes, it will still be necessary either to dawn istrirovatsya or authorize (have an OpenID support). After that, the system will offer to provide it with a correct name and description, tags, place in a suitable thematic category, select a viewing mode (simple or slides). Finally, you need to specify access options and privacy: do you hide the file from other visitors? If not, it will be available in the general directory. Do you allow it to download, print, copy content from it? By the way, downloading the file from the service will be possible not only in the original format, but also in pdf or txt.

After the publication, DocMe will give a link to the page where the document will be available for viewing (in addition it will appear on the page "My documents "). It also allows you to get HTML code for document integration on other sites. Browsing is via Adobe Flash 10. By the way, the service supports not only deletion of documents, but also updating them with new versions, which allows you to keep information up to date without having to get new links/code.

A good and fast hosting, suitable for a large site. Suitable for larger pots, because management does not occur through the panel and through the support. Although support team reacts quickly. When switching from another hosting site themselves suffer.

Good and fast hosting, suitable for a large site.
It will do more for teapots, because management is not through the panel, but through the helpdesk.
The support service reacts slowly, but all questions are solved.
The control panel is not very, so it's more careful. They can impose a service, one must be brave and defend their rights.
When changing from another hosting, they themselves transfer the site.

Payment methods

GitHub -
Hosting for programmers with the ability to work together.

Hosting for programmers with the ability to work together. Free for projects opensourse, and for commercial there are tariffs.

On the site first of all you can post and keep the code, for teamwork. But it's not just hosting or cloud, it's a platform for working together, where you can communicate, discuss, comment on each other, watch how friends are doing.

There is also your office and Wiki. A system for tracking errors has been developed.

Top 10 Web Hosting Companies -
Best Web Hosting Services.

Best Web Hosting Services.
One of the leading ratings on this resource offers a rating of web hosting providers, which will help you choose what suits you.

You should keep in mind that this is an international rating and the site is likely to be in Europe or the United States.
This kind of hosting will be suitable for a site oriented at a western user.

It will not be suitable for the Russian market, because the speed of the site will be inferior to sites located on Russian servers.

Apple iCloud -
Cloud service - automatic and free.

Cloud service is automatic and free. iCloud saves your music, photos, applications, calendars, documents, and more, and delivers all this content to all your devices with the help of Push Push technology.

Your data is tied Not to your computer or device, but to the Apple account.

For everything, you all get 5 Gb space. On the mail, pictures, documents.
If space is not enough, you can ask for more, but then you will have to pay.

Conveniently, if you have downloaded something or bought, you do not need to remember where it lies.
Everything lies in Apple. Steve Jobs presents iCloud.

Bluehost -
Leading hosting in the world.

Leading hosting in the world.

  • shared hosting,
  • WordPress hosting,
  • VPS hosting,
  • dedicated hosting,
  • domain names.
Judging by the tariffs, they are mostly ostensibly unlimited.
But we ourselves know that the processor is as it is, it can't be unlimited in principle.


Restrictions on the number of files are not advertised. In fact it is a hidden disk space limit.
  • number of files - 200000,
  • databases - 5000,
  • disk quota for 10 Gb databases.


In my opinion, virtual hosting has a low acceptable price, the rest is expensive.

Such hosting is suitable for large sites.
For smaller sites you can find hosting much cheaper.

Trial period

Unfortunately, there is no normal trial period.
You need to buy a month, and if you do not like it, the money will be returned.

It is not very convenient. And if it suits me? If you pay for a year or 3 years it will be almost three times cheaper than the monthly payment.

Support service

Answer quickly and politely.
Most likely, not very professional, but cheap Indians are sitting there.
Answers to standard questions or problems.
If you did not make the default settings for yourself, they will not do you any good. Here you can count on yourself.

Free SSL Certificate.

Hostinger -
One of the world's leading hosting services.

One of the world's leading hosting services.

  • shared hosting,
  • cloud hosting,
  • VPS hosting,
  • dedicated hosting,
  • domain names.
Hosting is suitable for small sites.
Cheap and small rates - 10-100 Gb.

Restrictions are almost everywhere, even on the number of sites, subdomains and even on the number of site visitors per month. That's what I would not like to limit.

30-day Money Back Guarantee.
Free SSL Certificate. -
Website builders.

Free and pretty decent site builder. There are paid services, like to remove advertising ... Very suitable, if you want the site urgently, but want to look decent. Or you want a website, but do not know how to do a website, where to start, what it might look like. Just try and you will understand what you want, what it might look like and whether you need it at all ... and maybe: so he already has, what else is necessary?
Address. And the address is simple ABOUT.ME/VASH_ADDRES

Internet Archive -
Hosting for music on the site.

You can download and get the player code. After uploading, you will not be able to delete anything. The service is open and your player will be available to others.

You can download several files at once, then there will be 1 player and a list of files that we want to listen to on this player.

The service is not friendly with the Russian language.

Free Tier Google Cloud -

Oracle VPS always Free cloud -
Oracle offers free VPS hosting forever for small websites.

Oracle offers free VPS hosting forever for small websites.


  • 2 AMD based Compute VMs with 1/8 OCPU** and 1 GB memory each;
  • 4 Arm-based Ampere A1 cores and 24 GB of memory usable as one VM or up to 4 VMs;
  • 2 Block Volumes Storage, 200 GB total;
  • 10 GB Object Storage – Standard;
  • 10 GB Object Storage – Infrequent Access;
  • 10 GB Archive Storage;
  • Resource Manager: managed Terraform;
  • 5 OCI Bastions;
  • Logging: 10 GB per month;
  • Outbound Data Transfer: 10 TB per month;
  • Flexible Load Balancer: 1 instance, 10 Mbps.
Only 1 account can be registered per person.
To register, you will need a phone number and a bank card.

Bank card

The card will be charged and immediately returned 1$ or 1€.
The card must be an ordinary bank card, but not virtual ones.


Not every operator receives SMS.
The phone must be in the same country as the card.

Registration will take several days - up to a week.

It is clear that you will be given the opportunity to switch to a paid plan.
Like email. Continue to use the free version, and if there are not enough resources, you can upgrade to a paid one.

After a while, Oracle writes off again and returns 1$ or 1€.
Probably checks the validity of the map.
If the map is not up to date, the account may be deleted without warning.

Jino, Spectrum
Hosting for 1C-Bitrix.

Hosting for 1C-Bitrix.
290 rubles per month.
Test period of 10 days, you can try, liked - buy.

Register and get ready-made site

1C-Bitrix is already installed, you can simply use it without bothering to install it.
Hosting is customized for this CMS and nothing extra. There is only one site, no subdomains.
Because it is cheaper than other hosting, which are used for 1C-Bitrix.

But do not flatter yourself, you still have rights to 1C-Bitrix no, only a test period of one month, then you will need to buy a license on the official site and enter your key, then it will always work.

Free SSL certificates (to have HTTPS address://)

The hosting user can get a free SSL certificate from Let's Encrypt.
The certificates are issued within a few seconds through the "Gino" control panel and are automatically renewed.
Login to Domains, choose one of your domains and click on the tab.


The domain can be purchased from Gino or anywhere else and is simply used on this hosting.

Auto-renewal. That is, my head does not hurt to pay for the domain, just pay for hosting in advance, payment for the domain is automatic when required.

Payment methods

Regular promotions, if we pay more forward, we get something for free.
I so got a decent headphones, external HDD, tablet, something else. With gifts come fountain pens, something else with the logo of Gino. Nice.

Payment methods


Support service

All questions are solved, not everything is quick. You just need to write the question clearly, concisely and without emotion.

Gino. Cloud

You also get a cloud of 20 Gb of free space.

Scribd -
Hosted documents.

We upload documents in the formats PDF, PS, DOC, DOCX, PPT, PPS, PPTX, XLS, XLSX, SXW, ODS, SXC, TXT, RTF, all formats of OpenDocument and StarOffice documents.
The visitor does not need to download and view them In the corresponding program, and suddenly it does not.
A special Flash program will show him any of these files.

Something similar is on YouTube - we load videos in different formats and all of them are played by one player.
Another "borrowed" from YouTube - codes that allow you to insert it on the pages of sites and blogs.

After downloading

  • we determine how the document will look: as one Sheet, book, slideshow or tile,
  • define the category,
  • give a description,
  • give the access level, its rights,
  • determine in which format the visitors can download the document: DOC, PDF, TXT.
  • we allow or not comments,
  • we can specify the language, author, publisher, url of the source ...
Well, everything else inherent in social networks is present.

Hoting review
Rating of Russian and foreign hosting.

Choosing a web host.

Choosing a hosting?

- here you can find tests and comparison of different hosters, as well as reviews about them.

Want to evaluate the effectiveness of your hosting?

- you can take the test, save the data and compare it with other data.

Cheap hosting
The site was created to warn about the shortcomings of cheap hosting and what to be afraid of.

Hosting Ninja
Top hosting providers.

Wedos -
Unlimited Czech hosting.

Unlimited Czech hosting.

This hosting will be recommended to you:

  1. Low price
  2. 24/7 support by email and chat
  3. Good speed
  4. Refunds (I paid a card in euros, a week later I was returned exactly the same amount in euros, without any questions, I also won the course).
  5. I sent them a screenshot from which you can see what I have on Gino Paid for 2 more months, for which I was given twice as much - for free 120 days. So we do not wait for the end of our hosting, we pass when it is convenient for us.
There are restrictions, of course. There are no restrictions on
  1. Disk space
  2. Number of files
  3. Number of sites
  4. Number of MySQL databases
It is clear that you can not have as many sites here. The main limitation is how much the processor and the channel will pull. Therefore we solve like everywhere - one powerful site or many easy ones.

Another 10 gigs per disk (disk).


Interface in Czech and English. Most of the site is only in Czech. So I use a translator built into the browser.

The support service speaks English at some level.

The control panel they have their own, will have to get used to.


You can pay in 12 ways, we will use them:

Hosting in the details
Reviews about the hosters.

Selektel -
Content delivery network - 210 000 caching servers.

Content delivery network - 210 000 caching servers of Akamai company all over the world. Servers transmit data to users without delay on the optimal network route. The content delivery network can be connected to the main Selectel services.

The cheapest one I've come across. -
The rating of the best hosting companies and domain registrars on reviews of real people.

Rating hosting, reviews and reviews of providers.

Also, set the parameters and you are given a huge selection of hosts, the ability to compare prices and see the selected users reviews, not unimportant because the reliability of the host.

Also set the parameters and you are given a huge choice of hosts, the ability to compare the selected rates and see user reviews, because it is no small matter the reliability of the host.

Chisel -
Offers an unlimited number of fossil storage.

Offers an unlimited number of fossil storage.

Unlimited hosting.

Hosting claims that no-limit is absolutely everything. By the way, the first 10 days are free, so you can try. 100 rubles a month for 1 site. 190 rubles. Per month unlimited sites.

MyBB -
Services free forums.

Service for creating thematic forums. Anyone can create their own forum for free, with their own themes and find participants. Perhaps the easiest way to start a forum.


OneDrive -
Hosted documents.

What is this?

For you, for free, no limit on the period of use is allocated 5 Gb. You can upload your documents, create a file structure. Can be shared or private for each file.

Direct link to folders on OneDrive

Each folder in the OneDrive service has its own web address that can be sent in an e-mail message, inserted into a document, added to favorites, saved as a shortcut, etc.
  • All for free,
  • 25 GB of space is provided,
  • The maximum file size is 300 Mb,
  • You can upload 5 files,
  • Create a file structure,
  • ,
  • Get a link to a single file,
  • 3 levels of access - personal, friends, public.

Limelight Networks -
Leading content delivery in the world.

Leading content delivery in the world.
There are special tariffs for delivery of media resources, video stream, content delivery, cloud.

Dashost -
Our recommendation.

3 tariffs are 1Gb, 5Gb and 20Gb.
The panel is ISPmanager.

But my site did not pull the processor, because the attendance decreased, that's why I left. But most of the hostings do not pull my attendance, so this power is average.


Professional and sane. Attitude to the client with understanding. At me all questions were solved quickly and positively.
Transferred a site from other hosting is good and faster than if I did it.
When I decided to change the hosting and asked for a refund. They returned without questions and did not even ask for the number of the plastic card.

Payment methods

Website Builder
Sites for your business for free.

Sites for your business for free.
Build websites for business on your own - without developers and designers.

Free hosting.
Use your domain or free subdomain on

150 template blocks are available for site creation - create unique sites from them. Sites work well on any device.

You can add a chat to the website you have created - answer customer questions in your account or the Clients and Projects application.

Customer feedback is included in the “Customers and Projects” free CRM system. Work with applications in your account or application.
You can add a video, a Yandex map, a Google form or your own code to the site.
Integrate any web analytics system to your site to optimize sales.


Awardspace -
1 GB of space, 5 Gb of traffic, 1 site, 3 subdomains, FTP, file manager, 1 MySQL database, PHP, Perl, CGI, Joomla and WordPress.

100WebSpace -
Free account: 1 site, 100 Mb places, 3Gb traffic per month, PHP, MySQL.

Unlimited number of sites per account. For each site 100 MB of space. ISPmanager control panel. PHP 5.3 (phpinfo), MySQL, FTP, cron, subdomains, daily backup.

Lead Hoster -
PHP, MySQL, Joomla and WordPress.

Free account provides a free 2nd level domain, 100 Mb places and 2 MySQL databases.

A free account provides 1 GB of space for PHP and MySQL. They will put their advertising and if your site does not like it, they can delete it.

Hosting Farm
250 Mb of space, up to 10 sites on the account, hosting control panel, domain for free, adding their own domains, 2 MySQL databases, PHP 5, PERL 5.8, MySQL 5 Zend Optimizer, Crontab, .htaccess.

Agilityhoster -
1 GB of space, 5 Gb of traffic, 1 site, 3 subdomains, FTP, file manager, 1 MySQL database, PHP, Perl, CGI, Joomla and WordPress.

Constantly falling, and falling in the most visited time, much damage to the site.


uCoz -
Website Builder.

SaaS platform, which includes hosting and content management system.

  • Universal site management system (CMS).
  • Hosting with unlimited disk space.
  • A huge number of ready-made designs.
  • Domain in any zone (for example:
  • Mailing addresses are
  • Automatically create a Sitemap.
  • Easily add videos (, etc.).
  • Back up your data.
  • Support and documentation.
  • Extensive community of users.
  • No cost to create and maintain the site.
  • Over 4 years more than 1 000 000 people participants (the most massive).

uKit -
Website Builder for Business. The visual editor and a set of templates of templates.

Website builder for business.
Visual editor and set of template templates

Website from Facebook pages

It's enough just to choose any page on Facebook and get a ready site in 2 minutes.

Wix -
Popular in recent years, the latest templates, free rate, however, such a meager that all at once, or go to a paid leave.

Popular in recent years, the latest templates, free rate, however, such a meager that all at once, or go to a paid leave.

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