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Social messengers

logo TamTam


Odnoklassniki social network messenger.

It is not necessary to have an account at Odnoklassniki.

  • Text chat,
  • group chat,
  • voice messages,
  • sharing photos, music, videos,
  • create channels.

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logo Facebook Messenger

reliable site
- Russian

Owner: Facebook,

address: USA

Facebook Messenger

Messenger from Facebook, rather than on Facebook, though, and put in a separate application.
First looked that the reason for the launch of the messenger as a separate app due to too heavy weight application Facebook, which is bad for the phone (it's not a full-fledged computer, the application needs to be compact).

In fact, the reason is somewhat different. If social networks were mostly ribbon, becomes today the main chat connection with someone, a group of ...
And after the advent of bots, the popularity of the instant messengers has grown. Because there was a separate site app. But it is still linked to Facebook and all contacts in there.

And often times just need the link and the link is maximally free and fast, why not at least make a separate icon to go to Facebook on the tape to find out how to get into messenger. Just click another icon appeared and we were there.

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logo VK Messenger

VK Messenger

Voice and text messenger from VKontakte.

Allows you to make regular text messages, voice communication as well as group messages and create a channel.
Video channel can be watched by subscribers and leave feedback in a text chat while you are on the air.


logo Yandex.Aura


Social network from Yandex.
They already had a social network - my circle, which they put in the category of professional, because they lost in competition with the global and to try to occupy their niche. And in the end, they sold Habra.

What was wrong with my lap? In my opinion, the ribbon. It was uncomfortable or uninteresting and there was nothing to do.
I think Google+ didn't go either because of a bad tape.

In the new network they tried to make a simple and original tape.
Actually, it doesn't look like a classic.

How it works

  1. First register and choose topics of interest to us,
  2. Here we see only the last post that takes up all the space for the ribbon.
  3. Control the cursor: do not like the post - left shooter, like it - right shooter.
  4. Below we can write a comment on this post. Interestingly, we do not see any other comments and they do not affect our answer.
    Write a comment and then read comments from others.
    However, we can always scroll down or cursor down and read comments from others before writing our own. Whatever is more convenient for you.
Here you can pick up the topics, see what's nearby geographically.


Artificial Intelligence will look for and offer you an interesting interlocutor if you both want to talk.In my opinion, this is more interesting than chat roulette - a conversation with a casual interlocutor.

In general, this is a new network principle based on aggregator technology.
There is a news aggregator, it selects the news you are interested in
from your settings and behavior.
Yandex. Music learns your tastes and offers music that listeners with similar tastes like.

There's something like that here. You don't pick it up, it's a car. So far I like the ribbon content here better than on FB or VK.


Instead of the usual friends and their ribbons, there are People here. Where do they come from?Here are the people who appreciate your posts or comments, who live in the neighborhood, who listen to similar music, and the people you chatted with, who in turn were offered artificial intelligence.

Unlike the usual Friends at FB and VK, we do not invite friends from our acquaintances here, but rather make new acquaintances based on our hobbies and interests.

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