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Learn English with Telegram

The fact that you can learn English with the help of applications in your smartphone is not news for a long time.
But in the messenger "Telegram" it turns out to be done a little faster and easier.
In telegraph, knowledge is delivered to your phone almost on schedule - it's enough to choose the right channel.
How to rephrase the text and correct mistakes, how to automatically translate messages in correspondence and who is called the mysterious word Poindextrous?
"Mel" collected the most useful channels and bots, which will facilitate the learning of English.


  1. - Magic English - Short but cognitive lessons of English.
  2. - @andyrobot - Practice English: we learn words, grammar, we build phrases. Audio is the correct pronunciation.
  3. - @pronunciationbot - Sends an audio file of the English word or phrase.
  4. - @slangbot - Interpretation of English words, expressions.
  5. - @voiceru_bot - Synthesizes text to speech and vice versa.
  6. - Tgenglish - Everyday lessons of English.
  7. - @englishdirect - A team hodgepodge about everything that somehow concerns the English language.
    In this channel, the DirectEnglish training center places the collections on a variety of topics every day: from the teachers' advice to "10 ways to say" I like it! ".
    Almost everyone will find something useful in this channel.
  8. - @wow_english - An excellent channel with a selection of English phrases and expressions on a variety of topics.
    There is a dictionary for those who are in an unfamiliar city, who often writes business letters in English and even for those who are very fond of arguing.
    In addition, the channel has many lists of phrases that English-speaking people use in daily communication.
    It is useful to those who aspire to expand the lexicon.
  9. - @slangbang - In the channel "Slang Bang" there is not a single expression from the textbook, and therefore it will be very useful to all those who want to develop exactly spoken English.
    It is unlikely that without it you will someday find out that the word Poindextrous is a person who knows how to communicate on an equal footing with botanists and with classy guys, and Friend barrier is a bunch of girls covering up their girlfriend while she changes pantyhose .
  10. - @letmespeakfrommyheart - If "Slang Bang" shares unusual words and phrases from English, the channel, which perpetuated the famous phrase of the Minister of Sports Vitaly Mutko, also teaches them to use them correctly.
    Here is an example: if your interlocutor suddenly stated before an important meeting that he has kittens, do not be surprised - he just told you that he is going through: "This is my first date. I have kittens - This is my first date. I'm nervous. "
  11. - @fixmebot - This bot is a rescue for people who are not very sure about their English. Using it, you can paraphrase the text, as well as find and correct grammatical errors.
    All these operations the bot spends operatively, that does its good companion in travel abroad.
    To start a friendship with a bot and find out what it does, type / start.
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