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Interesting bots for Telegram

  1. Top Telegram chats - Rating of chats.
  2. @AlertBot - We set the time when the robot sends a reminder.
  3. @delorean_bot - Reminder.
  4. @clarabot - Internet reference.
  5. @easystrongpasswordbot - A password generator that looks like strange words so you can remember.
  6. @ijokingbot - An anecdote on a given topic.
  7. @metricsBot - Google Analytics.
  8. @mirabellabot - To-do list, notes.
  9. @mnp_bot - Defines the geography and mobile operator by phone number.
  10. @RubleRobot - Random choice yes-no, for making unimportant decisions.
  11. @storebot - This 'shop', which contains interesting and useful bots for every taste.
  12. @temp_mail_bot - A temporary mail is created for 10 minutes.
  13. @wolframbot - Solves equations.
  14. @ya - Search engine Yandex.
  15. @movie_bot - Collections and recommendations of interesting films


  1. @vkmusic_bot - We listen to music from VK.
  2. Delicate Music - Relax and listen to Jazz and other delicate music. Good music for good people.


  1. @pereskazal - Paraphrases of books, articles, courses, speeches and conferences.
  2. GandicappFreakbook - 4 notes daily. Mentally. Clear. Without fanaticism.
  3. Marketolog-manager - A selection of business and non-fiction literature with easy navigation by hashtags.
  4. Freakbook - Daily digests of mastrids, non-fiction gaidas, abstracts of lngridids and world bestsellers.


  1. @russianpdd_bot - Examination of traffic rules.
  2. @shtrafyBot - Inspection of traffic police fines, will save the request and report new fines.


  1. @pboxbot - Saves telegram messages.
  2. @pollbot - Creates in the chat polls with options for an answer. Returns the result of the poll.
  3. @radiusbot - Looking for interlocutors near you - from 10 meters.
  4. @yetanotherbot - Creates an anonymous chat (changes the nickname to an artificial chat).
  5. RadiusBOT - Finds interlocutors from 10 meters and beyond.


  1. @alisearchbot - Goods with AliExpress.
  2. @amazonglobalbot - Goods with Amazon.
  3. @aptekarsk_bot - He is looking for medicines in some cities of Russia for the nearest pharmacies.
  4. @ebayglobalbot - Goods with eBay.
  5. @offcostbot - Promotional codes for getting discounts.
  6. @shoplist419_bot - Shopping lists.
  7. @tap2bot - Search for cheap goods - clothes, airplane tickets, hotels ...
  8. @zdorobot - Instructions to medicines.


  1. @driveitbot - Saves up to 20 MB of files to Google Drive.
  2. @filesbot - Keeps the documents and shares them with others.
  3. @findoBot - Search on Gmail, Evernote, Dropbox, OneDrive.
  4. @freebooksbot - Looks for books and saves in Dropbox.
  5. @greenzbot - Accounting for finance: income, expenses, debts. Everything is stored in a Google table.
  6. @ru_tracker_bot - It downloads torrents from Rutracker.
  7. @topdf_bot - Converts to PDF documents and files. Supports DOC, DOCX, ODT, TXT and JPG.
  8. @transferRobot - Uploads files to the cloud and provides permanent links to them.


  1. @cbr_bot - The current exchange rate.
  2. @rubbot - Will show the exchange rate for today.

For lady

  1. @BonAppetit_bot - Cooking recipes
  2. @makeuprobot - Learning to apply makeup.
  3. @mycookbot - Search for recipes by name.


  1. @chgk_bot - The game 'What? Where? When?'.
  2. @krestikinolikibot - A game of tic-tac-toe.
  3. @questgamebot - Quest.
  4. @ruassoc_bot - Playing in the association.
  5. @truthorliebot - A game for scholars.
  6. @country_bot - Quiz 'Guess the Flag'.


  1. EruditTG - Cognitive facts from around the world!
  2. - A daily selection of interesting materials in Russian from 200 publications and blogs, with love compiled by one editor.
  3. Library - Short stories of famous writers of different styles and eras from 2 to 20 minutes of reading.
  4. Reading - Short stories and stories of famous authors, performed by Eugene Stakhovsky and not only, but also reviews of interesting literary works.
  5. Rational Numbers - Interesting statistics and data from different areas.
  6. Naked Science - News of science, analytical articles, interviews of scientists, cognitive videos and eat more of these soft French.
  7. themedia - Media and Journalism. Trends and economics of world media development.


  1. @dict_bot - Translation from English into Russian without additional action on your part.
  2. @ytranslatebot - Translator from Yandex.
  3. Magic English - Short but cognitive lessons of English.
  4. @swp_bot - Corrects the keyboard layout error, like Punto - Russian to English or vice versa.
  5. @grammarnazibot - Checks the grammar in the text.
  6. @accentsbot - It helps to put accents in words correctly.
  7. @andyrobot - Practice English: we learn words, grammar, we build phrases. Audio is the correct pronunciation.
  8. @pronunciationbot - Sends an audio file of the English word or phrase.
  9. @slangbot - Interpretation of English words, expressions.
  10. @voiceru_bot - Synthesizes text to speech and vice versa.
  11. Tgenglish - Everyday lessons of English.
  12. @englishdirect - A team hodgepodge about everything that somehow concerns the English language.
    In this channel, the DirectEnglish training center places the collections on a variety of topics every day: from the teachers' advice to "10 ways to say" I like it! ".
    Almost everyone will find something useful in this channel.
  13. @wow_english - An excellent channel with a selection of English phrases and expressions on a variety of topics.
    There is a dictionary for those who are in an unfamiliar city, who often writes business letters in English and even for those who are very fond of arguing.
    In addition, the channel has many lists of phrases that English-speaking people use in daily communication.
    It is useful to those who aspire to expand the lexicon.
  14. @slangbang - In the channel "Slang Bang" there is not a single expression from the textbook, and therefore it will be very useful to all those who want to develop exactly spoken English.
    It is unlikely that without it you will someday find out that the word Poindextrous is a person who knows how to communicate on an equal footing with botanists and with classy guys, and Friend barrier is a bunch of girls covering up their girlfriend while she changes pantyhose .
  15. @letmespeakfrommyheart - If "Slang Bang" shares unusual words and phrases from English, the channel, which perpetuated the famous phrase of the Minister of Sports Vitaly Mutko, also teaches them to use them correctly.
    Here is an example: if your interlocutor suddenly stated before an important meeting that he has kittens, do not be surprised - he just told you that he is going through: "This is my first date. I have kittens - This is my first date. I'm nervous. "
  16. @fixmebot - This bot is a rescue for people who are not very sure about their English. Using it, you can paraphrase the text, as well as find and correct grammatical errors.
    All these operations the bot spends operatively, that does its good companion in travel abroad.
    To start a friendship with a bot and find out what it does, type / start.
  17. @YTranslateBot - Bot-interpreter of the company "Yandex" can customize for himself any person: he can translate from any language of the world on any.
    You can ask the bot for translation of individual words, as well as whole phrases.
    And, if you are in correspondence with a foreigner, try adding it to the chat - bot will automatically translate all your messages into the selected language.


  1. Funscience - Technology, gadgets, science, space - the latest and most high-quality collections of scientific popular articles from different sources.
  2. @Economika - Economy. Brief news of the economy.
  3. @Freakbook - Freakbook. Digest of the best articles of the day - the channel goes out every night.
  4. @kiosk_rubot - Russian news.
  5. @MarketologManager - Business books. Review of novelties of business and non-fiction literature with navigation by hashtags.
  6. @MoneyHack - Money hack. A channel about money.
  7. NewSC - News.
  8. @Pereskazal - He retold. Paraphrases of books, articles, courses, speeches, webinars and conferences.
  9. @Prazdniki - Calendar of events. Daily informs about current holidays.
  10. @RationalNumbers - Rational numbers. Interesting statistics from different spheres.
  11. @RussiaHH - The ideal employee. Councils on how to find a good specialist and get him to his team. The opinions of experienced managers on recruitment.
  12. Travelhacks - Layfaki.trevel. A channel about how to save money шт shopping and travel ...
  13. @WorldTrends - World Trends. Trends and forecasts from everywhere.


  1. EasyStrongPasswordBot - Easy to remember strong passwords generator.


  1. @ImageSearchBot - Works on finding photos.
  2. @instasave_bot - Download photos and video from Instagram. Send a link - get a media file.
  3. @wmarkbot - Watermarks on photos and videos.


  1. @footballquizbot - Football lovers and quizzes.


  1. @spb_robot - Information about St. Petersburg.
  2. @spbtaxi_bot - Calling a taxi in St. Petersburg.
  3. @yandexmapsbot - Finds and displays objects on Yandex.Maps, shows traffic jams.
  4. @aviasalesofficialbot - Boat Aviasales - flights and hotels.
  5. @caffe_bot - Finds cafes and restaurants a kilometer away from you. Shows the place, price, contacts, photo cafe and reviews.
  6. @cargolinkbenzinbot - Gas stations in 5 km, operates in the CIS.
  7. @onetwotrip_bot - Chip flights. Airline filter, departure time.
  8. @osmbot - Search for a place on OpenStreetMap, sends photos, gives out contacts of shops.
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