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For justice

logo Russian Union of Motorists

Russian Union of Motorists

Assistance to a motorist, a free car lawyer.
The site will be useful when buying a car, you can check the car.
MTPL insurance calculation.
And most importantly - the protection of failure to pay the insurance and ...

logo Car lawer

Car lawer

A specialized company, the largest in the territory of central and eastern Europe in terms of the number of offices and the number of employees dealing only with issues related to the deprivation of rights.
Free advice of a car dealer, the services of an auto-dealer with forfeiture.

First of all their book will help you Or application on Android or iPhone. Also the site will help.

You have a situation and you are wrongfully deprived of rights or fined. Or maybe you are to blame. But what to do next, what is the solution? The company Avturyurist helps you to know your basic rights, the duties of inspectors of the traffic police ...

Offices of the Avturist on the map .

logo RosYama


A map of pits and other dislocations on the road.
On the map, you can add problems on the road.

According to the GOST 50597-93 in Russia, the pit size must not be more than 15 cm in length, 60 cm in width and 5 Cm deep. All pits that are greater than at least one parameter must be marked with road signs, and in conditions of insufficient visibility - with a fence with signal lights.

According to Art. 33 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation, citizens have the right to apply in person, as well as to send collective and individual appeals to state bodies and local self-government bodies.

In accordance with Cl. 12 of the Law "On the Procedure for Considering Appeals of Citizens of the Russian Federation", state authorities are obliged to give a written reply on the merits of the appeal within 30 days from the date of registration of the appeal. In case of inaction of the executive authorities in accordance with the law "On the Prosecutor's Office", prosecution authorities have the right to initiate proceedings on an administrative offense and require the involvement of persons who violated the law to other legal liability.

Our site should unite citizens who have faced Incompetence of road services, which do not fulfill their obligations. On this site you will find useful information for yourself. Learn how to properly fill out a complaint, where it should be submitted.

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